Happy birthday Brat

…or Bratinder Singh (Thanks Perakath!)

Darling Brat,

Five years old. FIVE! It is a big one. You’re a big boy now. Not for me. Never for me. But to the world, a five year old is a human being. Not a cuddly baby. They don’t see the curve of your cheek. The dimples in your hands. They don’t smell the J&J powder off your neck. They don’t wipe drool off your mouth as you sleep. They don’t hear you say ‘Khank you’ for Thank you. They don’t wash your cute little butt. They don’t hold your hand and help it form hindi letters. They don’t stuff your ugly little toes into sneakers and teach you to tie a knot.

Lovey-dovey, you’ve just taken five years of my life and turned them into a moment. And yet, as I tell your father, I can’t remember life before you. There was no void before you came, and yes, it was great to be able to get naughty without locking doors, but if I were to pull you out of the picture, there’d be a great big gaping void.

You see, you bring the magic to our lives. Your father is calm, your sister is vivacious, and I am mad. But you – you bring into our lives, all that is good. You make us believe in fairness and equality and the fact that God is love. When you were born, they called you the Prince of Peace. A little blasphemous no doubt, but I don’t think Jesus will mind. Estranged family members gathered over your crib, breaches mended when you smiled. You brought us hope. Even today as you say your nightly prayers and thank Jesus for the wall, (because if there were no wall, where would the lizards go?!), I smile. I smile at the pure little heart that sees good everywhere.

I’ve always worried about you being bullied because of your gentle nature. Nothing much has changed. You came back from the park a few days ago with a bitemark on your chest. What happened, I asked, hurriedly dabbing the broken skin with antiseptic. ‘A boy bit me,’ you replied, calmly. ‘Did you jhaanp him or not?’ I said angrily. Gone are the days when I used to teach you that we use our words and not our hands. ‘No,’ you said gently, ‘he was a little boy. We can’t hit little children, can we?’

No, no we can’t, I say, laying my head against your sturdy little chest. An ache spreading in mine. How long do you think I can take this hurt? No, we can’t hit little children, but we should hit parents who can’t protect their children. Where do I sign up for a punch in the face? As for you – what can I say? You seem to have made you peace with a violent world.

And that my son, is the beauty of you. You teach us stuff we’ve forgotten. You lay our flaws bare. You smile and you light up the world. It’s a pity that you’re so bloody good looking because most people miss your inherent goodness. I’ll admit you started off an average looking kid and I did think you could do better, but I’m pretty happy withthe way you look now 😉 Visitors look at you and go ‘Oh my God, that is one good looking child,’ or ‘This one’s going to be a heartbreaker..’ and I smile, wondering if it will hurt the Bean’s feelings. I needn’t worry. She’s too self assured to care. And you, who worship her down to her stubby little toes, never let her feel anything but princess-like.

I hold you and croon, ‘Who loves you with all their heart, my soul?’… and you smile back tolerantly and say, ‘You. And dada too.’ Yes, my little prince of peace, my diplomatic child, we all love you. Because you’re one of those few people who are beautiful both inside and out and apart from your father’s sharp good looks, you’ve got this radiance, this goodness that shines out and gives you something more than mere good looks.

I don’t want this to go to your head. But being you, its not even something you absorb. You’re too busy crawling behind caterpillars, chasing butterflies, watching the clouds go by and dreaming beautiful dreams. You have things to do and places to go and it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks of you. May that never change.

This one is your big birthday. Born on 05.05.05… this is your 5th birthday. Did I mention that your name adds up to five? And I was coincidentally allotted room # 5 at the hospital. Oh  – and they began to chop me open at 5 pm but you were out only at about 5.35 pm I am told. . But you’re sick today, so no birthday party. You’re burning up with fever and so I have you in bed, watching TV. In a generous mood, I offer you cartoons. You look at me scornfully and say – ‘No! I want Animal Planet. They have some nice snakes on there.’ I smile to myself, wondering how much longer this will last. We’ve had a good run and it’s lasted longer than I thought it would. Which is not to say that you don’t run around the house singing ‘Sluff, eggs aur dhoga.. darling…”(Love Sex aur Dhokha) – and Hey Ya! Just that we hear more about snakes and elephants than anything else.

