A very saree business

So I decided to share some of my recent purchases with you.

A wooden ring from Anokhi, carved to look like a flower.

A statement piece πŸ˜€

I am allergic to costume jewellery (can only wear gold – no other metals) and so I’ve spent a lifetime envying others. But in the recent past I’ve been finding plastic, wood, thread and bone jewellery and it has changed my life. I wear the one above, red beads, speckled with blue and gold beads and those lovely fat blue mosaic beads, with a crisp white chikan kurta/kurti. What I love is that there is no metal clasp at the back, just woven thread that doesn’t irritate my skin.

This hand carved wooden one is from Anokhi. The thread loop at the back lets it hang low and cool or climb up and turn into a choker. I love this one. Recently I met someone who on being complimented on something she was wearing, and being asked where she got it from, said very clearly “I never tell.” I laughed. A long time ago, I was complaining about people who don’t share recipes. I find it very umm.. strange. Mostly because nothing and no one can be the person you are. So people can cook what you cook, but never get it to taste the same. They can throw the most expensive parties which still might not be as much fun as yours are. Wear the same clothes you do, but never with the same flair. I put up my Warli art on the walls photos here and I know for sure that atleast 3 people have copied it. I don’t mind it at all because each home looks different. And spreading the joy won’t take away from yours. Anyhow. I also thought of the zillions of fashion blogs that generously share their information with us and this is my shout out to them – thank you girls!!!

This is something I picked up for my anniversary. Its a chanderi, from a brand called Raw Mango. Being revived and brought back in brilliant new colours and designs. The photograph does it no justice. Its actually a colour called Kathai in hindi – something between coffee and maroon – with a hot pink border. Those sheaves of corn are on the pallu and the rest of the saree is stark and plain. I *heart* it and have been hoarding it. No occasion seems good enough!

This one is a Ganga-Jamuna. Can be worn with either a yellow border or turned upside down and with the maroon border, both sides have pallus to match. Β Its a brighter leaf green, but I took the pic on a grey day so it looks dull.

This was a plain green chiffon belonging to Ma. She also gave me that border on it, the orange and black brocade peacocks – belonging to my Grandma. I got it attached to this saree with a purple border and it looks like sex on toast. I plan to wear it with a parrot green raw silk blouse. Check out a saree called Radha here for the exact shade of green that I am looking for. Β Like it? I love it. It is sexy, funky, traditional and contemporary all wrapped into one. Now for the blouse piece and a reason to wear it.

This saree barely cost me Rs 900 and I was complimented 100 times while wearing it. The border has every colour on earth, in it and the green portion has a sheen to it. It has simple threadwork lines on the pallu and a plain body, yet it catches your eye. I love it beyond words.

This one is again an odd pinky maroon that I love, with a mustard-ish border. Simple blouse.

Edited to add: Okay, on popular demand am putting up a recent picture of the headless ghost of Christmas past πŸ˜€ This is one of my daily wear, busy print chiffons. They don’t crush at work, they don’t show stains and they are hardy and inexpensive. Sasta, sundar, tikau.

234 thoughts on “A very saree business

  1. wow… love the odd pinky maroon… such a gorgeous print… and the combination.

    I completely agree with some people not being as open with stuff… I know an aunt.. who will share “incomplete” recipes… leave a key peice out and share.. so when you cook it.. it does not come out perfect.. .and when you ask her.. she will say: “Haath ka kamaal” so annoying…

    The ring is so cool….. does it come in other colors also?

      • I have the Anokihi ring and the neckpiece and i can vouch they look the best in their natural hues! we should consider having an exchnage library like we used to have for old books! i am happy sharing some of the stuff with whoever is interested and viec versa….

        And I cant agree more on the subject of folks who are always insecure about God knows what!

  2. I love that sex on toast saree, so original and vintage. And that Chanderi is to die for. I have one in green that I hate to wear anywhere, what if it gets soiled or I am careless and accidentally tear it?

    Now all we need is a pic of you modeling these beautiful sarees……please πŸ™‚

    • you know, i always felt that way. but now i wonder how the sarees in the cupboard will bring me any joy. i’ve been known to wipe the brat’s nose in a kanjeevaram pallu. i know, i know, its sacrilege, but hey, i’m still his mother and what will i preserve the sarees and do if they end up being a source of worry to me?
      will put up a pic. hang on

      • Man! Is that hot or what? Kaun bolega this is do bachon ki amma? And that is such a gorgeous print! And you prove that you don’t have to do the one boob show to look sexy in a saree. How do people in your office manage to get any work done with you being so hot?

  3. Simply luuuurrrvee the Chanderi saree!! Awesome collection MM. You should have modelled atleast a few of them, would have loved to see them on you.. You are one person who wears her sarees with pride and finesse πŸ™‚

  4. And yeah please preserve them with love and care for Beanie baby!! No latest fad can match one’s mom’s saree. I simply love my mom’s collection ranging from simple cottons to elaborate silks, I hoodwink her of a few them each time I visit home.

