On moving

Dear Brat,

A little while ago you and I had a moment that I wanted to store up. A cool dark room – the hot, Delhi summer raging outside. A mother and son skipping lunch and sitting on the cool marble floor, eating ripe peaches and mangoes, dripping juice over themselves and the floor.  Your eyes twinkled in the dark. Your mouth curled up at the edges, a little pink tongue darting out to catch the runaway juice.

This is our last day in this home as a family, darling. I’m taking you to visit with Nani-G’pa and when you return, it will be to a new home. In the suburbs. A new life beckons.

Why are we doing this? Well, because you’ve finally got through a lovely school, all by yourself. Oh they grilled your father and me. But they talked to you and the Bean too and you got in on your own steam. Something I am grateful to the good Lord for. I really didn’t want to be beholden to someone for getting you in and we’ve been spared that situation.

When you got through the school, we were overjoyed, your father and I, mostly because it was a school that fit our philosophy and ideology. It wasn’t like  getting into just about any old school. And then they dropped the bomb that we’d have to move closer. I will admit that I went home and cried into my pillow. I don’t know what to say. It’s the end of an era. I’ve enjoyed every bit of motherhood until now. Your father and I have been the parents who took our 4 day old to a car show room, trekked with our 5 month old in a sling. Partied, picnicked, shopped, travelled, done late night drives with the baby asleep in his car seat… the list is endless.

I’ve not grudged you the years of my life I stayed home with you, the cesarean, the colicky nights, the puking down my front, nothing. But if there was one thing your father and I clung to, it was the life in the city. We’re good parents if we say so ourselves, hands on and enjoying it. But what kept us going was the ease with which we could slip out after you’d gone to bed. A movie, a night out at a pub, a walk around one of the old monuments… anything. A quick cup of coffee with friends.

I’ve often had debates on this blog where people said – “Oh, you’re staying home with your kids now and you’ll end up being the mother who tells her kids she sacrificed so much for them, and guilt trip them endlessly like most SAHMs.” After a point I didn’t bother to correct them.  I knew I was happy and I knew I had never done anything for the kids that I didn’t want to do. I was expecting you at 25 and I know I’ve missed out on a lot of fun that others have had, but I didn’t really mind because your father and I really do live it up.  No real regrets. But we didn’t want to become boring old suburban parents who were exhausted after the long commute home and only crawled into bed and turned on the TV. And yes, very frankly, the resentment raged on for a couple of days.

And then we had no more time to think of it because the madness began. Househunting and looking for a school for the Bean. I don’t mind admitting that I carry some more guilt over that. It’s quite unfair for a younger child to get dragged around for the older child and it’s going to take some time for me to make my peace with that. At some point as we examined houses and checked them for playgrounds, security, safety within the home, proximity to school, ease of getting to work from there in the hot blazing, Delhi summer, dehydrated, cranky, snapping at each other… we forgot to be resentful.

It must have been the nth house around which your father and I forgot the heat, the sweat, the distances and began to have fun. Between the hand holding and the running around to smack him on the head for making fun of my tired bum knees, a broker asked us how long we were married and looked surprised when I mentioned that we had two children waiting for us at home. I doubt it’s because of your father’s shock of black hair (not!!) and my slender (not!!!) figure. It was because we were just having so much fun.

And just like that, we went over to the dark side. Sold out. And made our peace with being suburban parents. And began in earnest to look for swimming pools, tennis courts and all those amenities that make the suburbs tolerable. I’ll tell you my prob with suburbs in India. They’re the frickin opposite of suburbs abroad. You move out of the city and instead of ducks and rabbits like Tambi maama has frolicking in his garden, the skyline is dominated by high rises, concrete and neon signs. Its quite disgusting. Try any of the major cities and that is all you will find in the suburbs. Or else you will find neat little row houses that are too small to accommodate even my big toe and all that remains is to have Noddy come around the corner honking in his little red and yellow car. The grey dreary buildings all have awe-inspiring entrances and lush green lawns but the sameness of the buildings makes my skin crawl and it doesn’t matter how well you do up the inside. I refuse to accept my home beginning and ending within those four walls. I hate opening my doors into a balcony that has another along side, where our conversations are overheard and we’re subjected to someone’s early morning love of *gasp of horror* Himmesh Reshammiya, maybe!

One of the complexes we saw had young mothers with babies in strollers, maids walking dogs (!) and old people watering their hedges. Dada looked approvingly at this picture of suburban bliss while I felt panic fill my heart and I looked around for a hole in the hedge to escape through.