Your father and I have been running around like headless chickens over the last two years trying to find you a school. We want only the best for you. I know every parent does, but there are children like the Bean who can be thrown in to swim in a snake infested pit and will come out unharmed (in fact, I’d worry about the snakes in there!), and there are children like you who have a special flame we must protect, must not allow to go out. They say you shouldn’t praise your kids. I don’t know about that. Who else will, if we don’t? Besides this isn’t praise. These are the thoughts that run through my head at 3 am when I lie awake just thinking about you two. Doing the mommy thing. Correction – doing the obsessed mommy thing.

I ache and worry about you all the time. Is it a mother of a son thing? Or is it because I am mother of the son who dreams. Who gets bitten at the park even now. Who gets pushed to the floor by an imperious little sister who doesn’t want his hugs. Who carries a world of meaning in his soulful eyes. Who comes up with questions I don’t have answers to. Who forgives me my cranky comebacks. Who kisses my arm tentatively if he sees I am in a bad mood. Who takes comfort in just lying in his G’pa’s arms. Who can’t bear the sight of beggars inspite of growing up in Delhi.

And this is not to say you’re not a normal little boy. You are. You so are. With your demands of momos everyday. Wrestling with your father. Fighting with your sister over a bit of string. Begging me for endless cubes of cheese, my little maakhan chor (Any old readers remember that post?!). I see you grow up to have your own little bunch of gopis following you everywhere. Or maybe that is just a fond mother…

From painting the pots with the maali, to sorting the laundry and putting it in the washing machine, adding the washing powder and starting the machine, you already take some of the load off my hands. I don’t want you to. I want you to live your childhood freely. There’s time enough to do the rest, but you take it in your stride. Just as you put your plate away after dinner. And run to get a cold bottle of water for your father when he gets back from office.

It’s been a tough year on you, baby. From the school changing to the trauma to the disability analysis. And you’ve got through it in a way no other child would. For that, and to your resilient spirit, and innate goodness, I bow down and respect you, son.

And for getting us truly enmeshed into this parenthood mess, I give you a swift kick in the pants. If you hadn’t been such a good, lovable, biteable baby, we’d never have thought to have another and been saddled with that monstrous sister of yours. Just kidding, don’t glare at me!

I could go on, but you’re sick and you need me back in bed next to you. So here I come, baby doll. Get well soon and we’ll party it up. Here’s to another year of being the best thing that happened to a young, giddy couple. I thank God for picking you – just you – the most perfect thing to turn us into a family.

I love you,



Here’s a note from your father.

My Dear Lovey-Dovey,

Makes me so sad that you are down with fever on the eve of your 5th birthday. I suspect it has something to do with the devil since it is your 5th birthday which anyway falls on the 5th day of the 5th month (05/05/05)!. Get well soon and we’ll go swimming and  buy momos at the market and watch Iron Man 2, spiderman, batman, formula 1, football, Tom & Jerry and fly a helicopter, glider, hot air balloon and ride the cycle and play games on the computer and play in the garden of five senses, deer park, Lodhi garden and get doughnuts from the mall and chase caterpillars in the garden and read about Kurumolagu, Fledolin, Hutoxi and eat burgers, noolen, chicken, parathas and water…… and do everything that makes you happy.

Die for you,


And now, for some pictures of you over the last five years….

The last few minutes of you being inside…

Seconds after you were out…

And back in mama’s arms…or armpit, if you want to be precise!

And then Dada fell in love.

And on.. into Nani’s arms. You grouchy little grump.

Four days old and since we’re young and idiotic and don’t know what to do with you, we tie a nappy on your head and put on sunglasses. We’re sorry. Please don’t put us in a dirty old age home!

You don’t know her, but this woman will funnily be the most important influence in your life, via me. That’s my nani – Bumps. I take great comfort in the knowledge that she held you in her arms even though her Alzheimer’s was too far gone for her to realise you were the great-grandie she’d pestered me to provide.

