Goodbye, Delhi

I’ve spent the last few nights Β crying into my pillow, lying awake until 3 am and going to work puffy eyed and tired. Yes, dear house, it’s because we’re no longer going to belong to each other. Here are some lovely moments we’ve had – just you and me, and sometimes the rest of the family too. And if you’re wondering why there are only pictures, it’s because there are no words…. I’ll miss you.


124 thoughts on “Goodbye, Delhi

  1. what a lovely home!!! and we will miss this house too….But I am sure u will make the new place even more lovely.

    I am going to steal some of your home decoration ideas πŸ™‚

  2. Awww.. I am sad for you. Are the plants and the swing moving to the new house as well?
    Is there a garden or balcony or somethng where you could start the garden again?

    One of my fav pictures of the bean is when you sent her out in the wind and the trees were swaying, you evil mother you!

  3. What a beautiful house and so many memories!! Hugs! But I am sure that you will soon get settled in your new house and have even more wonderful memories there too!

  4. These pictures say a thousand words – loved this post. Hope you have an even better time at the new place. While your heart may be here right now, I’m sure you’ll find a way to fill the new home with love. Wishing you the best.

  5. omg! PICTURES do speak a THOUSAND words! Beautiful!

    I hope u learn to love ur new abode sooon…or the heartache will be tooooooo much!

    I tried looking at all the pictures many i can choose my fav pic and call it out..but finding it just impossible.

  6. Beautiful home, nice book shelves (have you seen the thin-elegant- bookshelf? its just 1 rod with multiple shelves)

    I bet the next will be cozier!!

  7. You have a beautiful home MM. I can see why its so hard to leave it. We almost moved to another state in the beginning of the year and I remember it was just so hard to let go. I was happy when we decided not to move. Good Luck with the move. It will take some time for the new place to become home but HOME is where all four of you are!!

  8. MM,

    These are such lovely pics! I think , once you settle in to the new place , and the kids are back, you’ll not be going in to work puffy eyed. Fond memories of old houses remain, but the excitement of living in a new place makes life sweet again. Take it from someone who has loved and left many many houses since childhood πŸ™‚

  9. Oh come on – you don’t have to invest melancholic thoughts to everything. Its only a house, dammit!

    And all of those nice things (especially Brat on a tower of 3 bean bags!) you have put up are going to Haryana with you.

    You are only leaving behind three floors without a lift, tremendous noise of the traffic and tremendous summer heat of the top floor.
    Oh damn – you are on the top floor here as well!

  10. You have a beautiful house, rather you have done it up perfectly….
    I am sure there is another lucky lucky house waiting for you…

  11. Dear Mad momma,

    Love you blog,your kids,life stories and sentiments and your amazing personality that reflects through this blog.

    Have been a long time reader delurking to say “HUGS & Cheer up”.Can totally feel your attachment towards this warm nest that holds such lovely memories for you.

    May you have many more lovely memories at your new home.God bless your family!


  12. Smile dear…the sun will shine brighter and the moon will feel calmer wherever the mad family decides to make their new nest…

  13. I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel.
    But the fact that I have a feeling for a house which is not mine, which I have never been to,but one whose stories and memories I chanced upon, makes me want to hug you.

  14. Such a beautiful house!! I can imagine what you are going thru..Keep courage lady. Change is the only constant thing in life πŸ™‚ Am sure very soon you will turn your new house into a home..Take care

  15. Please don’t cry. Cherish these wonderful memories, and make more wonderful memories in the new house. Take care and God bless.
    (I’m a huge fraud, I’m missing your old house already, and telling myself to look forward to the new one! But still, don’t cry).

  16. Aww… it’s hard isn’t it? 😦
    And all the work now.. leaving such a nicely done house and knowing you (from your blog of course) I’m sure you’ve dreamed up something big for the new house too..
    Its great you have family support.. i cant for the life of me imagine moving with 2 kids around (moving + taking care of their feeding, sleeping etc.).. ok that thought alone makes me stop right here and go to catch some zzzs.

  17. I think I am going to miss this house as much. I did always wondered how would you ever move from here after giving this space a soul, especially that balcony of yours. Makes me very sad.

    But then again it also means we are going to see you decorate a completely new space from scratch….now that feels better.

  18. Priceless post … :)each picture speaks a thousand words MM .. loved it πŸ™‚
    I m sure in your new house the memories made will be even better .. all the best πŸ™‚

  19. God, I have tears in my eyes as well. Bye to your lovely lovely home.

    Looking forward to photos from your new home now !!! When are the babies back ?