What’s wrong, asked your father, sensing by the look of absolute horror on my face that something just might be. Astute man, this one.

I’d rather die, I confessed.

You weird, twisted woman, he grinned… I love you.

And so it is that after much debate we settled on one of the complexes. We have friends nearby, a nursery school for the Bean at hand and it fit our budget. We’re not over the moon but we’re already seeing the silver lining to this cloud. You’ll have friends in the complex, your security is taken care of and I might even go back to full days of work because you’ll have a half day of school until three, after which you will come home and wash up, have a snack and probably run off to play with your friends. You won’t miss me. (Cue for mournful music). You won’t need me 😦

I feel like a bit of a traitor moving houses while you are away and I have told you about it but I don’t know if you understand. I shall bring you here to visit when you come back from Nani-G’pa’s house.

For now my darling, soak in this moment, this home that has been ours for five years. With its three stories of endless, bone jarring stairs, its wide open balcony where the winter sun warmed our frozen limbs, your sunshiny room filled with music, the cool darkness of mama’s bedroom, the corridor you learnt to cycle in, the windows we sat at and watched the skies darken and the rain come down, the always occupied guest room, the lawn that you played ball in, the driveway where you stood and watched traffic go by. I’m glad you’re going away. I don’t do farewells very well. I don’t want you to watch your mother break down and cry as I leave the home you took your first steps in and your sister was born in.

Tonight I take you to Allahabad, to your grandparents, uncles, aunts, dogs and fish. And then I come home to a house that has sent its soul away… and soon I will leave the empty shell and move on too.

I write this to you so that you know why we moved to the suburbs inspite of my strong feelings on  living in the heart of an ancient and strong city like Delhi, feeling its pulse and soaking up its history. And should you ever feel that I resented doing this for you, let me tell you, that in that one moment when you looked up at me, your innocent eyes shining, your cheeks pink with health and mango dripping down your lips on to your little Batman-vest encased belly, I lost my heart all over again. And all I could think of was how I’m going to spend my life ensuring that you never lose that light in your eyes, that you keep smiling as delightfully and that we’re always in Delhi in the mango season!

I love you sweetheart



122 thoughts on “On moving

  1. awwwww… it was a gracious home- I myself am going to miss it, even tho’ I’ve never been in it… I can imagine how it must be for you.
    But then, change is the constant- happy new home to you, MM! Am sure you’ll make it as happy as the earlier one- You yourself said it- you’re the (heart and) soul of the home.

  2. Glad that the Brat got into a good school..I know how it feels to move to a new place..Good luck. The new place will grow on us sooner than we realize 🙂

  3. o! BTW, where was the Bean when you were feasting on mangoes and Peaches…and is she going along with the Brat to Allahabad…

  4. Awwww… MM, we are going to miss this house too!!! But i’m sure all happens for the best.
    Hope you settle soon at your new place without any problems..

    We’ll wait for the pics of the new place…

  5. Hey that’s a fantastic news… I am so glad you guys could find the right school for the Brattie…Though we never bumped into each other in these parts of the city despite staying so close, it felt good to keep hoping that our paths will cross…well it crossed at the most unexpected place 🙂 feels like saying goodbye now…but I am really glad that you guys are now happy about the school…Take care

  6. Awwww….moving will be difficult.But I am sure you will have lots of fun doing up the new place.And I am sure the kids will be all excited about the move and helping with doing up their room too.and as the song goes ‘Always look on the bright side of life’. You are still close to Delhi and can visit all your favourite places during the weekend.All the Best for the move and for the kids at their new school.

  7. BTW , which school is this or are you bound by some dont disclose clause..some good publicity never did any school any harm

  8. Welcome to the suburbs! The land of no public transport, no entertainment apart from malls and as you said, ugly skyscrapers!!!
    PS: If you’re moving to Gurgaon, please do let me know if you need any, any kind of help or info. Been here for over 2 years now 🙂
    PPS: This offer is not because I’m feeling extra gracious today. I have my own selfish motives. Who wouldn’t want to meet the brat and the bean. Yeah yeah, I’d love to meet you too 😛

  9. aww… congratulations on the brat’s school admission…i know how much that took out of you…the burbs will not be so bad afterall…while all of us who read you here will miss your house and the pics of the balcony… good luck with the moving

  10. Congrats on brays admission to the new school and I hope he has a lot of fun there ! 🙂

    Also, good luck to guys on ur move… I know moves can be tough esp from places you have milestones and memories attached with. I hope ur new house has as big a balcony as the old one. That one was/is awesome 🙂 Something I have envied !

