While mama finds a new planter

in a blue teacup …sonny helps the gardener paint the pots a bright terracotta…


61 thoughts on “While mama finds a new planter

  1. Such a Good boy…blessings…your garden looks so green..me trying to put my terrace garden in place, any chances of consultation from MM the terrace gardner???

  2. i LOVE the way you experiment with your plants. we live in an apartment in bangalore, which thankfully has a good provision for gardening. me and the hubby are trying to make the house green and you continue to be a source of inspiration for us!! 🙂

    sometimes plant behaviour leaves us puzzled.. would love to learn from you! 🙂

    • aww 🙂 thanks! i only experiment. if i keep a plant somewhere and its not doing well, i shift it, i change the watering time and amount. no real gyaan to give there, sadly!

  3. Is that jade? The leaves are looking so awesome. My jade used to look so rich and lush but for some reason seem to shedding its leaves now.
    Didn’t you have a pic of your bonsai(the one with the pretty pink flowers) on your banner sometime back?

  4. I like that little Buddha-like thing on the left hand side 🙂

    A big admirer of your gardening skills – you should do a post on that!!!

  5. Love the garden, must be lots of hard work with Delhi’s heat no? Our plants used to keep dying all the time during the summer.

    And love the fact that you let the little ones go crazy with paint.

    My MIL is really bigtime into gardening like you, and I’ve been looking for the frog and turle planters you once posted pictures of, in Bangalore. Know she’ll like those.

  6. you know it just dawned on me that i never got to see your beautiful terrace garden on my quick whirlwind visit. it was in the evening too but i should have. deng!

    how is brat doing now? did you throw a party for him?

    wow, over 250 comments on the last post eh? thats fantanstic…your readership is booming and deservingly so. do me a big favor..send some over to my little spot in the blogosphere as well, at least today, on my 10th wedding anniv, cant tell you how stoked i am!!!!! Just kidding, OK!! this the leo in me looking for flattery:-)
    again…just kidding!

    • oh you should have! and it was winter so it was nicer 😦
      sorry. the brat wasnt too well when you came na? thats what made it all the more chaotic.
      and its your tenth?! today?
      AWESOME!!! lets go everyone! let go wish sukanya!
      happy anniversary!!!!

  7. Hi MM,

    Did you throw a party for the Brat? I am waiting for the big post. I hope he is doing well now.

  8. How long do u keep the plant in such small planters like tea cup? I have a huge coffee mug which I wanted to use but not sure what to plant in it or how long it will stay with so less soil….

  9. Hey MM,

    Will this chana-jhaad (I call it that, heard it in vns) last in a tea cup planter? Cos it belongs to the succlent family and needs proper drainage, plenty of sunlight and not much water…it can be propogated from the stem. Just clip a stem and plant..soon you can have a lush full pot of this jhaadi. I planted one in an old alumunium kadai but it didnt flourish. Didint die either but never flourished…so my maali told me drainage is of utmost importance. Or does this tea cup have a hole for it at the bottom? Pls let me know cos i have tons of unused tea mugs lying around.

    Also that bonsai like plant with pink flowers on ur header is called as ‘desert rose’ here in the gulf region, becuase thats what it is. Thrives in dry,arid,sandy,hot regions. Dubai is full of it…looks lovely na?

    Ur terrace looks yummmmyyyy.

  10. And those rocks? where did you find them in delhi? Here in dubai, we have to buy them in bags…not too cheap either! I find it maha annoying because heck! its found naturally and why should I be paying for stuff like that! But having said that, I actually went and bought a big bag of natural rocks and pebbles. hubster was quite willing to kick me out of the house/life cos of it.

    But if we drive up to the mountains towards Oman/Hatta, outskirts of Dubai, we could just find them on the mountainside and load up the car. This is my contribution to yor readers from the uae ok? ok.

    Oh, MM I do love ya so…such a joy reading your blog!


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