What makes a dad

I often say it takes more than a teaspoon of sperm to make a father. I was wrong. It does take only that much to make a biological father. But it takes a lot more to turn you into a loving dad.

It could be the moment you first beheld that wrinkly monkey face….

Or it could be drawing Lumpy for your pachyderm-crazy spawn in the midst of a busy day.


33 thoughts on “What makes a dad

  1. It could be when the best part of your mornings consist of getting your baby girls ready for school. Or cutting their sandwiches into funny shapes and packing them the best lunchboxes.
    Or it could be that moment when, dropping your firstborn off at the college hostel, you discovers that your eyes are the ones, welling up!

    Dads 🙂

  2. As a guy I think it must be when u hold your child for the first time and realise that this is mine and I helped create this tiny thing. PS-MM the ‘helped’bit is inserted only to stop u from frothing at the mouth 😉

  3. .. and tht’s what makes a MAN!! good job on finding & marrying one! now good luck on tryn to keep him away frm those who don’t hv one!;-)

  4. It could be the moment you learnt from a nurse how to wrap the baby warm and change his/her diaper.
    It could when you learnt to feed the baby milk in a bottle without letting it choke.
    It could be when you learn to put the baby to sleep on your shoulders.

  5. What a lovely photograph of OA and baby OA, MM! I know the expression is blurred out, but it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today. Married a good one, you did! 🙂

  6. As a husband and a father, I have this to add:

    The 12-15 minutes between wheeling your wife in the OT and the news reaching you; they are the looongest minutes possible.

    • are they? 🙂 always nice to know. i have had the privilege of waiting with two friends as their wives went into the OT and I must admit their faces paled and they aged 10 years in those 20 minutes.. which even to me seemed endless…

    • LOL!!
      That’s bang on target!!
      My husband was so highly strung , that right after I delivered, he was down with a 103 degree fever.
      Apparently, he hadn’t slept for nearly a week in a row, expecting me to deliver any moment !!
      PS: I was at my mother’s place and he didn’t get a chance to personally tend to me 😀

  7. That’s so sweet. And it doesn’t look like a vegetable, he’s definitely got that toupee-like think bang on 🙂

    And I agree with # 1 — Nice hands! I have a thing for men with clean, regularly trimmed nails 😉 Not too many of those around me, I’ve observed 😦

  8. ..or it could be applying blue eyeshadow on your 5 year old daughters eyelids and combing and tying up her hair in preparation for a stage show because Mom was stuck at work…
    sweet post MM!Is the baba in his arms Brat or Bean?Incredibly cute!And so sweet of him to get a pic of Lumpy to copy!

  9. Did you call darling brat monkey face!!! I banish you to never-never-land effective immediately. Official memo on its way!!!

  10. God took a strength of a montain, the majestry of a tree, the warmth of a summer sun, the calm of a quite sea, the genrous soul of natural, the wisdom of ages, the power of the eagle flight, the patience of the eternity, the depth of family need, He knew his masterpies was complete, And so he called dad.

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