Identity crisis anyone?

The Bean has had the family in splits since she got there.

A few samples.

Someone nibbles on the Bean’s cheek and she looks in shock and goes – “Hey! Don’t do that! I am not a noodle.”

Chhota Nana who was nibbling on her ugly toes got a yelp and a “No, no! Don’t do that. You’re not a dog!”

He died laughing, but was also very grateful to her for solving that issue. Now he won’t go through life wondering if he is a dog or a man.

Anyone else want a free consultation?

PS: Reminds me of the old joke about some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue. In this case, some days you’re the noodle, some days you’re the dog – eat or be eaten!!


47 thoughts on “Identity crisis anyone?

  1. Cutest !!!! 😀 😀

    U know Mad momma… Ur blog makes me want to settle down fast and become a Father…

    And oh Yes Definitely Gurl First ! 🙂

  2. lol @ “i am not a noodle”!
    I misssss my niece and nephew! My nephew ( we call him the marshmallow monster) actually makes this “nomnomnommnommm” noise when he’s eating! It’s sooo cute!

    and i am SO gonna use “gusting”! 😀

  3. If she is like this now, wonder how she will be when she grows up. MM u r in for some disciplining when u grow old. Better work on the post retirement plan. 😉

    • i’m planning to die at 40 so that i dont have to deal with my daughter’s inlaws. we have a bad history of daughter’s in laws in this family. so i dont need a post retirement plan.

    • from her uncle (maama) I think
      i have no sense of humour and the OA is a goodnatured man, but nothing to touch his daughter’s sense of humour. she makes fart jokes, dances around, does all sorts of rubbish. full paisa vasool!

      • She will be the popular one in the group.You are raising wonderful kids Mad Momma.I believe people with funny bones in them are the kindest ,nicest ones around.She will surely make lots of freinds in the suburbs and will make some for the Brat too.

        • 🙂 thank you. that is a lovely blessing/wish for them. that is all i want. that they are happy and healthy there. i do worry about the bean’s asthma in a construction-filled, dusty suburb

  4. “are you a noodle or a dog?”

    you better patent it or some band is going to come along and write a song out of it.

    and yeah, i’m also a member of the group that *DOESN’T* like you working in that “ugly” bit every time you mention her toes.

  5. Awwww..doubling over laughing, at the Noodle.

    By the way, the Bean has a fan club of 4 people at my workplace. I usually check my mails and read blogs at lunch time and have the latest Bean tale for everyone to laugh over, at lunch 🙂 Two of them are mommies of similarly aged kids, so they love the stories even more! 🙂

    I want a Beanie too 😦

  6. She reminds me of a second child of a dear dear friend – does this come naturally to the second sibling? Clearly, I missed out somewhere or I’m just adopted 🙂 the beanie is a cutie.

  7. i want a consultation too. but i got to bite her “bummy bummy”. 😀

    she’s the cutest thing. More pics of the kids. can’t have enough of them. the ‘all-bad’ pics were great.

    • 🙂 now i have none. those were clicked in the 24 hours i spent there. am now dependant on useless old grandparents who can either click pics or stay alive and keep the brats alive!

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