Curiouser and curiouser

Somedays I wake up and wonder if I’ve gone down the rabbit hole, like Alice.  Like the day I woke up to find rabbits. Thats right, you heard right – the day I woke up to find rabbits scurrying around my bedroom. I rubbed my eyes, wondered if I was still in the midst of a dream, opened them again and found that the rabbits were still there. The OA and the brats playing with them. It must be a dream I said, but no matter how hard I blinked, they wouldn’t go away.

Apparently the driver has a friend who keeps them and he brought them along for the kids to play with. So there we were, with rabbits running around my house.

Somedays I think people do this while I am taking my rare afternoon nap just to mess with my head .

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59 thoughts on “Curiouser and curiouser

  1. LOL at the last sentence!

    such a nice change for the kids. lovely! bet they would’ve loved it! 🙂

  2. The Bean got a haircut? OMG!

    When I started reading the post, I thought you were referring to the B&B as rabbits 🙂

  3. 1. The rabbit in the header that Beanie is petting, looks badass wicked!
    2. Brat looks, erm… big.
    3. Beanie’s heffalumps’s posterior looks cute.

    That’s the reader executive summary for the post. You are welcome!

  4. lol! be careful with rabbits! I’m sure you know… they multiply like crazy, chew everything that can be chewed, including wires and stuff. And they pee all over your floor and leave stains that won’t go away. (I used to have rabbits in my house in India, till my mum got so bugged that she sent them off to my granma’s place where they could roam around in the yard and stay out of trouble!)

  5. Let me ask you this again! How do you manage to have such activities going around in your house??

    The moment i saw the pics i was wondering where did the kids find rabbits to play with? And the answer was “MM’s house ofcourse!”

  6. nice..and did they learn to carry them holding their ears… ??? Did they go bersek feeding them carrots and stuff…

    Eons ago when i was a kid my neighbours had rabbits and we would hop into their house every now and them to play with them. Chasing them is so much fun i tell u…

    U have a very thoughtful driver 😉

  7. Oooooooooh, what fun!
    I had a cat home this weekend and she scratched and bit my hand till it bled. I was simply carrying it around the house, while my doggies were caged so as to not scare him. Mean things cats are. My husband’s love for cats might have gone down a wee bit looking at the wounds that one gave me.
    I so wish I had rabbits instead! I don’t mind the poop. I’ve cleaned up after the dogs vomited. I think I can handle anything now.

  8. You cut beanie’s hair??? that was the first thing I noticed. it looks tres cute.
    hug to her and you and the men of the house 🙂

  9. LOL! That is a pretty viable conspiracy theory, MM! 🙂

    The rabbits are adorable!! And does that purple tail belong to a certain, famous Lumpy? 🙂

  10. considering that you’ve had troubles with the current education system, you SHOULD read this book called Totto Chan: The Little Girl At The Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. It’s all about how a school should be.

  11. Awww..that is so cute. Why is the Brat sitting far away from them rabbits, when the Bean is playing mommy to them (along with the Heffalump)?

  12. LOL..can imagine ur shock…the meanies who do this just to confuse u…

    Beanlooks so cute with her lumpy in her hand…i have to ask…does she let go or was lumpy just getting a chance to pet the rabbits too

    • i took the kids for a bath and the driver swiped them …
      i cant imagine living with bloody rabbits getting underfoot. it was terrifying for the little while they were there because i believe they get heart attacks very easily.

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  14. didnt tell you this na..:) the kid brought home two absly aodrable pups and insisted that i make a home for them too…this reminds me of that 🙂 kids..!!!!!

  15. oh and she picked it up randomly off the streets is another thing 🙂 that too from the slum-ish kind of place my maid comes from…:)no qualms…nothing…the innocence of childhood…:)

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