Out of the mouth of babes and horses

Dear Brat,

I really didn’t want you learn the correct words of Love Sex aur Dhokha, and was happy enough with you singing Sluff, eggs aur dhoga.. darling. Except that you’ve now modified the words to Dog Seks aur doga darling…  Which somehow sounds worse. Perhaps it would be wiser to teach you the correct words 😦




Dear Bean

You have the soul of a 60 year old lady. Yesterday I was howling and hooting and pretending to be a monster chasing you around the house, when you stopped, turned around, cupped my face in your hands and said to me, “You’re not a monster, sweetheart, you’re a mother.”

You don’t say! And I hope you’ll remember that when you’re 13 and grounded.




44 thoughts on “Out of the mouth of babes and horses

  1. *grin*

    i guess it’s tough to shield kids from the crazy kind of stuff that comes on tv these days. i didn’t realize till i was with my friend who had a 5yr old and boy! it’s tough!

    LSD wasn’t even a bad movie. It’s just that song that was laaame!

  2. Would u be horrified MM if he does start singing with the right words? As for beanie, well girls do always claim that they are more matured than men and at much younger age. Proof u say? Ask her to sing Brat’s song.

  3. ah! what pleasant trials you bring, motherhood! I’m totally going to have (at least) two kids, either my own, or adopted, or mixed.
    This post for some reason made me really sad that I’m a single child.
    What shall I do when my parents are no more, who shall I remember my childhood with 🙂
    (sorry, my question mark key is broken)

  4. mwahahahahahah! I love bean and I think its to do with little girls. They all talk like grannies. Mine does too. Damn sweet post, MM.

  5. My parents were sadists of the worst kind…they let me sing “PEED piper of Hamelin” for ages till a house guest took pity on me and put an end to it. So yeah, help the poor child.
    On a tangent, this movie, is it anything like sex, lies and videotape?

  6. LOL the bean is a lil dudette all right! I think Dipali is right, she’s gonna keep YOU grounded 🙂
    My sister sang ‘aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye, toh baap ban jaye’ for years and all the adults around were too busy cracking up to bother correcting her! I think she’s got the right version now tho 😀

  7. Hahahaha.. those two are your in-house entertainment man! Let Dibakar Banerjee take THAT version of the song, bet it doesn’t get raunchier than that! 😀 With Beanie, appreciate her realism I say.. she’s the one making you the sane momma 😉

  8. ROFLing at Brat! He’s coming close now…keep yer answers ready!

    The daughter is the mother of the woman? Naah, grandma is the new ma! But then you’re Lumpy’s grandma! Totally confusing 🙂

  9. Can I please keep Bean and Brat for a couple of days? I will take good care of them. I am sure we’ll hit it off. I love them, MM!

  10. ah well, it does sound worse in Brat’s new version. And you can teach him the actual words, unless he demands to know what they mean. Kids do that you know.
    And Beanie is a little grandma in her own sense. Lets wait and watch what she has to say when she’s a teen. 😛

  11. LOL lyrics murder can be so much fun sometimes, I knew someone who was singing with the radio to ‘bheege hoont tere’ and sang this- ‘tujhe subah tak mein karoongaaa’instead of ‘suhab tak mein karoon pyaar’ He honestly thought those were the lyrics! 🙂

    Beanie like I’ve said before is such a wise little old soul 🙂

  12. If I had listened to the song before reading your post (I had never heard of this movie before), I would have seriously agreed with Brat on Sluff, eggs aur dhoga!!! Or I would have been content with Fluff, eggs or dhokla…. THAT I can rationalize!
    And are you sure you will not be the one grounded when Beanie turns 13, if she continues at this rate? [:)]

  13. OMG – bwaahahahahaaaaaa… hope they stay that way once they grow up…

    our case is testimony to the changes and not all good ones :((((((((((((((

  14. ROFL…ever since i read it…..can’t stop laughing and had the grin on me all day
    Thanks for sharing this with us MM

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