Unintentional… well, almost

When your daughter slips your cuff on to her ankle and it gets stuck there and you struggle to pull it off and she says, ‘What will we do now?’Β  and you unthinkingly reply, ‘I don’t know darling, maybe we’ll have to cut your foot off,’ you don’t really mean to scare the living daylights out of her and send her scurrying, or do you?!

Uh huh?! I thought so!


73 thoughts on “Unintentional… well, almost

  1. MM, in this pic I thought it was the Brat with super man T-shirt and not being tiny! Then there was the elephant.. But still Beanie doesn’t look tiny, maybe the others are comparatively big! what say?

    • ha ha ! i wish it were so. perhaps i’ve got to stand her up against contemporaries. frankly its not so much height as the fact that she has a fragile air about her.

  2. My god what is it with mommies scaring little girls like that? I mom once told me the seed I had eaten would sprout in my tummy and shoots would grow from my ears, eyes, mouth and nose! Ugh!

    • dude! how else are you supposed to retain your sanity? (says the mad momma! – how ironic!)
      no seriously. they are always doing dangerous things. beans in their noses, pens in their ears.. sticking their hands and legs into holes and plug points
      i could be all zen and say – oh well, they’re exploring
      or i could be my own crazy self and say bloody hell, you want to die?! tell me and i’ll straight away put you in the garbage can

      • Aiyyo you sound really angry! But yeah you are right. Once my sis put her head between the bars on our gate and it wouldnt come out! Sheesh that memory makes me so scared. So, ok…you ARE allowed to say scary things to kids so they don’t do stuff that might kill them.

        • ha ha!
          i do huh?!
          good good. now i should try it on my kids. they are SO not scared of me
          in fact i think i’ll get a couple of goldfish to yell at because no one else in my house takes me seriously! πŸ˜‰

          • Really? And here I was thinking that the Brat and the Bean would shake in their pants when their mommy yelled πŸ˜‰
            But really, how cute is beanie and her little haathi! Waaaa!

  3. Awww…the poor baby. I see the Heffalump – is this the one the Brat scolded you into buying for her?

      • πŸ™‚ I love your rocking chair…looks like one of ’em ‘collecting-memories’ chairs…much like your papasaan.

        • πŸ™‚ i’ve rocked sick babies and colicky babies to sleep all night.
          i work at it while they sit behind me and rock. one way to keep them quiet while i write an article
          and everyone who sees it is terrified that the babies will squash a finger or a toe – and i am proud to say – not one digit… YET!

  4. LOL. I know I know they drive us crazy!! but seriously? cut off ur foot!! Poor baby. she’ll find a way to get back to u :p . that part is scary!

    • you mean other than telling me that i talk too much and she’s going to give me away to the garbage man?
      i’m booking a bed near the window at the old age home.

  5. U need to make it Mean Mad Momma…was this a mother’s day special??? And pray tell us what was bean’s response!

    seriously whats with mom’s being mean types – i once asked my mom how dimples were formed…and after giving me the scientific explanation for the same…he told me that if i laugh too much my skin which holds in the dimples might break and my jaw would fall loose..!!

    • ROFL!! I love your mom
      man, if you had to live with the number of questions kids ask, you’d come up with Calvin and Hobbes answers too
      my mum says my brother once drove her mad on a 48 hour train journey to Madras only saying – “but why?”
      she finally got on to the top berth and pretended to sleep because she was going nuts.

      • i have a sneaky feeling my mom has done something like this too…

        since v are on the topic of my mom…mayb u can hop across to my blog and read about her in “Lioness and the cub” she is something else!

    • naah! I dont know if you know Delhi, but its from a place called Amar Colony where you get rip offs. Although we do have a couple of antiques, this isnt one of them

  6. Mad Momma…wait till bean is in to her late teens or early 20’s and you are in your 50’s or 60’s…:P

  7. Had bean did not ask following questions,

    1.Why this cuff not remain with me,if you are gonna cut my foot off?

    2.If you are sure,you gonna cut my foot,then how will i walk and help myself?

    3.If you get one like this into your ankle,will they cut your foot off too?

    (From next time,i will give her some gyaan about how tackle a mom who scares worst)

  8. I’m laughing now, but only because I’m not three and scared about my foot being cut off. Mean Mean πŸ˜›

    Btw, superman tee! wonderful!

    (On a totally unrelated note, I think they should make supergirl tees too!)

  9. that was bad! 😦 but i agree you got to scare them sometimes to prevent them from harming themselves at times, as someone said earlier!

  10. Bad, bad mommy…someone gimme the number of child protection against wicked mommies( in case there is any)…
    Wait till the next time when she says that the cutsie heffalump is gonna crush you( C’mon Beanie Baby,show it to Momma)…
    BTW where’s this good ol’ rocking chair from…wanna pick up one for myself…

  11. Hmmm you wouldn’t know my mum by any chance would you? She’s the one who tells little girls that if they eat oranges without removing the seeds they’ll grow orange trees out of their belly buttons. I lived a full terrorizing two weeks contemplating life with my very own tree.

  12. She’s Superman, after all. If you cut off a foot, maybe two will grow in its place. Or something like that, I suppose.

  13. Mothers can really be mean. The other day my cousin told me a story from the time he was expecting his baby. He called up my mom and asked what his wife (my sister in law) should be eating to get fairer babies. My Mom’s reply – How dare you ask me this question? If I had known, would I have given birth to two dark kids?

    See moms can be mean at any age. sob sob

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