  11. Congratulations, MM on finding a good school for brat. It’s surley an accomplishment for the little one. Hope you are able to shift base with ease.

  12. the bean was born in the house???!!!!

    Ok, I’m focusing on the wrong thing here… does this mean I’ll have to come to the suburbs to visit you when i come to delhi?! (again, focusing on the wrong thing :P)

    But don’t worry, the kids will be fine. You will be fine too. You’re not gonna be boring suburban parents. You’ll bring the party to the suburbs! 😛

    • no!! she was born in the hospital but this is the house i brought her back to. Unlike brat who was born in Alld and spent his first few months in Madras.
      and you focus on whatever you want. thats the joy of being a reader!
      PS: the party in the suburbs is fodder for another post!

  13. Congratulations to the Brat!! Really fantastic. I guess in the end everything does work out for the best. Good luck and many many more happy and joyful memories in your new place.

  14. I do hope if you are moving to Gurgaon your new home offers 100% power backup. Cuts here are legendary.

    Happy homemaking!! Sure to be lots of fun 🙂

  15. Congratulations to darling Brat for making it to a good school all by himself!!! 🙂 🙂 So happy for him! And I always believed that he could do this! 🙂 Congrats to all of you, actually!

    Moving, for me, is always, always emotional. I get attached to homes, cities, restaurants and such… and so, I can understand what you’re going through. Also, this house holds so many wonderful memories… But, change, especially, one which comes from such a fabulous achievement is GOOD! 🙂 So, I am sure you will enjoy life in the ‘burbs as well!

    Good luck with the packing and the moving! 🙂

  16. I thought from your previous post on this subject that u guys had decided against the suburban move. U really had a great house MM. Hope u find all the hapiness in your new one. Will wait for the pics when u r done decorating.

  17. Ab ye naubat aa gayi hai ki schools tell you where to live? Or am I being naive and undermining the complexity of the whole admission circus? I’ve heard/read about the horror stories, but still.

    I hope both the kids like their schools and the neighbourhood.

  18. Awww MM,Good luck on the move…:) pretty soon,the new house will feel like home:) hope B&B like it too:)
    but then again,they will..as long as you both r with them:)

  19. Congratulations darling Brat, I hope your new schoool is everything you dream of and more. Go Brat go! Make tons of new friends and go on and shine 🙂

    MM, my heart breaks and goes out to you. Moving even within the same city is a pain. And getting used to the perks of living bang in the middle of a city is no crime and can be hard to give it all up. It doesn’t make you a bad mother, not even a little bit, it just makes you human. 🙂 Hugs MM. All the luck for the packing, moving and adjusting to the suburbs. I’ll miss your beautiful house and I can’t wait to see you decorate your new home! 🙂

  20. Aww cmon – what about me, living deep in Jaatland? Far far away from the city, I sometimes feel that a McDonalds burger is so urban and swish heh! But its away from the crowds, which makes it wonderful

    • you live in a lovely part of the burbs. its so peaceful. but then there are no offices or industry that side, making it rather tough for us. you know how badly i wanted to move there!

  21. I so know what you mean when you say you hate the greyness of suburb apartments. My husband and I know eventually one of those buildings will be home and until then we want to do all we can to soak in the city. The heart of the city. I can’t imagine living in one of those apartments with ugly holes in the walls for windows. And those that are not ugly and grey will probably be out of our budget for the rest of our lives (talk about optimism!). But so what.. It family that makes a home, right MM? And you have yours. A complete, happy family.. Stuff that fairy tales are made of. (I don’t say stuff like that everyday, so rest assured I mean every word.) Really!

    And thanks to that line about going trekking with Brat. Man MM! Just yesterday we were discussing what fun it will be to go out of town with two little kids gone out of control. MM! I want one!! LOL! Really. One day I will come back and thank you for preparing me for motherhood. I can’t believe how badly I want kids now. My own little Brat and Bean. BIIIIG HUG!! And may the life in the suburbs be everything you want it to be. And more 🙂

      • MM, you don’t begin to have a clue of just how much the B&B seem to have influenced TamTam on the ‘having baby’ decision. 🙂

        • *looks horrified*
          you do realise this blog is meant as a birth control ad.
          I should put up a little line saying – Look how my life and my err.. delicate body parts went south after having babies. obviously all you guys have a huge comprehension problem. :p

  22. And are admissions really that tough? I remember my mom being glad because we stayed so close to school and that my aunts and cousins had to move houses for their kids to get admitted to the school we were in.