Your bored mother with her brand new phone, clicking pictures of her week old baby, in the early hours of the morning because he just wouldn’t bloody sleep! The other option involved homicide and suicide.

You at one month. Tasting a bit of chocolate icing.Funny little bald head!

Yes, strangely, Deetto is one of your oldest friends!

Your father, eager to be boisterous with his son!

Sitting at the kitchen door, looking out at the birds while I cook – in our first home as a family – Chennai.

Sitting in the pappazan with Mama while she works and learning to accept that the computer is one of her best friends!

Wondering what you’d look like if you were an old Bong man in Cal

Trekking through the jungle in the rains..

Going to Munnar to see Mama’s old homes…

Visiting the beach and feeling the waves rush up to tickle your toes…

Your first Christmas – in our Delhi home.

The first birthday party he was invited to.. coming home with a bit of the decorations. A wreath of balloons.

A smitten G’pa feeds you chocolate.

Your littlest mama, doting on you

Your first independent steps at 9 months .. and whaddya know, mama was around with her trusty camera phone!

A father-son chat in the winter sun after a hot bath…

Naughty Nani tickles you with a rain flower…

Mama holding up a 7 month old you in the sunlight…

At your first grownup party. I think your parents were the only marrieds there. Thank you for having us, Aunty Natasha…

And ah.. here you are, in her lap!

Six months old, in your playmat….

Your kheer chatai/annaprashan, at six months…

At 11 months – this one’s for you, Roxana! The I-am-evil grin.

At 8 months, in a laundry basket.

This one’s for you, Gentle Whispers! Thank you and Roxy for being with us so long… and caring, and remembering…

And this is when we realised how stubborn you were. The day you fell asleep in your chair, rather than eat your egg.

…and it continued. Yep, this is the day you refused to say your fancy dress lines.

The winter before the Bean came along… You and I would lie on the balcony, me reading, you playing. Sigh… they were peaceful times.

A foolish me lifting you up when I was full term. I guess I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that you were soon going to be one of my babies.. not THE baby.

Incy Wincy spider… at about 20 months…

Summer fun…

Shehnaz Herbals – because J&J baby cream wasn’t good enough for his highness…

I don’t know what it is about phones but kids love ’em. I guess they take their cue from the fact that the adults are so attached (literally!) to them.

In the hills again…

Sweatypoo in the mirror…

Your idiotic parents trying to teach you to crawl at 5 months. Me patting… your father beckoning…

The only way to keep you still was to literally squash you…

Falling in love with your newborn sister….

And going on…

And on… trying to keep her warm…

Swimming with G’pa

No greater joy than swinging my sister…

Happy, happies, darling.. get well soon

169 thoughts on “Happy birthday Brat

  1. Happy Birthday!!
    and 555 thats really cool date 🙂 so do make sure to flaunt it!
    Wishing you another 05052005 days of joy and happiness!! 😀

    Happy Birthday Bratinder 😀

  2. Happy Birthday Brat..hope you feel better when you get up in the morning and get to celebrate your birthday in style.

    Your Mama is right..you can never be old for her..and that is such a precious thing..and being the sensitive kid that you are, we are all sure you will cherish that.

    MM thank you so much for sharing the pictures..they are precious..and Brat is one adorable baby..

    God Bless.

  3. A very Happy B’day to Brat, I meant to ask you from long time how is beanie doing now?

    Those pics are lovely.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaw! happy birthday Brat! After seeing these snaps, it almost made me tear up … i wonder how you must have felt.. such a lovely progression of age depicted thru snaps!

  5. Gosh! I think I voted wrong. Happy birthday to a really wonderful boy. He will have the most happiest and most beautiful life. Bless his beautiful heart, and happy wishes to the bean for having a big boy brother she can protect from the many many girls. I can imagine her fighting them off..