  5. A really nice collection you have there. I think will definitely peek into Anokhi on my next visit. love their block prints.
    what do you think of the prices? affordable/expensive?

  6. DROOOL!!!!!!!!!!How about I send you a check, and you buy these things and ship them to me?! That is the one thing I miss being in the US, all the aree/jewelry shopping one gets to do in India. No amount of “mall therapy” can solve my urge to shop in India!

    PS: You seriously need a better camera to do just to the pictures :)!

  7. I’m not a huge fan of costume jewellery (junk jewellery as I call it), but yours look nice.
    I love the sarees more than that I luuuurrrve your blouses (I remember you being famous for it esp your bro’s wedding saree-blouse)!!! Recently heard from someone that wearing a saree with small border makes you look thin and tall!!

    You have a beautiful hand with slender,long fingers πŸ™‚ People do compliment my hand too and I’ve been thinking of trying hand modeling, will see!
    (I’m sooo tempted to quote “Friends-Joey’s” hand twin dialog! But then I will be embarassed if my hand is not as beautiful as yours)

    • that is right. big borders make you look shorter. but sometimes i cant resist them on a beautiful saree. and hey, yes, lets be hand twins. my hands have lost their shape after i had the kids and put on weight.. but i still love them πŸ™‚

  8. My favorite – the orange masaic beads – I’ve wanted one of those for the longest time, but I’m just one to spend time to dress up and I just can’t carry that off. But I WANT IT…

    Really? The Radha green? Isn’t that a tab bit bright?! πŸ™‚

  9. I dont know much what to say for this post ! πŸ˜›

    I will leave the technicalities to the ladies!

    Just wanted to try to be the First TWICE on MM !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ He he he

  10. Absolutely gorgeous sarees. My mother had that exact shade of blue with green border, it had little green flowers on it though. I have forcefully inherited it :). Quick question..How does your mother take care of her silk sarees? I mean they are in gorgeous condition. Do you own any Calcutta woven sarees. They are supposed to be really good and all the rage, atleast from what I hear 18,000 miles away..


    • ma keeps odonil in the cupboard and the entire lot are wrapped into cotton sheets. also, you need to keep taking them out and changing the folds so that they dont give way.

  11. Ohhhhhh – such lovely colours and brilliant pieces of jewellery πŸ™‚ You are my fashion guru – remember that time you took me shopping and that was the first time I bought a spaghetti top πŸ™‚ I still have it – saved it as a memory! Thank you for sharing, for being so open!

    • darling, how can i forget? i shopped more than you did. i always end up doing that. i still have a pair of silver sandals from that trip, with little diamonds on the straps. and you’re most welcome πŸ™‚

  12. The sarees are gorgeous !!!! even i wear only sarees for MOST occasions outside of work ( in Singapore people dont appreciate saree as a professional attire:(

    I sooooo love the chanderi !!!!and am sure you will look super duper good in it

    • thank you. and the best part is that its not as stiff as other chanderis. if you have a raw mango in your city, look it up. but they’re expensive, i must warn you

  13. i wondered about the word ‘kathai’ forever, (also in the song ‘kathai aankhon wali ek ladki) and now i am wise πŸ™‚ ..

    drool-inspiring stuff, those saris!

  14. My favorite is the peacock border one and the hand carved wooden piece.
    And hey you are moving 😦 I was looking fwd to coming over and having you over as well (something that wasn’t possible in my earlier living arrangement). And I am sad for another reason as well, I wld have lapped up the house you are vacating, had I known, making sure that they don’t paint it over or change anything πŸ™‚ We moved in on June 1st pretty close to where you live…actually not that close, we are abt 5 minutes walk from Aarzu’s school.
    I do need your help with some info, do afternoons (2:00-3:00 PM) still work?

  15. Lovvvvvvve is happening πŸ™‚ Can’t decide which one I like better…but I lean the most, towards the chiffon. Maybe cos I can’t wait to own a Parsi-bordered saree, someday and this one has a similar concept! πŸ™‚

    Not much of a non-gold/ silver jewellery person, but love the mosaic beads. Bright colors piled on a stark white shirt/ kurta – very, very sexy!

      • Same here! I grew up watching my mum and aunts flaunt their cottons and silks with panache.. and they are pretty much all that I own. I have a measly 4 chiffon sarees 😦
        What is gharchola?

