Training – potty and otherwise

You realise how far Gurgaon is when you’re on your way to visit friends and nature calls and there is just barren land for miles, nary a restaurant or loo in sight.

You realise how long you’ve been married when your husband paternaly pats you on the butt when you reach your friends’ house and says, “Please do susu before we leave their house.”

You realise how long you’ve been parents when he very kindly makes that statement in front of said friends, no thought to discretion.

You realise how long they’ve been married when neither of them even blinks.


62 thoughts on “Training – potty and otherwise

  1. And you realize that how long we have known your family when this post doesn’t evokes any reaction 🙂

      • I check your blog around this time, and was pretty hopeful that you’d be around.. hence the comment.. coz it would have been pointless after 7-8 hours.

        Anyway, I am coming to India around 19th June (with kids). Wify will come on 3rd July. Based upon your availability ( even preference), may be we can meet

  2. MM

    Thanks for this post. Will show to spouse and say “SEEEEEEE” Im not the only one who has to necessarily know the suitability of all loos between home and away!

  3. This is so true and funny at the same time! It happens to us, whenever we are in the hills, and the drive goes on and on forever. So, S usually reminds me as he doesn’t want me to trouble him in the car.

  4. I remember when my daughter was potty training, my neighbour and a very close friend was showing around her new house to some of her friends. And she pointed a toilet and mentioned that we dont use this and if you want to do ‘susu’ you will have to use the upstairs loo. The friends were quite amused at this ‘yet to be mom’s comment.

  5. Hehehe. Loved this one, MM!
    The next time you see the barren land and no street lights, please relieve yourself. You know, just in case you’re going to visit friends married-not-so-long-ago.

    • Barren land , no street lights ..on top of that gurgaon ..inside the car would be a much better place

      • Oooh, ya. Never thought of it that way. I’ve mostly been around truly barren places where there’s no chance of ‘lurkers.’ But gotta keep this in mind.

  6. LOL.. I’m yet to see that day. Though I need to remember this everytime I leave house. Didnt the kids need reminding?! Such nice babies.

  7. Damn MM I am all over the floor laughing at this one.. Hilarious! 😀

    And I agree with Arun 🙂

    I had a pretty horrible experience on our way to Khardungla Pass (ha ha! I am serious!) We were on a bike, and it had snowed. And it was exhilarating and scary. And yet, all I wanted was to see an army camp so I could use their loo. I didn’t notice the scenery, I didn’t notice the steep curves. I did this on my “honeymoon”, I guess it left a unforgettable impression on my husband, all the cribbing and screeching and telling the world I would die if I didn’t go to the loo immediately while he was trying to avoid getting us killed in that scary lonely place! I hate it that people don’t let me forget this experience. Mainly coz I did a repeat performance on our way back too 😛 I have to hear a “beta bathroom jao” remark every time I am stepping out of the house.. And I haven’t even been married for that long 😦

  8. ROFL my dad used to do this UNFAILINGLY when we were kids, even teens, and it used to kill me ever single time!
    Haven’t crossed this one in the journey of marital bits and bliss yet tho (is 6.5 years long enough, I wonder?). Or maybe the husband just came suitably (for me!) potty trained 😀

  9. And you know how far gone you are when you start a sentence to instruct your child about something and your spouse completes it.

    And you know you are in your marital dotage when you get something that you know your husband wants from the kitchen before he knows that he wants it.

  10. lol. …. I heard the OA say that to you and smiled at Dipta….he looked at me .. and nodded… happens to everyone… darling…. and… it shows that we have been married… for 7 years….ALL four of us,….and as Sandhya….said…. I know from Dipta’s face and tone.. when he says,” Buri..”…. that he needs something to eat!!! lol

  11. Haha, with 3 women in the house, who are constantly rushing to use the loos JUST before we lock the house, my dad has now taken to reminding us to go to the loo, before we step out. Never mind who’s around. 🙂

    How do you say Cute+ Funny? Cos that is what this post is. Like a lot of your other posts.

  12. So, so phunny MM.

    How about this? Everytime we are at a restaurant and V has to go “pee pee” M turns to me and says “You’d better go too or else you’ll be begging me to find a Mc’Donalds or Walmart on the way back!!!” This is said v.v loudly with emphasis and regardless of whether we are with friends or waiters hanging around!!! Embarassing, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Need to bonk him next time.

  13. ROTFLMAO! That’s hilarious! Cheers to the hubby!

    My Mom does that every single time we are to leave for the railway station for a journey. “Beta, susu kar ke jaana.” She knows we all detest the train toilets and she would anyway freak out if any of us wanted to use them (so would we!).

    So, every time we are about to step out, “Susu kar liya na?”


  14. not actually potty related… but reading the comments reminds me of my inlaws. They are obsessed with cleanliness so I get “Wash your hands” all the time. They even ask the guests”Have you washed your hands?”…

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