Dear babies

come home…  Dada misses you like a limb chopped off…

As for me.. meh.. I could live without you…




45 thoughts on “Dear babies

  1. Yeah right, who’re you kidding? I bet I’m talking to a sobbing wreck right now 😉

    And man, priceless pictures both.

    Suddenly, I’m reminded of a joke.. something on the lines of an adult remembering his mom as a camera-faced woman, because she was always clicking pictures of him.

    *Nooooo, don’t block me on your blog.*

  2. MM

    You know, there’s something so special about watching your husband, the strong and silent type,melt as he looks at your child for the very first time. The always punctual man who never ever says he misses me when he goes out of town( “because I dont have to say it to it to feel it”) will hold and kiss his sleeping baby for a few minutes before leaving, no matter how late he’s running.And if I grumble about him leaving me alone with the kid , the response is “You dont know how hard it is, because you’ve never been away from him”.

    Loved the pics, specially the second one 😀

  3. lovely pics….and I could not agree more with monishikha more…its almost as if she stole the words out of my mouth:)

  4. MM i can relate and appreciate the fact that you can very well live without them,but why you published it in blogosphere,aware that you are making a record?

  5. Assuming the first pic was taken in your current neighborhood… I can see the greenery you will miss when you shift …

  6. So if I told you the OA is hot, yet again, you wont ban me from meeting you in person, will you? 😛
    Beanie wearing chotis? so cute! She has the kind of baby hair I used to have..

  7. awwww… you know this reminds me of another post of yours- the one of the father looking at his baby with adoration in the middle of a busy road.

    Until someone asked me recently why i wasn’t there in a most of the pics, it never struck me that I was always the one with the camera to capture moments.. there’s just something about the man I love with the kids we made together that puts a lump in my throat!

    Lovely pics MM!

    P.s. you not missing them?! Hah! 🙂

  8. Look at those chotis! Ha! Showed the pics to the husband. What can I say that I haven’t said before?

    Hugs to all four of you! And yes, I am all sentimental and all now. Laugh all you want 😛

  9. OMIGOD! There were a few things STREWN about in the second picture. Why aren’t you obsessively running away to tidy?

    and yeah. Bring the kids back. This move is killing the mojo of this blog!

  10. *Must Stop Coming to MM blog….*

    *Must resist STRONG urge … get married… have kids…*

    *Slap urself Ram, ur only 24… But this Blog… Arrggghh !!*

    BEAUTIFUL pictures and even more wonderful way u potray and capture the moments ! 🙂

    … And yeah right ! u never did a good job of trying to out ppl off Kids… ur ever poorer at Lieing on the blog ! 😛 U dont miss em it seems 😛 I just read a few of ur older ones.. beautiful piece… Ur so like th Elder Didi I wud have LOVED to have and never got to have….

  11. I read your blog quite regularly, but guess this is the first time I am leaving a comment…
    I love ur blog and the pics posted. It usually provides me with a much needed laugh in office 😉 Thnx for regular posting.

      • I often read your posts and then moved on to next one and then the next one… till I had time… always thinking to leave comment 😀

        I really do wonder how you manage the house, two kids and still get time to write sooo well and take intersting pics !!!! It mustn’t be easy raising Calvin like batman and catwoman 🙂

  12. I came across your blog very recently and am hooked :). Nice pics as well, inspired me to try to take more everyday pics rather than only special occasion ones..

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