          • Lovely! I picked up two set mundus last month in Kerala. Not sure where to wear it to, though. I find it a little too-hot-to-handle and given I am not in the best of shape right now, am scared will come off looking tacky instead of classy! 😦

            • Dude nobody in a Kerala set mundu can be tacky even if they tried realllly hard to! I dont know if I missed this post earlier, or saw and didnt comment. But OMG i’m totally drooling over the multi-coloured every-colour-on-earth cotton sari. I have lusted over my moms simple cottons (which is all she wore on an every-day-basis, and with style) ever since I was a kid. And now the mad woman wants to hand out her prized old pieces because she “doesnt wear them often enough and someone should”, and every time I hear of it I scream bloody murder.

            • Hehe of course, I have. Even if I dont get enough opportunity to wear them soon enough, I have vowed to turn them into things I can use around the house, so that they will remain with us in some form or the other.

  16. Oh great, now I know what kind of jewelry I can get you… since you handed over most of your costume jewelry to me before leaving Chennai πŸ™‚

    • well i’m sending the red leather pants the next time he’s in your city so watch out for those. dont try and send me anything in return because can you imagine what i’d look like in them at this weight? πŸ˜€

  17. AND, am envious of your saree collection.. I always feel I’m too skinny to wear them and look like a bean pole wrapped in fabric so avoid wearing them… also tailors never seem to get that I have no boobs and insist on making blouses that are too huge for me (like I’d suddenly become buxom overnight!!!) 😦

    • i used to be skinny – not as skinny as you. did you get to wear that red gharchola blouse?
      you should go with skimpy halters and deep backs, with built in cups – you’d carry them off beautifully. i think you look lovely in sarees.

  18. Very pretty and it sounds way more prettier and gorgeous when you describe it :). Ofcourse I don’t think I can carry of any kind of jewellery other than gold, a mallu after all :).

  19. Bohot badhiya! Now I want to wear sarees too! But I only have golden and parrot green sarees from the wedding πŸ˜›

    Note to self – must tell baby sister not to set foot in Bangalore unless accompanied by sarees like yours.

    • i am sure they look lovely anyway. i also have heavy sarees from my wedding which i dont get too many opportunities to wear. now i only want one traditional, heavy paithani. shall save up money for that.

      • Oh, man. I have one of those and they’re just so lovely. I’m afraid to get adventurous with the blouses though, because I’m so skinny 😦

          • Trust me the golds and parrot greens don’t quite compliment the hardly skinny me. They look awesome on hangers in my wardrobe though 😦 I love those handloom prints. Tussars. Cottons. I have only a couple of them, and I never get the opportunity to wear them. People make me feel very awkward when I wear a saree. It pisses me off 😦 What to doooo?

            MM, you will now get an email on fashion gyaan, now that the gyaan on kids is done and over with πŸ˜‰

            • why do you let people dictate the way you feel in a saree? just ignore or else tell me the lines they use and i’ll give you answers. its so much easier to fight someone else’s battles πŸ˜‰

  20. I am so friggin’ jealous. Not just of your saris (specially the last three – the 900 bucks one with the pretty colours is a STEAL.. where from?), but also of your sari-draping skills. Don’t tell me it’s no big deal, because that just makes me feel even worse. Waaaaaa!! Whenever we meet, if we do, can you please teach me this one skill? Along with a bit of mad parenting skills?

    PS: The ring looks really nice on your hands. Also explains a LOT about you calling the rest of the family’s fingers and toes ugly, stumpy et al πŸ˜‰

    • that last one was from (hold your breath) a khadi udyog store someplace. thats why its so sasta!
      and sure – i thought i did a post on saree wearing. there’s a pic of me wearing one at the bottom of the post. mad parenting – well that one i write about everyday na? πŸ™‚ I dont think my parenting is all the great
      and yes, the only good thing i have are my fingers and the damn kids chose not to inherit that. humph. am pissed.

      • Na-ah-ice picture in the sari *wolf-whistles*

        Whenever you have the time, please link up to that draping post then. I don’t seem to remember that. Or maybe you wrote it at a time when I was young and foolish and convinced that I’d spend my life in denims.

        Btw, parenting doesn’t have to be great or not, it has to be fun for the parent and the kids in question na.. so I sorta like your kind of fun πŸ™‚ So, have you figured yet whether you’re a noodle or a dog?

        • πŸ™‚ thank you. and maybe i didnt then. i must do it. too many people ask me for tips for me to not do it.
          i think i’m a noodle. its amazing huh – its like the old one about being either a pigeon or the statue. in this case its bite or be bitten. the bean amazes me :p and amuses me
          and yes – i tell every young couple, to never have kids. because its a HUGE responsibility and one that you can live without. but man, its a fun ride!

  21. I bow to thee .. you wear the saree so well .. my mom’s main grouse ( apart from the various others πŸ˜‰ ) is my inability to drape it well .. I got married 6 months back .. splurged on an amazing collection .. n dont wear it .. u inspire me in so many ways πŸ™‚

    I loved the chanderi and the chiffon πŸ™‚ I have a friend who makes costume jewelery .. will send across her link :)on mail ..

