When the India Today

takes something like this and captions it ‘flamingo dancer’ and a respected journalist invites you for a cup of coffee so that he can ‘chat you up’, you wonder if there is any point in joining this and this. There is no hope for mankind.


55 thoughts on “When the India Today

  1. A thought provoking post. But if u ask me,a lot of it is from not paying attention to details.Sometimes even I am guilty of giving too little thought to construction, grammar and punctuations.

  2. chat you up?!!! that’s awwwwful! i think i can forgive the flamenco-flamingo thing but the chatting you up thing is just pathetic!

    And what abt LOOSE and LOSE? e.g: “she tried to loose weight by going on a crash diet.” Sigh!
    And back when The X-Files was still cool, they had an article in the newspaper referring to Fox Mulder as Molder! I used to get so bugged cos everytime i corrected someone who said MOLDER, they’d say ” but that’s what it says in the papers!”

  3. There may be no hope for mankind, but you are the hope for womankind 🙂

    You should perhaps “chat up” the editor of India today over a cup of flamin’ co(ffee) ?

  4. He wanted to chat you up? 😀

    This is what happens when people talk like this because they think it’ll sound “cool”, without bothering to find out what the phrase means :-/

    As the cliched joke goes, the days of good English are went.It still holds good, “anyways” 😛

    • okay the next one that says Anyways to annoy me, gets the bean for a week. and to make it really tough, i’ll send her without her lumpy. that should teach you :p

      • Awww.. That does not work as a threat.

        What is it with kids and one toy they drag around till it resembles a slice of pizza the one year old hid in her toy hamper for a month, .a.n.y.w.a.y.s? 😀

  5. LOL! flamingo? except for the hint of pink on her dress and a tail-like train, there’s nothing much that would resemble the bird.
    but then, even ad designers don’t pay even minimum attention while printing their ads on a 4′ X 4′ flex and hanging them up for display….sample these gems that i came across on a recent road trip…
    1. Pai Associates (Volvo services from Karnataka to Mumbai)…..tagline goes “Service with a Diffrence”…they’ll surely make you see the difference immediately…
    2. Eagle Travels (Sleeper Volvo coaches from Mumbai to Ahmedabad) say “Every birth has indivisual speakers”.
    Try to beat that.

  6. Hahaha, like Aneela said, maybe he *meant* to chat you up. 😀 Is “respected journalist” code for “poor old uncle couldn’t possibly have meant THAT?!”

  7. “Supposably,” that is the trend now. Yes, I actually did write that. Americans need to make up their minds whether they want to use “probably” or “supposedly” – there is no “supposably.” Unfortunately, it may even end up in an urban slang dictionary. It wouldn’t surprise me at all! Get my goat, yes, definitely! But surprise me, no. Another one that gets my goat is ‘aks’ instead of ‘ask’ – as in saying it wrong. Don’t get me started. Sigh!!!
    On a happier note, please tell me you’ve read “Eats, shoots and leaves.” I LOVE it.
    Did I tell you I am sometimes known as the Grammar/Punctuation Nazi?
    Love to your gorgeous babies. Hugs to you. I miss you.

  8. 🙂 Thanks for the smile this post brought!
    What I really really can’t stand is ‘when did you pass out” for graduation.

    Hey I am gonna call u sometime. We are planning to move into a rented place. Now I can invite u over too. So I can ask to be invited as well. Would love to meet the babies.

    • Now I feel all sheepish. I thought I’d weeded out all nonsense from my English. I am guilty of using “pass out”. Isn’t it officially used though? Army schools says “passing out parade”, and doctor school too say things like that. I had no idea it was wrong. Although I knew it meant to become unconscious. I just thought it meant both.

    • Okay now not so sheepish. Wiktionary lists as one of the meanings of pass out: end of training, graduation. But then it’s Wiktionary. Unless I go home and check stodgy old OED I’ll continue feeling blah.

  9. I was wondering where that increased traffic came from suddenly 🙂 Thanks for linking me; was a bit of shock to see my own page open up 🙂 Giggle — chat you up: must have done wonders for your ego, no?
    But this ‘up’ business? Everyone uses it ALL the time. They add it to anything. Kiss you up, check you up, drop you up, put up, drink up (even when that’s not what they mean). Flamingo. I am wondering how it passed all the checks up till the printers.

  10. 1 – Quite and Quiet – I got a mail this morning, about something that was ‘quiet interesting’!
    2 – Yesterday night/ today morning
    3 – Neither/ nor, Either/ or, Not only/ but also, If/then – Aren’t people supposed to use them together in most cases?
    4 – Someone corrected me once when I used the word, ‘dint’. She thought I had spelt didn’t wrongly.
    5 – Can and May – I love giving people the ‘you can, but you may not’ line 🙂

    This one I have always wondered about – when someone asks you something, do you respond with a sure or surely? For e.g., ‘Can you fetch me the book?’ What is the right response to that?

  11. My pet peeve is the wrong use of SINCE.

    “They have been together FOR three months- not SINCE three months!”

    Arrgh! It is the mental equivalent of nails on a blackboard. Forever ruined by an English degree!

  12. The one that really annoys me is the use of “like”, needlessly. Is it supposed to be “like, cool or somethin’?”
    I can never forget Ash in Dhoom 2 using the word as if it was half of her vocabulary! Ugh!

  13. ‘flamingo’ passes the spell check – so all’s well. Just like the ‘respected’ minister wrote in response to a wildlife related query – that the ‘Great Indian Bastard’ was doing just fine and thriving. I unfortunately will have to agree with him – though i’m not talking about birds.

    Another ‘esteemed’ minister said in the silver jubilee review meeting of project tiger that “many extinct animals have been saved by project tiger”. Now why was I the only one in the hall laughing?

    But my biggest peeve is people who do not have a clue when to use ‘the’. they will NEVER say/use it where it should be and will ALWAYS tack it on where it should not be.

  14. May be he did want to chat you up? Respected journalist is also euphemism for “sleazy old uncle”? Hope you agreed to the (indecent) proposal, in the name of science, so the rest of us know what it means when a respected journalist want to “chat us up”.

  15. Using ‘only’ at the end of every sentence.

    *Just like that only
    *I told her only
    Nearly pulled my hair out after two days at IIM I a couple of years ago. “Only” seemed to be the favourite word there.

    Oh! And how about “I am having a head ache”?

  16. Just can’t stop laughing. You should read the mails that the IT geeks send..STUCK and STRUCK are used interchangably. How cool is that… 😀 😀

    I offer to edit the mails for co-workers who i know will not mind.

  17. How about teaching people the difference between “lose” and “loose”. India did not “loose” the T20 cup.

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