    Ok I will write a LONG email to you about the kind of school you were looking for. I really want to know! It’s a jungle out there! I see the public school kids in hukkah places and pretentious cafes and I can’t imagine having a child like that! Precocious and all. Damn I am going to be a difficult mom to handle, hai na? Sometimes I have these sudden plans to send off my kids (I am not even pregnant yet, don’t ask me why I think so much about them – it’s your fault MM!) to my home town. Or maybe just move back with them. There they will get some level headed bringing up. Can’t imagine being a part of the new brigade where kids get playstations instead of weekends with parents. When did it all get so complicated? And how are you still managing to keep it so simple? Bravo, woman! 🙂

    • well i thought i’d do it too, but i went home to the hometown and there was just so much more wrong there…
      as small towns, they have precious little to offer but the culture there and when you realise how that is juxtaposed with malls mushrooming there, you realise you’ve lost your last bet.

      • I can imagine. My sister is 6 years younger.. And the culture of where I belong, the school included, had totally changed in 6 years. I wonder if it’s more about me getting old and rigid in how I look at things than anything else. Btw even the culture at Malory Towers has changed.. From typical, judgemental British in Darrel’s time to the new slightly more open school culture in Felicity’s. If this can happen in the world of Enid Blyton, I should really stop complaining and live with it.

  23. i’ll miss the warlis on the walls and the beanie popping from behind the cactus and the babies lying on warm blankets in cold winters on the terraces too!

    but home is where the babies and the husband are and you will rock the suburbs… you know it too!

  24. Good Luck for the move as well as new school for the kids..I was in Gurgaon for a week and your description matched that of a typical apartment complex there..

  25. Oh I’m so glad the school travails are over. Hats off to you n OA for persisting…the Brat will thank you.

    Will miss your balcony! But you being you, am sure you’ll jazz up the new place and then some!

    I get what you mean abt the guilt over dragging one child around for the other’s sake. I keep going thru’ that, whether it’s hobby classes or school. Sometimes I wish I could have a spare self to cater equally and fairly to each child. Sigh.

  26. this home is beautiful and am sure you will miss it. but am certain you will turn your new house into one filled with love and laughter!
    good luck with the move… and everything else that come with it!

    welcome to the burbs, woman!

  27. Shifting to dry, dusty, pigs roaming around Gurgaon?? Why?? I hate it here. I miss Delhi so much.
    Go back go back go back.

      • I dont know whether you remember me. Im the one who’s ex-husband left a really shitty comment in one of your posts a couple of years back. I loved your retort to him back then 🙂

        Im from Chandigarh actually. But am here in GGN working. Getting my life back on track.

        • oooh!!! of course i remember that! I dont remember your name or his, but i recall the incident. awesome to know you’re in GGN as well. well, i do hope your life is back on track.

  28. Good luck with the moving 🙂 May you have many many more happy memories to look forward to, at your new place (It sounds strange I know, but you know what I mean…)

    and of course, congrats to the Brat for making it into a good school 😀

  29. Three cheers for the brat. Am sure the kids will have great fun with all the new company they will have, if you guys are moving into a complex.

  30. MM and family..good luck with your move..it must be hard but it is also a new beginning! 🙂 I am sure you will be super excited and busy doing up a new place all over again!

    I always send in a comment when you have a garden post. So I was wondering if your new place has the same balcony space? will your beautiful plants have a similar home in the new place?
    Best wishes,

  31. Awwww…hugs. I have moved 7 times in my life and not once was it easy! But then again, you have what it takes to turn a house into a home. You will do a brilliant job of it – its a matter of time before you are showing off your cosy nook for the papasan (with the sunlight filtering in) and the paintings and the family dining table and the comfortingly familiar sight of the books overflowing off the shelves (I will miss having seen your current home, but definitely not the warmth of the place – I can feel it off your blog :)).
    You mentioned having to keep that light in his eyes ablaze, many posts ago and that line has stayed on with me since then. The Brat and Bean are lucky babies. They have you for mommy 🙂 Hugs again.

  32. Goodluck with the move MM. I am sure you will make your apartment your own by doing your pretty plants and knick knacks thing. And do post pictures for us deprived souls.