    • arre why? share it here na? spread the joy. let others also buy from her. she’s your friend, do your bit! and thanks D, I love my sarees… and since i cant drive or cook (!!) I pretend that wearing sarees is my great skill πŸ˜€

  22. Man you drape the saree so well! And at the risk of sounding lewd you have a sexy kamar :):):)

    • hardly lewd πŸ™‚ but thanks
      and listen, i am a do bachchon ki very middle class mother with no time to exercise etc
      someday i hope to exercise and get my original tummy back

      • Really? What do I say? That one is so hot and the way you have draped it – The Best i have seen so far without any intentional shows. Btw,wanted to share this with you – I am pregnant!

  23. Thanks for sharing with so much openness.
    I am not able to make up my mind which one I like best. I love all of them cos each one comes with a story…. and makes us all wish that we could own & wear a sari as special as these.
    I am happy that u r bringing out this yearning for saris in many girls out there… I wish we could see many more pretty saris worn on a regular basis. Yay to all the beautiful cottons, silks, handlooms that we have such a vast rich heritage of….

  24. Gurl you luk super hot in that saree…let the tribe of such do bacchon ki ma increase and I’ll be a very honorable member in the same…( sometime in future :))…waise u know I’ve always kept my eyes very open for anything remotely close to cloth and accesories that u exhibit and this time also it’s fab…I lurrvvvvv… the chanderi one….awesomeness….

  25. Such a beautiful collection, MM. I love the Chanderi. I have a similar-looking sari, a pochampalli silk with a temple border, in black, my absolute favorite sari πŸ™‚

    And people mostly give me strange looks when I say this, but I’m actually allergic to gold! Gives me a red rash within half an hour. So I’m a silver fan πŸ˜€

  26. One thing you should share is how to remain crisp in a saree (chiffons keep falling off, cotton gets crushed, silk seems too spicy for an ordinary day at office) through the work day! Even one trip to the loo during the day makes it a nightmare to try.

    • here’s an idea. DONT try to look crisp, really. we’re so used to synthetic mixes in our western wear for work that we expect to look that way through the day. my cottons are crushed to bits by evening, because the kids sit in my lap, the seat belt crushes the front, i hunch over at work.. but i still walk out proudly because its pure cotton and meant to look that way πŸ™‚
      chiffons – pin them up and remember not to wear them in the monsoons – sometimes they shrink when wet. silks – look for simple printed mysore silks – i wear them in the winters.

  27. Louly! I like the peacock border one the best. Very creative. I love the reuse, reduce, recycle philosophy that “jhalaks” through some of your posts!

  28. Sarees aside, I just wanna know, how do you manage to look so svelte after having two kids?!!
    That figure is to die for !!!
    Tips please πŸ™‚


    • LOL! πŸ™‚ I am not as ‘svelte’ as I used to be. So trust me, even I am not quite happy with the way I look right now. Someday when my knee heels, I will begin to walk and exercise etc, and then I shall put my face along with my body because i will be happy to show it off πŸ˜‰

  29. Lovely, Mad Momma. I love looking at sarees. Though still haven’t learned to wear one. πŸ™‚ And I think half the joy of getting lovely things is showing them around, discussing the best places to shop, and prices. Thanks for sharing.

  30. yeah putting her link here .. πŸ™‚ let me do my bit .. Draping a saree is an art MM .. and I m pretty lazy procrastinating libran ( no offence to any Libran )
    here’s the main link :
    and this wooden one especially for u:

    hope u like it πŸ™‚

    On a totally different note I met gouri dange here at a book reading in Pune, I had to tell her I reached her blog and book through you πŸ™‚

  31. I like I like I like! The wood rose ring I spotted once but it got stuck on my finger and scared the crap out of me!I recently picked up something similar with silver flowers and shiny stones. I love the wooden pendant from Anokhi too. I love the jewelry Anokhi stocks.

    I love the pinky maroon saree, its so bright and happy. Love the chanderi and the purple with with the simple yet stunning pallu. You really have great eye for stunning sarees. πŸ™‚

      • Please…please ….along with non saree work wear, can you also post what your every day diet looks like? With no exeercise and all that, I don’t know how a do bachon ki maa can look like this. I can use some inspiration like I do with your parenting. I am sure every one else would love to hear that too.

        Anyway, awesome collection. Thanks for sharing.

        • my diet. i’ll be honest, i don’t diet, but i dont eat much. i have a strong sweet tooth and i love carbs, but i have a lot of will power and self control on portions. and i also dont sit still. within my house i fidget a lot. yoga suits my body type but i cant find a tutor 😦

  32. Sigh! No, really, what a wonderful collection of sarees. I am not much of a sari person myself and wear them maybe once every two years on an average-at major family functions, else my family will kill me. I really can’t get any work done in them, and as a result I don’t even own many salwar-kameezes with wide, worked on dupattas. I know that sounds insane. All the sarees I own are ones I was given at my wedding and in the first year after. I bought maybe one after that when A was born, for the naamkaran. But I have discovered a wonderful use for a few of my sarees. Read this to find out.