  6. aawww.Such precious memories of some truly priceless moments you have captured, so adorably, and all put together here for him in a quintessially MM way. Happy Birthday, li’l sweetie pie!:)

  7. This is an awesome post, your love for you kids shines through. Its funny how they always remain our babies, dont they. 5 is still a cuddly boy, atleast i am determined. Mine is 3 but i will look forward to 5 if not anything but to get over the wiping-butts part of it 🙂

  8. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to Brattie. I remember all these pic from your old blog and there is that famous orange kangii. I remember another pic of Brat sitting in a nook in your parent’s house.
    Happy Birthday Brat. Get well soon.

  9. After reading that,I, a stranger has the insane urge to protect him from all things bad so I can understand how you must feel when he is pushed around for his inherent goodness.

    Happy birthday Brat….. get well soon.

  10. Happy Birthday Brat. May you always be happy and be a blessing.
    My fav is Incy Wincy spider pic – he looks adorable.

  11. wooow! ur son was born on the 5th! me too ..me tooo… My Happy B’day is also on 5/5 !!!

    Here is wishing the li’l one a Very Very Happy B’day!

    n yes..he ll love this letter when he gets to read it 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday My Dearest brat… I hope he feels better soooooooooooon… all the love in the world coming you way 🙂

  13. Happy birthday to the Brat 🙂 And lovely lovely pics all…but the one of the OA balancing the brat on his feet is the most adorable 🙂

  14. Aww..the sweaty little boy and the forgotten egg date from the time I started reading your blog! How he’s grown – Happy Birthday Brattie Boy!

  15. Dear Brat,

    A very Happy Birthday! Get well soon baby. As your mom said, you are a great child… the one who dreams. May all good things come to you. May you always remain the prince of peace, and lead a happy, fulfilling and fun-filled life, full of love, laughter and joy.

    Love and hugs,
    Anjali masi

  16. happy bday Brat! the pictures are gorgeous! the Brat is such an adorable kid!!

    im not married but i do hope my son is as cute as the Brat!!!

    hope he gets better soon and has a smashing bday!! 🙂

  17. This is an awwwe-some post! Beautifully captures brat’s 5 year journey… 🙂
    Wishing him the bestest birthday ever! May his life be filled with all the happiness and success that he so deserves!

  18. Happy Birthday to Brat.
    Hope he gets well soon.

    And thank you for all the things you and Brat have taught me, infact I can never thank you enough. God bless you all.

  19. So why I am sitting at my work desk with tears welling up and yet sporting the broadest, stupidest grin? 🙂

    Darling Brat, its been almost 4 years of my stumbling upon Mama’s blog and falling in love with the baby in that picture (Thank you, MM – you found the pic! Yay). How could someone not fall in love with that wicked smile?

    Every picture here that ever appeared in a post before, brings back memories. Whoever said blood ties are what makes family? You are the lil nephew I never met, but who’s as precious as any I have. Your mom’s letter to you just about begins to describe the Sunshine that you are. Like she says, I hope Mama and Dada are always able to let your flame burn bright – you are very, very special. Happy Birthday.

    Thank you for the pictures, MM. But more importantly, thank you for the Brat and what he has come to mean to so many of us 🙂

    Hugs to the Mad Family.

  20. Happy 5 Darling Brat!! May you have many many more happy ones to come…and Get well soon…

    MM, i do remember some of the pics posted here from the old blog….esp the one in white sweater where you are pregnant with Bean 🙂

  21. happy b’day dear…lovely post too…hope nothing in the world wud ever do any harm to the li’l flame glowing in brat’s heart…pictures were jus too gud…‘Sluff, eggs aur dhoga” – i love u beanie…