    The one time I was there I felt like Delhi is a very demanding city. Everyone was so well-dressed and pretty and wearing the latest fashions, my poor little south indian soul was scared 🙂

      • I was just waiting to hear that !!! So glad you are able to accommodate the plants 🙂
        Good luck to both Brat and Bean !! Happy moving MM ! Pls put some pics once you move and settle in your new place.
        May be one pic of the current view from your balcony and the view you’ll have in your new place.

        • nooo! the view from my current balcony is lovely and green. the view from the new one will just be other apartments. i’ll definitely do before and after pics when i move into the house though…

  33. Wowiiiieeeeeeee ! A MOVE!

    I love moves. I really do.

    Actually the 1st time my parents moved our home, after I completed school(class xii)…I cried a lot n my sis n I didn’t like it one bit. The farewell, the work that a move involves, having to make new friends…didn’t like anything one bit. But now I love our new home in Blr and can’t imagine me living anyplace else when I visit.

    But since I’ve moved to the US and lived the nomadic life that we used to..i’ve fallen in love with moving..n ideally would like to move to a new home in the same city (if not a diff city/state/country) at least once in 18 months. I’m not sure I’ll feel the same after having babies..but for now…3 cheers to moving! Of course one misses so much of what one had in the previous home..but yet there is so much to look forward to. It’s the perfect time to clear out the clutter that we have collected, revamp n redecorate, look back at the memories that have been created [when ur suppose to be packing!] and then move on to creating and experience new moments. Move are the best thing, I tell u !

    Congrats to the Brat on getting admission to a good school. When is his first day? Here is wishing him All the Very Best for a cheerful, fun and happy school life!

    N wish you good luck for the packing, moving n unpacking. LOTS of fun work ahead! 🙂

  34. Oh, ye mad woman:-) you’re not supposed to make me cry on a monday morning. I have a hot-shot presentation to give and endless reports to submit!!! Shame on you:-)

    Love, love, love the post. You put into words how I felt leaving my home on a hill in Goa amonst fruit orchards many moons ago to study elsewhere. I’ve never quite made my peace with it.

    You know what. In the mango season the brat and you guys need to go stay with my mum there and pick as many mankurads, alphonsos, totapuris and many more varieties ripe from our trees. Lots of juice dripping happens there in the summer.

  35. Sheesh, I know how you feel. We shifted out of the house I grew up in about 7 years ago and no matter how hard I try, I still think of that place as home!

    Also, make this place a shrine to the Brat and the Bean and your wonderful home making skills of course. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of devotees. 🙂

  36. Ahh I am mourning for you. We live in Manhattan and the baby is making us think and rethink. Speaking of living it up, on friday i put the baby to sleep at 7pm, texted a friend at 7:15, left the house for an impromptu date at 7:30 and was at assigned wine bar at 7:50 pm. What I love about NYC is that it allows you to be an adult, a parent and a child and have fun being them all. The downside – expenses and competition for schools. Not there yet but it’s looming.

  37. Hey congrats to Brat!well done! and all the best with the move..will be looking out for pics of the new home

  38. MM – I have a lot of questions.
    First things first: I thought Brat was continuing in his old school along with Bean? Its good that he got into a “good” school which can finally cope up with him 😉

    Does your new house have a big balcony for your plants, Bean/Brats tiny trampoline, your swing? What happens to your glass book shelves, the OA’s mini bar??

    Finally.. happy moving. You can always transform the new house into a cozy, colorful, mad home. Cheers

  39. start that thingie we discussed with this house….put up lots of before and after pics and give us all tips 🙂 u see , am setting up my own here….

    howdy?*waves from the far away land…* will mail u later….and all the best dearie…i know u will rock this new place as well 🙂 ummmah to the kiddos!

  40. Last year we left the home that our son was born in. We had to downsize. I was out of work for some time. When we stepped out of the house, the last time, we held our hands and told each other – we are glad he was born in this house. And we never looked back. Somehow we got used to not thinking about the house which used to be our home. And then the dust begun to settle. Your post reminded me of all of that and so much more. Good luck to new beginnings.

  41. Gurgaon? Wow – hope we can meet up. And trust me, it is not all that bad. But then any place for me is made up of people- and , I have found some real good friendships around. Hope the same for you!

  42. MM, Let’s drink to sibling quotas so you don’t have to go to hell and back for Beanie’s admissions, ok?

    Good luck with the move and wishing you the best of memories in the new place!