    Those that survive will be bequeathed to A. So go ahead, you can kill me now.
    And you look wonderful in that saree. Can’t believe you are a mother of two!

    • πŸ™‚ Oh no – I think its great that you got some use out of them. what is the point of having sarees if they dont bring you any joy? now show us the stuff you made!

      • oooh there’s also this place in Bangalore that stitches quilts out of torn/ worn our silk saris. I have a long way to go before any of my saris can qualify for that, though πŸ™‚

        • oh my ma has been doing that for years. you’d be amazed with what all you can do with old sarees, pull out the borders and put them on kurtas or curtains, make light quilts, saree bags, use the pallu to make a heavy blouse. all sorts.

  33. Ok .. you libran too(no wonder the creativity) .. erm then may be I am a mutant ;)… Yeah Gouri told me she knows you well πŸ™‚
    do let me know if you liked the link πŸ™‚

  34. Er…aren’t you supposed to be busy packing? πŸ˜›
    The sarees are wow! I prefer chiffon and georgettes too. Though I have no idea of when I’m going to wear the shadi-ka-tribhuvanams! I just keep going around begging poeple to get married!
    Oh and where do you get bone jewellery in delhi? I usually apply nail polish to my costume jewellery. Isn;t the best option though!

    • πŸ™‚ I am. i am.. but you guys are irresistible! I cant keep away
      And chiffons and georgettes are the easiest to wear, for sure. Also – there is no standard shop to pick up bone jewellery – but ever so often you will be told (if you ask) that a white or a brown piece is made of camel bone. I dont know if that is legal though.. you get it on Janpath and other such street markets

  35. the anokhi jewellery is indeed feminine-love it. you are a saree collector ha? and nice ones at that. love all the colors!

    our assamese mekhelas are pretty and very unique but i am much more comfortable wearing a saree – i think its cuz i carry them better than the mekhelas.

    • i love the mekhlas. Aneela got me a beautiful one the last time she visited and i dont wear it very well either, but i think that is because i dont know the tricks that regular wearers do

  36. Am telling you now, am headed to Anokhi TOMORROW!! But considering the Cal one is crap, I probably won’t be lucky enough to get it 😦

    The saris are ALL gorgeous, but sex on toast, definitely the last one! Orgasmic, that one is!

  37. The sarees are beautiful. I have been waiting to get a chanderi. Hopefully, i’ll do that in my next holiday. I love cotton sarees and also used to like starching them. The whole process was a “bonding” exercise for me, mother and sisters. I usually buy sarees in south because my experience with Delhi sareewallas was not very good. I hope to wrangle an invitation to see your sarees sometime. I wanted to see your house too but I guess that opportunity is lost since you are moving. Where do you buy chanderi sarees, from the emporia (other than the site you pointed out)?
    Best wishes for your anniversary. Wish you many more joyful years.


    • oh i dont wear too many chanderis. never been too fond of them. only picked up this one because its a different piece by a designer. i usually shop at the melas that delhi has many of. blind school, dastkar, and many others. i find nothing if i walk into a shop with the intention to buy!!!

  38. Wow..what a collection. I loved the 900 rupees one. I am basically a blouse person. I spend an undisclosable amount to get my blouses designed though conservatively. Love to see the blouse that you wore for your brother’s wedding. I am very very curious and waiting with bated breath.

  39. Writing to you for the first time, although I read your blog religiously.

    Your saris are wonderful, I really, really love the first one…..liked all of them so much that yesterday, went home and started looking for online shopping for sarees (I live in Canada). I love sarees , but have mostly heavy silk ones(mostly from my wedding).

    Do any of the places you buy these sarees from offer online shopping? (Raw mango doesn’t). To be honest, I’m not much familiar with all textiles – chiffons, chanderis etc.- so please tell me, which are the ones which are easy to wrap, and don’t get crushed easily(like the last pic of yours). My heavy silk ones need to have pallu pinned otherwise they look so balloonish πŸ™‚

    Sorry for the long comment.

    • If you’re not a regular saree wearer, go with simple printed chiffons. They are easy to handle and dont look OTT if you live abroad. Also you can chuck them in a washing machine without having a heart attack. I dont know any place that ships but I am sure you can google it up. I dont like to buy stuff unless I’ve touched it and held it up against my skin so I’m the wrong person to advise you on this!

  40. Love them all, but my personal favourite has to be #1. So unusual & festive.

    Is the orange neckpiece from Janpath? I have something similar which I picked up from there abt 6 months back. Having done most of my street shopping from Colaba Causeway all my life, I refused to accept that any other place could fare better. And then I went to Janpath..wham! all illusions shattered πŸ˜€

    Could you do a saree draping tutorial? Pretty please?