  22. 1. Why is he so black-and-blue right after the birth? Looks all breathless!
    2. Dada fell in love, indeed. OA’s holding him so tentatively! One sneeze from the little ball and he’d have dropped him.
    3. Nappy and sunglasses? Now we know where the Bean gets her stylist genes from.
    4. Bumps is so cute!
    5. He looks so yummily bouncy with Deeto.
    6. The OA really has stubby toes. Yikes! I don’t mean yuck. Just yikes. 🙂
    He appears to be a lot like my P1. Except for the toes. Mine has the most beautiful hands and feet 😀 I’m the one with the yuckky appendages, thanks to my naani.
    7. I’d have been tempted to kidnap the Brat had I been there when that Chennai pic was taken.
    8. I hope he has many more treks through jungles that he can make memories of.
    9. Everything after the first Christmas pic looks absolutely delectable. And no, I didn’t lose my patience. Just that I don’t have too many more new words to gush(?) with.
    And I am a forever fan of that Evil, Evil, grin. And in the laundry basket he looks like he’s ready to jump on you and pin you to the ground. Almost alien-like. A very welcome alien, though.
    10. Also naani with the rain-flower? Totally aww-inducing.
    11. Preggers you tossing him up in the air? Totally kaala-teeka!
    12. In the Incy Wincy spider pic, he reminds me of the Puss In Boots character from Shrek: the Devil one moment, the most innocent creature ever, with a puppy-face the next.
    I again ran out of words for the rest of pics 😦

    Amen, MM: happy happies, darling, get well soon!

    • 1. The ayah who brought him out of the OT (this is UP, remember) let him freeze to death. He turned purple and had to be brought back to normalcy. I was so hopping mad
      2. True. who knew he’d be throwing him around in a matter of weeks?!
      3. 😀
      4. And she’s come back as the Bean in this lifetime. Everyone thinks so. Feisty, small, beautiful.
      5. Oh – for a minute I thought you meant Deetto was yummily bouncy 😀
      6. Yikes, yuck, all the same. now you feel my pain.
      7. And I’d have given him. The worst of my post partum depression that was…

  23. OMG! happy bday baby brat..

    Love you loads you gentle little sweet baby..

    MM-what a post!!! you included my fave pic – the kangiiiiiiiiiiiiiii one !!

  24. Happy Birthday, Brat! May you always be square in this round world, and may you make it to the top where children like you deserve to be! Get well soon 🙂 PS: Hi5 on momos.. true dilli ka baccha you are turning out to be

    Now if only I could have those damn pictures load on too!! Anyway, later then.

    • I could finally check the pictures, MM. And how cute they all are!! I could recognize a few of them from all the old posts.. an awesome recap for forgetful people like me. It’s so cute how he scrunches up his eyes and nose when posing for the camera in almost every pic.

      Also, today I feel like saying this more than ever, you should so totally write a book, dude!

  25. Happy Happy 5th Brat !!! I scrolled down quickly to see if the kangiiii one was there 😉 Thank you !!!

  26. happy birthday brat…lovely post mm… you almost want me to have children…almost!! and that’s saying a lot… 🙂

    • okay you and Saya – please DONT have kids. I dont think I can say this enough. It turns your world upside down. I was quite a fun person until they happened, you know! 😉

      As I’ve said before, I’m consdiering a business where I hire them out to young couples for a day, a sort of birth control social message!

          • Well MM even I am up for the same, please have one more and give her to me…as you must have seen I need a gurl only…:)

            Luv n blessings to the brattie…get well soon child…4 years of seeing him grow on this space has been nothing less than a miracle…

            • Oh well..I stand patiently for my turn,:) but ya there are actually more cowards around than I could ever count…and I thought I’m the only one dreading the pain…

  27. Happy birthday Bratty boy! May you have all the momos and aeroplanes and caterpillars and lizards your heart desires.

  28. Happy happy birthday Bratinder Singh!!!!!:)
    From one taurean to another….
    I luv this name……
    Wishing you the ‘bestest’ in the world sweatheart

    Lovely and heart warming post MM and a super ‘man-to-man’ message from OA….the pics were the icing on the cake…truly

    I hope the birthday boy is feeling better and have a whale of a birthday with his loving family

    love and hugs

  29. oye brat paaji…

    I dont want to play spoilsport but I am a big fan of yours (especially after all the episodes of yours and your parents vis a vis your education and schooling). You have shown courage and will power that is way way beyond your tender age…:) I admire you for that. TUSSI GREAT HO YAAR.

