The advantage of becoming a grandfather

-slash-granduncle, at 40, is that you get to indulge your grandchildren and let them soundly thrash you without worrying about breaking a couple of bones.

Chhota nana – we’reย missing you…


27 thoughts on “The advantage of becoming a grandfather

  1. The Heffalump and Bean look like stuck to each other at the hip or whatever part she deigns it right for the day … ๐Ÿ™‚

    • see what i mean? the obsession is driving us all nuts!!
      one day it went missing at night and the maid started having trouble breathing at the thought of what trauma the bean would suffer. i was less frantic, but that woman worships the bean and started turning the nursery upside down until we recovered it. phew. need to burn the damn thing

      • Or send it to me. Then I’ll bring to her one day and I’ll become her best mate for life. Bwahahaha!
        I promise to take good care of it while it’s with me. I have a monkey that’s wrapped in plastic and tucked in my cupboard–just so any visiting kids don’t ruin it. (How sickeningly possessiveness can one be?!)

  2. These categorise under ‘wonderful pictures’. I once read somewhere that the great thing about being a grandparent is that you can stop getting stressed by your children’s behaviour and start enjoying your grandchild’s.

  3. lovely kids!

    BTW MM u really have to do a post about decorating your house. Its been quite a while. Especially how to handle books. I hate the modern bookshelfs.In the meantime my books are everywhere.

  4. The kids are adorable, the pic is super duper cute.. And now I don’t want to just baby sit the bachchas, I want to read all those books too!

  5. Love the way you have arranged the books..vertical in the center and horizontal on the sides…Looks hep..unlike my cluttered shelf.

  6. Do u have a handyman(as in the OA) who helps drive the nails in the wall each time you want it? Or u do that yourself? Would love tips on that as I always seem to be have stuff waiting to be hanged and the hubB not obliging.

    • well the OA is usually the worst to count on. I depend on friends and the rest of my family
      The OA just looks at me in disbelief and goes – I didnt get an education to work on sundays. Call a handyman and I’ll pay him
      at which point i throw something heavy at him, and he gets up with poor grace and gets to work

  7. awww… i can’t seem to be saying anything but awwww at your pics ๐Ÿ™‚

    i heart your bookshelf, too! i’m drooling. can i come over anytime you need a babysitter? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. love the density of books on your bookshelf ๐Ÿ™‚ and the kids with your uncle and the love in the picture.

    oh and the suggestion for you and the OA ๐Ÿ™‚ fishnets.

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