MM: Baby, just check the washing machine.

OA: Why? Are there clothes in it?

MM: No, I have a hunch it’s feeling lonely.

(Two minutes later)

OA: Clothes are done. You want me to put them out to dry?

MM: No, lay them on the floor and stomp all over them

Men!!!!!!!!!! What’s with the dumb questions?!


79 thoughts on “Mens!

  1. CA: BP, can you lift the vacuum cleaner for me to the first floor ?
    BP: You need to vacuum there??
    CA: No I’ll try to see if the Vacuum cleaner can suck my energy

    Mens indeed !! 🙂

  2. Your Mens at least asked that they go to dry after a wash! Mine, I have to give instructions like he is a Robot :-p!!

  3. Q 1: Well, womens have known to get creative with washing machines (in addition to helping said machines with their loneliness)! (1:34 to 1:42).
    Oops! Did I just change the rating of the blog? 😀

    Q 2: It probably was not ‘You want me to put them out to DRY?’. It was more like ‘You want ME to put them out to dry?’

  4. Sweetheart – Word stress makes a LOT of diff. I guess that was more like “you want ME to put the clothes out to dry ?” 😀

    Blame it all on English !! :DD

  5. I’m starting to realise that they don’t do it intentionally to get out of work…it’s the way they’ve been manufactured 😀
    And our maker forgot to inform us women during our installation, hence the Mens!
    These Mens, seriously!!!

  6. Hehe!!

    And then they go on to become Investment bankers and Consultants and what not! I must say, I do feel sorry for the Guy’s clients at times 😀

  7. Arggh – apt post for how I feel today. Men – little do we know what we have to put up with for the rest of our lives!!! Happy Father’s day – grr.. sure!

  8. Hahahaha! We still have clothes in the washing m/c that were supposed to have been put into the dryer last weekend because….take a pause here….I didn’t tell him to transfer them but only check on them!!!! I want to kill myself or else the stink will anyways.

  9. .. is this what OA gets on Father’s day… bhalai ka zamaana nahina raha… 😛

    P.S Loved this post… got a little tired of reading all those senti messages for father’s day… and oh, let me see.. he’s probably asking these kinds of qs bcoz being an involved dad means u get older all too soon and lose that sharp focus u used to have.. obvi.. bcoz of sharing the sleep deprivation and stress bits of parenting with your wife! It’s all for a good reason…

  10. You know!!
    Those questions are a defense/preparatory mechanisms.In best case we will just get up and do the damn thing, in worst case it gives them three extra seconds to prepare their untrained minds for the difficult task ahead.

  11. its just to play safe! you know what if you say, who told YOU to put the clothes to dry. you got the order all wrong!

    i have seen my pa in law ask questions about where to keep a glass even! he gets yelled at eitherway! hehe!


    • LOL! well in this case i have to admit i am the one who ends up washing whites with coloureds and other such stupid things. if he bothers to do it himself, he usually does it better than i would have…

  12. Arrey, aapne to mere mooh ki baat chheen lee. Yeh suniye:

    I have been asked how to break an egg. HOW TO BREAK AN EGG. Try and give directions to someone who asks questions like

    1. So the bigger side of the egg is to be held in my right hand?
    2. Fork se kaise tootega?
    3. How big a bowl do I need?
    4. It’s a small crack, yaar. You mean I’ll have to strike it again?

    I was on the phone. Crying.

    My rant is over. Happy Father’s Day to all the mens around here 🙂

    • i blame the women. including myself. i knew what I’d married. A man who asks me what to do with the load of washed clothes. what made me make babies with him?! imagine. multiplying those genes. and then i have the unmitigated gall to complain! *slaps self* its a wonder he doesn’t ask me which way up the babies are meant to be held. happy father’s day indeed

  13. You need to feed clear commands to mens: “Please take the clothes from the WM and put them out to dry”.


  14. atleast he knows when the clothes are done….. i doubt mine even knows where to look for clothes in the machine.

  15. Forget all that, the fact that he offered to put all the clothes out to dry is what impresses me the most…you’ll want to keep this man close to you

  16. My husband did the sweetest thing for me today. My mom had sent me pickles and stuff from India and the parcel came here on Friday and I missed it. I was supposed to go pick it up first thing Monday morning and he was up studying all night on Sunday. He is still not home when I wake up on 7.00 am on Monday and I call him to find out that he’s been waiting in front of the post office for it to open so that I can have mom’s parcel as soon as I wake up 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. MM you were not clear with your first question. It could be taken to mean that there is something wrong with the machine too. whats wrong with checking??

  18. your questions should be more precisely worded!
    you could have asked the man to check the machine because it was frothing soap suds onto the floor, without the clothes.
    and when the clothes are done they arent always put out to dry. they do have the option of staying inside and getting mouldy.

    “staying silent on this blog tends to make the reader want attention from THE MM. even if the attention is in the form of missiles or expletives hurled in the reader’s direction.”

  19. Men are adorable and cute. Their motto seems to be “ours not to reason why, ours but to do or die”.

    so if you need something done, give them s-p-e-c-i-f-i-c instructions.

  20. MM, you shud be thankful that OA has a policy of not responding.. i am sure he also has a list of such situations ready..

    • 🙂 Of course. but then there is a strict line between bloggers and non-bloggers. For us bloggers, this is our world. For the OA, neither my blog nor its readers matter and he doesn’t care to have his side represented 🙂

  21. I thought it was only I who has got stuck with such dumb questions..not I get that its with the species.

    Am feeling happy knowing this 😛 😀

  22. Bwahahahahahaha !!! I have insured myself from any such posts my future (blogger?? ) wife might do ! 😛

    here in the US I do my own laundry ! 😛

    So atleast on this account , I am safe ! 😛 😛

    But I can almost dread my days – shud I get a blogger wife 😉 – shud be fun though! Na ??

    Does Jiju OA think the same 😛 ?

    • 😀 The OA says he married me for entertainment value because there is never a dull moment around me. I don’t think he is complaining now
      and yes, I agree, the US does sort desi men out completely!

      • Ha Ha Ha ! tell me about it !

        I am still LOLing at adarkcomedycalledlife’s Dharam Sankat…. 😀 — But Hey we give u Comic Timing no ? 😉 So quit Complaining 😛

        Bread Omelette, Paneer Makhni, palak rice, Aloo-Shimla Mirch all served for Lunch tomorrow…

        P.S: Get ur own tickets 😉 😛

  23. with my experience I strongly believe “Can you check the WM” can have these possible questions as answers.
    1. Check?Pause. Fullstop.
    2. Check what? Long Pause. Fullstop.
    3. check if it’s powered on?
    4. Check if the WM is still in the balcony?

    OA is much much better!

  24. Anytime I ask my wife that question, her response usually is “No, I prefer to do it myself!” – I have no complaints with that, and by that same token, neither should you about us asking 🙂

    The only thing I blame OA for is not having bought the dryer along with the WM. All the other stuff, he did exactly what he is supposed to.

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