      • Don’t know if you have been to the Rasi Emporiums in Chennai, but they have this step-by-step pictorial(?) pamphlet on how to drape a saree. They don’t do it the way you do (You seemed like the start-with-the-pallu-and-tuck -the-pleats-back-in person, atleast gathering (no pun intended) from your saree pic :)) but its detailed and helpful for someone who is doing it for the first time.

  41. Beautiful- you, your sarees and the jewelry. Sigh, even my wedding sarees are still unopened. Just can’t wear them here in US 😦 But you really look gorgeous, and what do I say about the figure you have maintained!! Would you mind sharing the secret?

    • LOL! I wish you could see me in real life. the only thing i ever look good in is sarees. i have a typical indian figure and look lumpy and fat in western wear πŸ™‚ no effort goes in to maintaining everything. why do you bother with the place? i wear sarees even to a regular tea party although as you know, no one in india does that anymore

      • Come on, MM. I have not forgotten the snap you put here a little while back with the babies kissing your tummy. My daughter is almost 2 and I still haven’t gotten rid of the tummy flab. I am scared that one of these days someone is going to ask me when the next baby is due πŸ™‚ I think, and of course with your consent, I should see you in real life when I come to India next time. You won’t believe but I have seen you in my dreams, not once, not twice but thrice, and I was embarassed to tell you that earlier. Hopefully you won’t shoo me away thinking I am a loony πŸ™‚

        • you know, i’ll be honest. i think its silly to point out your flaws, but i am honest on this blog so i will stick with it. sarees flatter me. period. i look insignificant in salwar suits. and jeans are… well, i have good days and bad. similarly, you’ve got to figure out what flatters you and stick with it. i never wear sleeveless because my arms are massive! i dont work out. look at my stomach and you will know its not a muscular worked out belly. its just a jellybellymommytummy. but with a certain amount of care it stays that size. in real life and better light, its covered with stretchmarks too!

          and no i dont think you are a loony.. and who knows, we might just meet.. inshallah πŸ™‚

  42. Lovely sarees…and you in a saree is the best of all! You wear your sarees really well! Please do that post on how to wear a saree. I am one of the skinny ones and I think a saree helps add a lil to my frame…unfortunately can’t carry off any chiffons and I don’t look too good in the Mysore silk kinds either.

    • hey – you should wear bengal cottons. they will add to your frame. chiffons etc will just make you look stick like. will do a post soon. i just dont know how to do it without pictures!

      • You said it…my first saree was a Bengal cotton one my uncle bought for me from Bhilai! I love it! Saree draping tutorial with pics please…maybe with sketches? Donno if it will be as effective as real person pics or a video.

  43. MM

    A sari lover compliments you on the saris(specially the first and the last two) and also on the wearing of them πŸ˜€ Tell me, how does one get borders attached on chiffon saris? Also, you wear saris to work? The few times I did that, people refused to believe that it was not for a special occasion!

    • Moni, the borders are handstitched. I get it done by a woman who stitches falls. I watched over it the first time, so that her stitches were neat, now she knows what I want. And yes I wear sarees to work, to the kids’ school for a PTA, concert (anything but sports day) – I would like the kids to have memories of their mother making that effort when she came to pick them up. and a lot of ppl ask me what the occasion is and I usually grin and say, ‘I had a bath!’

      • Really LOL! Remember I had said I am not a sari person? Now after A was born, her naamkaran got delayed to 4mths, as the husband was out of the country. I had not stepped out much, and it was the first time that I had worn a gorgeous sari, jewellery, etc. in her presence. I still remember the astonishment with which she was staring at me and wouldn’t come to me until I spoke to her!

      • MM

        Call me Mini πŸ˜€ About the borders, I thought you might be doing that. Will give it a try, the next time I visit my folks.

        In my case, even though I love wearing saris,after marriage, taking the effort to wear a sari is the effort of altering the blouse to fit! And that’s why,I now wear them only on really formal occasions.

        • awright mini πŸ™‚ get 4 blouses made – black, maroon, cream and gold. they’ll go with almost everything. atleast given the colours in my cupboard, i get away with that.

  44. Hmmmm… really really nice sarees. Nice to see someone from our generation who loves wearing her sarees on a daily basis.I love cottons and have a few lovely plain ones.But since I wear sarees only for wedding or on festive ocassions, I have hardly worn any of these and I think I am not doing justice to them.You inspire me to wear them to work πŸ™‚

    • you know it doesnt have to be to work. i wear them out to dinner with the OA. sometimes people probably see us and think its an occasion if we’re out at a restaurant. but he loves the way I look in them and I love wearing them. its better than a dressy top with jeans and makeup and a smart clutch. its just a pleasant change.

