Earth calling Mama

MM, hugging Bean and getting mushy: You’re mama’s life and soul…. and pride and joy. You know where my heart is? It’s right here… (pointing at Bean’s heart)

Bean, quizzically: No it’s not. This is my Mickey Mouse teeshirt and inside it, is my tummy.

Err.. okay. This isn’t the first time she’s burst my bubble.


30 thoughts on “Earth calling Mama

  1. LOL!! and well you deserve this scaring that sweet lil that her foot will be cutoff.
    Beanie am happy that you did this.Pls do more n more so that mama would go on write Earth calling post series.

  2. Heeheeheeheeheee.. me likes πŸ™‚

    The Beanie, that is. Whattay Rockstar girl! But then again, how could your daughter be anything BUT like this? (from what little I know of you!).

    Give her a kiss from me.

  3. Nice.. kids think so logically dont they? So one day I was pampering my 3 year old daughter .. oh you’re my sweetie, my puchu (meaningless words while pampering).. and she’s like ‘Amma, I’m telling you for the last time, my name is kutty’ (she used her real name)… ahem, we are grwoing up way too fast to be called silly names, aren’t we?
    Love beanie.. she sounds so much fun.

  4. Heh – TWO practical kids MM! Wait until they both turn mathematicians or physicists (see, I’m being nice and NOT saying engineer!) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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