  20. OMGOMGOMGOMG!! So many plants. Can I come live with you? I LOVE PLANTS but no place in my small home to keep more than one pot 😦 Sigh
    I’m overcome with such emotion right now. I’m so used to imagining your home with the little glimpses that I get, so much so that I have a picture formed of the place in my head. It’s just a bit err strange to see and call a new place as yours. Of course you’ll make it look just as beautiful as this one, but you know what I mean.
    And did I tell you that I simple adore your furniture and little pots and wall paintings and the terrace and the jhoola? And oh the lantern like things hung from the plant are so damn artistic, I need them right now! even if I have no place to hang them πŸ˜›
    Now can we have the pics of the new house, before it becomes a home? Actually we can have a before after post for the new home! And you could look into prospects in interior decoration as well πŸ˜‰ Free career consultation anyone? πŸ˜€

  21. Beautiful pictures and so poignant, there were really no words required. All the very best with the move, hope you create many many more such wonderful memories in your new home. As the child of a Navy dad who moved home almost every two years, I know the feeling. It gets better with time πŸ™‚ *Hugs*

  22. The first pic of Brat is so awwwwwww. I couldn’t go beyond to the rest of the post. It’s pretty much summing all that you’re feeling about moving! 😦 πŸ™‚

  23. It is a lovely home… made so much more beautiful by the way you have kept it. I have tears in my eyes just looking at the pictures-I cant even begin to imagine how you must be feeling. All the best! and I am sure you will make your new house into just the kind of home you have made this one as well.

  24. I also realized one thing. It takes a lot of deep love and passion to maintain a home like that. I just don’t have it in me. Givin’ up trying!

  25. How sad! It’s such a lovely home, and I can imagine how you will miss it. But I’m sure you’ll be able to create a beautiful home wherever you go.

  26. Oh MM! 😦 This is such a heartbreaking post… Your home is beautiful.. But you know what they say about home is where the heart is.. etc.? I am sure you’ll come to love your new place too! πŸ™‚ For now… **SUPER BIG HUG** Take care!

  27. awwww! hugs MM!

    it is a gorgeous gorgeous house with even more beautiful memories! and yes, absolutely love everything you own and have decorated! its stunning! πŸ™‚

    and here’s to new beginnings and even more memories!

  28. hey, what a lovely tribute to the home. the pictures speak a thousand words and bring alive the moments lived in this space. where are you moving to?

  29. Such gorgeous people.. Such gorgeous gorgeous furniture. I am sure you new house will look just as pretty, if not more. Big hug!

    I wonder how I will manage when I have to move out of the house I live in right now. It has orange walls, MM! It was love at first sight!

  30. Beautiful pics!

    Seeing how lively and colorful you’ve made the house be, I’m sure the house will miss you(and the brat, bean and OA) too!

    But I have a feeling some other house just got so lucky πŸ™‚

  31. beautiful… thank you for sharing all of this… good luck with the new home… you will put your stamp on it and make it your own too…

  32. Hey, was that Beanie in an orange sari? And I sooooo loved those tealights in your garden and the matki-diyas for Diwali! And that jhoola in the balcony!

    Not only will you miss Delhi, MM, Delhi will miss you too. And so will we Delhiites, even though your blog will keep us in touch!

    Keep writing, and good luck for your new abode!

    Loads of kisses and hugs to the Brat and the Bean!

  33. Sigh! Looking at all these pictures again felt as though I lived there all this while with the Mad family. I guess I’ll miss this house too.

  34. Has your home been featured in Apartment Therapy?? If not it should!! So sad you have to leave this place! But then I am sure the you would redefine suburban home decor :)!!

  35. awwww…sniffff. huggzzzz. cold comfort at this mo.. but it happens for teh best. love and god bless.

  36. I’m delurking to say your (almost) old home looks beautiful, while looking warm and welcoming, which I believe is an attribute that rubs off from the people that inhabit it. I am sure your new home will take on your character and become a space you grow to love. Good luck with the move!

  37. Awww..I know the feeling! I am going to shift houses coming weekend and I feel terrible..I hv been in this house for 1.5 years now and I think of the house as a real person with whom I have bonded and it makes me cry too…I wish you all the strength and I am sure you will make good memories in your new house!

  38. of course u will make your new house as beautiful, if not more.. and new houses need loving as much and old houses did πŸ™‚ ..

  39. MM, you’re such a drama queen!

    Now forget I said that, and whenever I get around to having a home instead of a house, come over and do it up for me please? Pretty please? I’ll take care of the kids in return :p

  40. I’ve been only twice but it was so welcoming, I can’t believe you won’t live there anymore. 😦
    But think of all the extra space, girl. Here’s to new beginnings in the Mad Family. Hugs.

  41. Loved these pics and waiting to see how you would do up the new home..MM I am sure the new home would be gorgeous..and in no time we will all fall in love with it πŸ™‚

  42. Beautiful house MM! But can I tell you that our taste is eerily similar as far as home decor is concerned! And that ofcourse, makes me maha proud…yipeee! Looking fwd to the new place sure you will rock it too….this post makes me feel one thing, am so happy to know you MM.
    Enjoy your new house babe. Hope it all goes well.