      • You know, I wear a lot of sarees at work, along with my salwars and trousers. It always amazes me how people are so surprised to 1) see me in a saree (since I am only ‘like, you know, 25 and who at 25 who is single, wears a saree?’!! WTF!!)
        2) ask me what the material is (exactly HOW does cotton look similar to chiffon pray, I wonder!)
        3) wonder how the saree stays put till the end of day.

        I feel sad, not because they make me feel prehistoric but because (atleast from how they react to me) a saree seems much more foreign to most of these women that a pair of jeans does!

        Something about how you love your sarees, makes me happy. That, and what you said about wearing it to the kids’ school. There are very few women I have met who love their sarees AND can drape and carry it off well! That should explain why I am popping up all over the place, commenting! πŸ™‚

        • Hi Roxana

          Sorry to butt in, BUT
          I have had EXACTLY the same experience you mention. What’s really sad is the way some women think it’s really cool that they just can’t get the hang of wearing a sari! It’s NOT rocket science ,and if you’ve worn one, even 2-3 times and are reasonably intelligent , it shouldn’t be so hard, or need so many pins to keep it on!

  45. DROOL… really… loved all the jewellery – i am fond of junk jewellery and these pieces look like just what i would have picked up. πŸ™‚

    from the sarees, especially loved the ganga jamuna one and the odd pinkish maroon one. both are awesome, though all of them look great.

    i love wearing sarees, too. i love the way they make you look elegant and stylish at the same time.

  46. I love this post and LOVE the sarees, particularly the chanderi and the 900 bucks one. Thank you for the peek into your wardrobe! I’m suddenly sad that I don’t get to wear sarees often enough here 😦

  47. I simply love the sarees. I absolutely love oxidised jewellery and i am allergic to everything but gold. My mom told me to apply a coat of colorless nailposlish under the oxidised necklaces so it creates a coat between the skin and the jewellery. And then wear it. No allergy then! :)Try it!

  48. luv the ganga-jamuna and own a similar one .. ttly luv that u can wear it both ways! but this design shows best in raw silk or pattu sari! and i luv chiffon/garden saris too since they drape so well & make u look slim;-) … and again, u wear yr sari well!!

    • absolutely. i have ganga jamunas and patli pallus in silk too. but the three coastal metros are too hot to wear silk anytime of the year i feel, and in delhi too, its only 3 months in the year that i am comfortable wearing silk.

  49. Love the ring and cant make up my mind on which saree i like the best and you look HOTTTT.
    I luvvvv to wear sarees but never end up wearing one to work..The women in my office hardly wear sarees to work and even the simplest one makes me look like a christmas tree among them 😦 and can you believe this is in Bangalore….

    Most of my sarees havent seen the light of the day for 7-8 years..but still that wont stop me from looking for a Raw Mango brand.. πŸ˜‰

  50. You wear sarees to work is amazing enough…am lost for words, especially since mine are close o tearing along the folds, coz some have not been opened since i got married
    would gladly sell you some…if mum didn’t remember all she gave me

    • *gasp* 20 years of friendship and you want to sell me your sarees. dekh li teri dosti :p
      as for your mom, she loves me. just tell her they are going to a daughter who would put them to better use πŸ˜‰

  51. Wow MM, beautiful collection. I love the chanderi…I adore chanderis but dont own any strangely enough! Had one in red and gold and my laundry guy lost it. I want one in lavender and silver combo now….hmmm, I think you are doing a great job in wearing your sarees with so much elan. I too try and wear them as often as I can and thankfuly in Dubai, with so many Indians, I dont stick out. Would love to see you model them all for us here??? Think it could be a fun post. Just curious, but can you wear watches? I know some people get allergic to even watch-straps…nothing you can do though.

    Lovely post, now will go nag hubster to buy me a saree for my bday next month. Yayy.


  52. @44/Meira: hey, just like you even I keep going around asking friends/nieces/nephews to get married. Now 2 of them have obliged and in Dec I will get to wear my lovely wedding collection that too in the cold Delhi weather. Lovely!

  53. You look so s**y. Sorry couldnt hold back. And you should do a tutorial on how to drape a saree to look that stunning. It’s so wonderfully done, and you do that on a daily basis!!!
    Now coming to your collections, its obvious you like differnt things, I mean things different from what others like. And that neckpiece from anokhi is lovely and when I imagine it as a choker, wow! And I loved the sarees. Yes, even the chiffon. I’m partial to chiffon anyway πŸ™‚

  54. Lovely! You should do a tutorial on how to drape a sari.

    You seem to have worn it in a non fussy not in the way kind of style πŸ™‚

  55. Very well draped!!! Tutorial pleeease, especially for cotton/stiff ones if you can. Can’t help admiring the planters behind you πŸ™‚

  56. Thats a lovely collection of saris,especially the Chanderi. I have my share of the traditional Baluchari, bomkai, ikat and pochampalli.I got a lovely mekhla this year in purple. I had lerant how ot wear one from my Assamese roomie in collge.Here I don’t get any opportunities to wear them to work as I did in India.But I wear them for any occasion that I go to,mostly parties, various social functions and ofcourse Durga Puja.