  30. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brattie Baby!! You know, I keep going over those snaps again and again on your FB – you’ve put up all my favorites! Didn’t remember the one of him with the egg, but my absolute favorite is the one at 11 months, with that wicked, wicked, wicked expression!

    Stay wicked, stay foolish, Baby!

  31. Here’s wishing the Brat a very happy 5th birthday!!!!! Hope he gets well soon and has a grand birthday party!

    The pictures were super awesome MM 🙂 A great photo-idea to celebrate his birthday.

  32. happy Happy to the adorable l’il errr not so l’il Brat!

    May you keep being the gentle and dreamy soul that you are!


    ps: thanks for the weep fest MM! grrrr!

  33. Happy birthday, baby boy!
    And congratulations MM, only another 15 years to go before you can loosen that umbilical cord.

  34. Happy birthday to dear sweet Brat! He is really so lovable really. I wish him the very very best! I wish I could wish him in person!!

  35. Happy Birthday Brat ! Have a great day doing all the things you love..

    He sounds so much like a right-brained person , artistic and bright. I still hold on to the hope that he is an architect in making.

    Perhaps you can get a LEGO set or building blocks or something for him as birthday gift!

    • oh he has those. and he loves making ‘taaaalllll buildings’
      he also loves mixing up various train sets to create his own route. actually.. funny you should mention it, but i’d love for him to be an architect.

  36. Happy birthday Brattie! Much love.. And keep the flame burning! Huggggs!

    And MM, You had me crying at this one.. In office! I want one too! 😀

  37. What a lovely, lovely boy.Happiest B’day ! And he ask for momos everyday? *high fives Brat*

    PS: I started reading your blog around the time the Bean turned one. Missed so many of the old Brat posts 😦

  38. Dear Brat (I don’t know why MM still insists on calling you brat)
    Hap, hap, happy budday. Get well soon. And when you have such nice parents and a cute lil sis, you are not allowed to stay in bed for long. God Bless you, darling child.

  39. You’re such an immensely talented writer MM. I know when it’s your, good writing comes easily but it’s not about language alone. It’s about your observations and the way you structure them together.

    I think this is my absolute favourite post. I hope your son has a party he will remember when he’s 20 and feel happy about. I hope this year, health, comfort and confidence will walk with him.

    Blessings from a mum who now cannot see a single child anything but happy.

    Oh at the risk of switching loyalties, the OA’s post begins beautifully and is easily better than yours.

    Also, what a gorgeous gorgeous little baby he is and was . Please nazar utarofy today 🙂

  40. A very very happy birthday and blessings to your darling son MM! He will grow up into a good human being and look back happily coz he has such wonderful parents! 🙂

  41. Happy Birthday Brat and Get Well Soon. God Bless.

    MM, I don’t know why, but this post made me cry.

  42. Darling Brat.. Many happy returns of the day…and get well soon. May you always be the Prince of Peace
    Lots of Love

    PS: Dear MM, you do have competetion. Should be happy that OA doesn’t blog.. 😉

  43. Happy 5th birthday to the kindest, gentlest, sweetest, imaginitive, creative and the nicest big brother in the world. Hope you feel better soon darling 🙂 And don’t ever change, the world needs nice and kind boys. It’s such a joy to watch you grow up kiddo 🙂 Many hugs and kisses to a shona little boy 🙂

    LOVE all the pictures, especially the funky ones..nappies and sunnies, too cute :)) The letter made me tear up, I am sure Brat will love it when he is all grown up and reading it 🙂

  44. Awwww Happy Birthday to him. Did his little princess pass on her fever to him? How is she now?

    I missed out on alot of Brat’s early posts cuz I started reading you when Bean was around one so this was a good roundup 🙂

    And he is going to grow up and have a bunch of gopis behind him and he’l be too busy fighting them off 😛

  45. Happy Birthday Brat… Hope you recover soon and then have a blast for all the fun you missed on this day

  46. Remember that post about how you were hoping to raise Brat such that the moms out there would not have to teach their daughters to fear your son. I’d say you have done a super fine job and have nothing to worry about 🙂 My daughters feel safe!