  43. Its a beautiful home. But, its you and your family who have made it beautiful so that will go with you to Gurgaon now. I’m sure you will enjoy the new set up and also making it a home. Have fun

  44. MM, thanks for sharing. You have such nice pieces in your house. Now, I understand why you have constant house guests. If you keep your house like mine, you wouldn’t have to deal with it. Mujhse seekho. πŸ™‚

    Now stop crying and start dreaming about the new beginning in your life. May it only bring the BEST.

    I totally agree. Someone was saying you should do before and after pics with the new house.

  45. It sure is a beautiful house, MM, and I am sure you will make the next one beautiful too. The same is true for memories.

  46. Oh MM …. I completely relate to you … I am sure you will make lovely memories in your new home.

    I remember most of these pics πŸ™‚

    And we get to MM a little more in one of the pics … sweet !
    Happy moving !

  47. same pinch about moving. we are moving seven floors up in the same building. am treating it like a gurgaon-ish oh-no kinda move

    here am leaving behind a friend (who stays six feet away in the neighbouring apt). this is a girl i have come to depend on from everything — from green chillies, and samosa-therapy, to Bollywood gossip, and hourly updates on situations that don’t even need weekly updates.

    here’s to moving Mad Momma. And good luck to bratinder (perakath? right), though there’s no reason why he shouldnt be bratesh, bratappan, brateshwaran (considering your southern roots:-)

    • LOL! you’re worse than me if you’re mourning a 7 floor move! as for the brat – not only my south indian streaks, his father is entirely south indian ( karnataka!!). but i think perakath’s nick is a nod at his Delhi heritage. something that might not be in his blood.. but will grow to be a part of his soul… you know how i ache to be honorary punjabi πŸ™‚

  48. Hugs, MM. Loved your home. You have just shown us how a house can become a home. I’m sure you’ll do that wherever you go. I’ll just quote from a book I love. “I guard my memories and love them, but I don’t get in them and lie down. You can even make stories from yours, but remember, they don’t come back.” Old Golly.

  49. I have a feeling you’re going to go in for a very different look for your new home just to make a new beginning….well…feel like a new beginning. Bad analogy….but you know how a one child can never replace another.

  50. agree with Broom…drama queen!! suck it up and move on:-))))
    i am sure you will turn your new house into a beautiful home in no time!

    good luck with the move and everything else that comes along with it.

  51. Love the picture of Bean in the plants..will you have garden space in Gurgaon?

    Good luck with the move-think of your new home as a blank canvas to try out many new ideas-how exciting!

  52. Good luck with moving, babe. As long as that precious cosy swing goes with you, you’ll be fine ;).

    Oh yeah, don’t forget the the husband and kiddies…

  53. We all have to grieve a little bit before we are able to let go. Absolutely love the beady eyed bean looking out from the lilies, the cane swing and umpteen other things.
    Good luck and we know that you will be back next week filled with enthu about filling up the blank canvas that is ur new place.

  54. Awwwww! It’s okay. Just think of all the fun you’ll have in the new house with new discoveries to make and new favourite corners to discover.

    P.S: The swing! I remember when your blog revolved around it, if you know what I mean. πŸ™‚

  55. I am sad! extremely sad dearie..that i didnt get a chance to see ur house… :(((( but hey! will be there the moment i land in delhi to ur new home..and i know you would have done something magical with it…:) all the best with the move dearie…

  56. Awww..I feel your pain! Growing up we moved too many homes and I always felt so sad, so attached to the home that I always cried when we moved :(! Its a smart move, by sending the kids away!

    BUT, you know what I am excited about?! Your new home and how you decorate it :)! So I can steal some tips from you. I actually borrowed your plants in a glass bottle tip, I found these amazing shaped wine bottles (I got the wine just for the bottles :-p) and after we were done with ’em, I put plants. They are beautiful. So here’s to new homes and new memories :-p!

  57. I know this post is about your house, but I want to say just how precious I think the Brat and the Bean are. The pics made me want to pull them both into one of those warm, tight, rib- squeezing, squealy hugs.
    That said, I wish I’d visited this house 😦 So pretty it looks.

  58. Lovely pics MM, I know how moving from a place you get attached can be.:(

    Some of these pics bring back memories of older posts and a smile:)

  59. Hugs. Look at the positive side. You get to make another lovely home. How many of us get that luck?

  60. Momma,

    My wife showed your beautiful blog. If we were in Delhi we would have surely came to help you move..and see the real thing caught in the pictures.

    Your kids are beautiful too..

  61. Hi MM

    louved the pics (B&B are really cute) and ur beautiful ex-home….looking forward to pictures of your new home!!

    p.s Could u pls tell me whr u bought that swing??? its such a nice piece!!!

  62. Wowww Madmomma….beautiful home… Loved looking at all pictures. So bright & colorful.I know I am a bit late, but good luck in the new home.

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