  57. love the last two sarees – fab. and I have to take u to this new jewellery shop i discovered in khan market

  58. just gettoutahere….showing curves and u are mum of 2????

    am going to call the RamSena ;)))) u cant look this hot and post such pics…hmmpf!

  59. Awesome! Tutorial, pretty please. with a cherry on top. I cannot wait to come down to India and wear sarees again!

  60. this is awesome, to have found someone who loves sarees, specially the ethnic ones. beautiful post, love your sareers and your description of them.

  61. WOW!!that’s for your sarees as well as your draping and gorgeous figure…love the “raw mango”one…got one in exactly the colour you describe from a boutique in Chennai and I heart it to bits too-it’s such an unusual colour..I also love what you did to your inherited stuff-Bean is one lucky chica:)
    I believe that if your choli is stitched well and fits beautifully,half the battle is won…keep going,these posts are so interesting!

  62. Wow… you look gorgeous..sexy (without your head ofcourse πŸ™‚ )

    Trying to figure out a way to know when you edit/add stuff esp pics on a published post! any idea?

  63. you, my dear, have the absolutely most ferpect figure. you look awwwwww….some and NO, you DO NOT have massive (or whichever was the adjective you chose to use) arms. seriously? do bachchon ki maa? u’re sure u didn’t just adopt bana banaya children πŸ˜€

    take all the compliments and run with them sweetheart, as they are all meant…and they are ALL also deserved.

  64. This is now officially certifiably weird. I have the SAME ring and necklace from Anokhi. IDENTICAL! And both too! I love, love, love them, wear them all the time. The husband bought it two years ago when he was there. Looks like we share tastes.


  65. Love the wooden ring and the sarees. Absolutely beautiful!

    P.S: Since the only accessory the Bean wants is Lumpy, you could give them all to me once you tire of them, y’know? πŸ™‚

  66. Your body looks really great in that sari MM.If only I had an hourglass figure like yours.
    And I love love the saris..such beautiful bright colors..I so want to visit india and shop at anokhi,fabindia,cottons,good earth…all those places I keep reading about.

  67. dunno, maybe its the same store – the one in a kind of basement? anyhow, let’s go together next time, since you shall now be trekking from the ‘burbs, like me! I’m always up for shopping for junk jewelry

  68. Dear MM – The reason I logged in this evening is to remind you that you still owe us a saree wearing tutorial. We won’t let you forget that one.



    • oooh *groan* you guys never forget anything, do you?! okay but how? if i just write it step by step will that help? i refuse to click pics of myself standing around in petticoat and blouse

      • Yes, I think very detailed instructions will help :)! For example, my “issues” with a saree are:

        1. Just how does one get all the pleats to be the same size?
        2. Same with Pallu pleats.
        3. After you are done with the pleats and tuck them in, what the heck do you do with the “extra” material that is to the right of you and the left of you. I usually tug at it, hide it somewhere and put a gazillion safety pins, hoping no one notices but I *know* everyone notices that :)!

        How is that to help you get started?


  69. I was searching for details on ‘raw mango’ saris and found this link! You have an amazing eye for saris and loved the pictures. Especially liked the border that you attached to an old sari – brilliant!

    Now the question : Where do you pick your saris? And any idea where you can buy raw mango saris. I searched for them in bangalore but no success.



    • i picked them up at a mela and i have linked up the website – why dont you mail and ask them?
      my sarees are all from cheap joints usually. i love working on a piece and owning it truly.

  70. hi MM,
    lovely collection!!! My mom always had a good collection too> You style is similar to mine. Earthy and vibrant colours leek and simple. Although now I have also moved to some ‘fancy’ sarees as they call it with a little bit of thread and fancyy to them.
    I loved the bit about where you talk about the selfish people. I never ever get it too…!
    There is a colleague of mine who loves ripping off my ideas and calling them his own. But as someone said, the factory that produces those ideas are “up here” pointing to my head.
    By the way MM I have been blogging since 2years but mainly on FB… decided to start onein the blogspot …love the anonymity. Can you add me on your blog roll? Gimme some feedback na… owing to the Madrasan blood that runs in both our veins.

    BTW that’s not a valid email address…Ill send you mine in a private ping some place. dont you have some place to keep my email idprivate?

  71. Oooops sorry justt realised that I could click on the word press icon too….
    ok here’s my blog http:// samdamdandbhed.blogspot.in
    feedback please guys

    Jenny Jam

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