  43. Awww MM, that s a wonderful note to a kid for whom you’re moving out of the place you’ve gotten so used to calling home. But I’m sure this change will bring its own kind of happiness around. Since friends are near, there s no fear. you can always party 🙂 But its’ tough, really, to leave a place and move forward to settle your bearings somewhere different, somewhere new. All shall be well and the Brat will love his new school and home. The Bean, the little devil that she is will go to become the lil don for the kids around.
    So have fun while they’re around and you can have a reason to move places because of them, coz soon you wont have to, they’ll be ready to move places.
    And suburban parents are so cool, arent they? Laid back life, huge gardens, lovely cosy homes, cute backyards, jhoola, big tree in the front. Ah the bliss!

  44. The pains of moving are the same everywhere…I’ve almost torn out my hair out of frustration over the past week, looking for a place in noida that fits the bill. proximity to school, security, water, power backup, neighbours…..the list is endless, isn’t it?

  45. forget feedback re: the short story, get back to me about the ” theme song/jingle” for the new house…now that I cant use the latest Limca “friendly cross (water) fire” for you and the OA.

  46. I came to blogland after a few days, and then I see this post 😦 You know what, I so agree with you about the sameness of houses (even though, disturbingly, I have verbally admired the symmery more than once 😀 ) but since a few (fun and interesting) people I know moved to the suburbs and since I feel assurance is the right thing to give, I think you’d love it. Unless it’s Greater Noida ofcourse. That, nobody can see a silver lining to 😀

    Oh and btw, Mumbai suburbs = lot worse. Count that blessing now. Here’s wishing ya luck for all the packing, unpacking, and as we know you, beautifying the new place.. Hugsss!

  47. Trust you to be to so melodramatic about it, you DQ! It is the suburbs – not the outback, you know? Why shld Brat learn to cycle in your corridor when he can do it in the open? Why should he have just his sister for his playmate when he can be surrounded by many kids his age and older? Why can’t he learn to pop in and out of neighbour’s houses and form new friendships?

    My folks moved 15+ houses when I was younger and most of it was when my brother and I were away at grandparent’s’ for the summer. Makes sense na, not to have little kids getting under your feet and messing things up?

    You are moving from Apt A to House B. And it is you, as a family, that’ll make it a home. Everything else is bricks and mortar.

  48. Oy girl – you all made the house rock, so am sure you’ll do the same in the matchbox apartments too! We live in a matchbox ourselves, and personally I love it, the conveniences of apartments for growing kids – friends, safety etc makes it all worth it.

    Here’s to the beginning of a new chapter. Good luck!

    • Ignore her, Poppy. She is bound and determined to mope and sulk about it. Personally, I think the chit was thinking she was still a wee thing and now sees the move to the ‘burbs as mature and an indication of her, er, advancing years.

  49. Feel great to know about Brat’s new school. Glad it all worked out. And suburbs..I don’t know much about Indian suburbs..but I am sure you will still rock your home no matter where 🙂

    Loads of goodwill your way!

  50. Good luck on the move MM.WIshing you loads of happiness in the new house. I’m sure you’ll love the new place. Hope you can take all your gorgeous plants with you.

  51. We just did the opposite move – from the near burbs to Manhattan . Yay!!! We’ll have to move out – since Manhattan is,as one commenter said, ridiculous on the expenses and schooling, but right now, I’m enjoying the close proximity to the library, cool coffee shops, restaurants and the possibility of new brunch places every weekend. And the people! The people!!

    Good luck with the move and post pics when you are done.


    • well thats what us crazy parents are like. lived in ridiculously expensive south delhi but now that the kids are old enough to be out and about and playing with friends and cycling on the streets, the move to gurgaon is happening 😦

  52. sigh. much love to you and yours MM. May the move be all that you want and more. And I will miss pix of the sunlight balcony and Brat and Bean playing on it on winter afternoons. hugs.

  53. Horrors!!! Will you have to search for new ‘Kaam wali Bai” or do you get to take the existing ones with you?

    Hope you find new ones as good as the existing ones!

    Best wishes for the new abode.

  54. That is some change and I am sure the home would be as beautiful as the one you have now..waise what about Sati didi and your cook ? (or are they the same :P)

    So happy for Brat and don’t be harsh on yourself for Bean’s state, doesn’t she get an advantage of getting into the lovely school you love for Brat? see..sab accha hai 🙂

  55. Oh.. It was so difficult for me to digest the way Indian education system works. It fails me. Even for a toddler, it breaks my heart. But since Brat has gotten into a good school, BRAVO 🙂

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