Of over protected lions and unapproved colleges

Some  unrelated bits of information today.

One is about the Asiatic lion. Yes, the very one my Brattie represented at school fancy dress. Apparently the numbers are growing and the forest is actually no longer enough to hold them. Have you heard anything more uplifting in the recent past?! I am overjoyed!

On the hand – Modi is refusing to part with his beloved lions and send some to other parts of India, to other wildlife reserves, because it is apparently a matter of Gujarati ‘asmita’ (pride). As predicted, just like the Senawalas, he plays the state card. Which if you ask me, is the lowest of low strategies. Never mind that the lions have run out of space and there is a conflict with the villagers, after a lion attacked a couple of villagers. They are also running the risk of inbreeding and disease, say experts. So why exactly is the man clinging on to them and not allowing them to spread to other sanctuaries?

This is an entire species – the Asiatic lion, being held ransom by one single egomaniac. I find it very hard to understand people who put their state identity above their national one. So who is going to speak up from Gujarat and tell him to have some sense?

Modi and the MNS make me laugh. This is the MNS’ latest demand. That signboards on Bandra Promenade should be only in Marathi. They can certainly kiss their foreign tourists goodbye! Wait  – this isn’t all – they also want that all ministers must speak only marathi to even foreign dignitaries – even if they can speak English or any other common language! Yet, on the other hand there is a drive to ensure that the Marathi medium schools are taught better English. I am confused. Do they know what they want?

I also came across a piece by MJ AKbar I’d like to share – about which of these three is the biggest threat to the social stability of India – greed, hatred or stupidity. Worth a read.

Finally, this is a list of colleges that are not approved. Do pass them around to friends and family who are applying to colleges so that they don’t get conned into something shady.


17 thoughts on “Of over protected lions and unapproved colleges

  1. I have not read the article, I will, but I can tell you my answer-Stupidity. Ask the Asiatic Lions, they will support me!

  2. i felt a bit sad after reading the part that there is not enough forest land for the lions. moving them across to different states is an option but at the same time it shows how selfish we humans have become. we have hardly left any place for other animals to live.

    hhehee on the “speak to foreign dignitaries in marathi” part. i thought languages were a means of communication, guess i am wrong

    and imagine a tourist hunting for a restuarant and not realizing he is standing in front of one just coz the board is in marathi. that will surely boost our tourism industry. Specially bandra should be the first place where this is implemented coz there are a lot of NRIs in that area. What better way to get rid of them!

  3. MM quite a post. I will restrict myself to the lions at Gir. Obviously its a danger to let the last representatives of a species in a single bio-preserve however I think there are other local issues apart from ‘asmita’. I remember at school reading about project tiger and the last lions of gir. The difference of numbers was substantial. Sadly, if the billboards and the online ads are to be believed India only has only 600 tigers more than lions.

  4. You know the answer,what they want?
    They are hypocrites.
    And the college list is sooooo long,what is happening in the educational ministry?
    And bean looks tiny(as you say) in the older article you have linked.

  5. hello,

    sri ram sene is in karnataka. do you mean shiv sena/ MNS? these 2 equally idiotic organizations are in maharashtra that promote linguistic chauvinism.

  6. #Asiatic Lion: Narendra Modi needs to really get over this state-based agenda, going by the debacle that was BJP’s performance last general election. It’s really passe by even Indian Politics’ standard, where most points from the manifestos of 1950s can still be copy-pasted, and nobody bats an eyelid.

    #Marathi Mania: My curiosity lies in why that outfit is not banned yet. I am impatiently tapping my foot, and waiting for them to try and tell me to change my ways to more Maharashtrian. Once that’s done, my plan is to sue their asses and get rich. I have a 101 reasons why everything they say and do is unconstitutional – listed and printed in triplicate.

    #MJ Akbar: Very good writing. The outcome of the debate doesn’t matter really. Liked the fact that he conveyed his point in such a concise article. Disappointed that he paints capitalism and greed with the same brush: “It is the greed of a limited slab of India that condemns 80 per cent of our country to unacceptable levels of poverty, stark hunger and hopelessness. Each time the well-off look into a mirror, they will find one reason for the rise of Naxalism.” This makes me feel like I don’t deserve anything I have done, but something I haven’t done is my fault.

  7. Hey MM!

    Glad to know about the growing population of Asiatic lions and at the same time sad by Modi’s comments. Looks like the way we are heading in terms of state fanaticism, a day will come when eating posto or mach bhaat outside Bengal or curd rice outside TN or Chole Bhature outside Punjab will be banned. What kind of mean thinking people are these?

    As far as the list of unapproved institutes goes, the few Engg colleges there are not recognized by the AICTE. But I am sure it doesn’t apply to the B-Schools. It doesn’t really matter for an institute like the ISB, Hyderabad whether it is recognized by the technical education accreditation body of India or not. Several other of the leading MBA institutes aren’t recognized, for that matter.

    • well seeing as the husband is from ISB – I should have gone through that list 😉
      anyway – i think the point really is to give some transparency. once one knows whether its recongnised or not, its up to one to decide whether he or she wants to take admission or not

  8. Hello,

    I had asked you earlier about the tulika books availability in Delhi. I’m not sure whether I had thanked you for your prompt response. Thank you for that.
    completely off topic question for you. I remember from some of your older posts that you were trying a few solutions for your bean’s eczema. could you please tell me what creams you tried and which one worked for you? Also if there are some common dietary precautions to take. I’m not entirely sure if my child suffers from eczema or maybe its a mild form but i’m tired of the constant trips to the doctor and the trial and error that they do on the child. So, i decided to ask a few mummy bloggers and test some solutions myself.
    Also, i wanted to ask if you could give me your email id so that I could write to you. i can assure you that it will be confidential and i wont spam you with messages.

    Thank you

  9. “I find it very hard to understand people who put their state identity above their national one”
    –Why I don’t find this hard to understand? (unusual cranial configuration of me? 😉 )

    on an other note, I see no main stream media coverage for the things happening in and around Manipur. You being a worker in the media, will know more about this I believe.
    I have no clear picture about the things happening there- religious angle, anti indian angle, fight between the tribes? – I’m not clear. You know anything?

    • well i dont know anything more than is already going on – but I think i’m one of the few bloggers who actually does cover whatever i get to hear of the Manipur issues… will be doing something on it again, soon.

    • I’ve always maintained the NE is so badly ignored. We give so much print space to things that make me want to pour hot wax on my skin repeatedly till I reach my musculature but that won’t help the fact that newspapers and television in India, refuses to acknowledge that part of the country unless it’s for tourism or naxalism or women protesting naked.

      I loved this post Momma! Makes me wish I was back working in India and not in a place where newspaper means press releases.

  10. sigh! all these religious / state based politics and issues will be the death of us. rather making issues of non issues.

    what is sad is that majority of our populace seems to fall for this divisive tactics. i have seen my “educated” friends support MNS views and its like i dont know them!

    or some who make excuses for modi saying but look at the state growth! gah!!

    today the mayor of bangalore said that since the municipal corporation is NOT ready to take care of monsoon that might come as a side effect of cyclone laila, asked bangaloreans to stay at home!!

    so seriously, there are morons everywhere! sigh! 😦

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