    Happy Bday, Brat! A huge huggggggy from me.

  47. Happy Happy 5th to a wonderful, kind hearted, sweet and creative little boy! 🙂 HUGS!!!! I hope you feel better soon, Brat! And that you go and have loads of momos and have yourself a great time! 🙂

    MM, this was such a moving, sweet and tear-inducing letter! I am sure the Brat will love it when he is old enough to read it…Loved all the pics!! 🙂

  48. Happy 5th to Bratinder Singh! I was hoping the baby would come today but I doubt I will have any such luck at this point!

    Feel better and shine as you always do. I love all the baby pictures 🙂 SO CUTE!!!

  49. Happy Birthday to the real McCoy! The cutest one I think is the one where he looks on in the mirror. In the high chair, he looks sooo like Beanie baby! And dear MM, you have amazing nails even when you are about to be wheeled into the OT? Kudos!

  50. happy 5th brat.. As u grow, may u toughen on the outside (just to keep ur mom sane) but remain soft inside.. wishing u happiness always.. 🙂
    The taurean stubbornness is Phamous! ask my hubby 😉 my bday is on 6th. 5.5.5 sounds super cool.
    hugs n love.

  51. Happy birthday Brat,

    You know in a lot of ways I think of the Brat as my first baby. Yours was the first ‘mommy blog’ I ever read and the beautiful sunshine-y baby that the Brat was and is made me immediately fall in love with him. And I feel like I’ve been right there watching him grow and I’ve grown alongside him too. I’m a mature woman of the world now. 🙂 While he’s FIVE years old and a big boy now. And I’m still waiting for him to grow up so we can marry btw. 😉

    And I know you must be tired of hearing this, but you really should import your old posts, just so that everyone knows who actually started the Mad Momma off on this whole blogging journey.

    Also, your photos bring back a lot of memories. I remember the Brat’s craze with buses.Do you still have your pappasan? I can recollect some absolutely lovely pics of the Brat sitting in them like a little Buddha. 🙂

    You know, I really wanted to do a litte letter to the Brat, but I just can’t seem to find the words. Maybe for his 6th!! 😀

    • Oh yes, remember the bus tales too. And the wooden (!?!) big, red bus model that I think his youngest Nanu (Your uncle) made him. Awwwww…Brattie baby, you have a lot of doting maasis here! 🙂

  52. Hi Brats

    get well soon and have the happiest day ever partying with your lovely parents and the equally (to you, of course) awesome bean.

    Happy 5th dear one. Taureans ROCK!

    MM: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful post. The ones you write as letters/notes to your family are the best – i’ve noticed. I’m sure they just flow with the depth of feeling you have for your family.

    May brat’s light glow strong and may he light up your lives forever 🙂

    much love

  53. and…i forgot to say. THANKS for the pics. was wonderful reliving all these years with you all.


  54. Happy Birthday Brat !
    I am honored to share my birthday with you :-))

    Hope you get better and have a fab Birthday party.

  55. Happy Birthday Brat love 🙂 May you grow up and be as awesome as your Mama 😉 I know you totally look like Dada(who got my vote yesterday) already and although Mama pretends to sulk everytime I tell her that, I think she secretly loves it that you look like the big man she’s smitten over 😉


  56. Happy Birthday Bratster!! Wish you recover soon and enjoy your party on Saturday!

    Hugs and Blessings!

  57. Delurking for the first time, Many Happy returns of the day to the Brat! How, how, how were you so slim for your second pregnancy too? 😦 I am still carrying around all the extra pounds from my first one 🙂

  58. Happy Birthday Brat.

    All the love and happiness and hugs and kisses to you.

    MM,I am waiting for a really biiiiiiiiiiiiiig post on his birthday party.

  59. MM….sniff sniff sniff…whats with u mommy bloggers u make me pine for either my mommy or for a baby for me!

    Since u blur the snaps…i was quite suprised at what bright eyes Brat has…What a gorgeous munchable baby!

    P.s. all u beanie voters feel the guilt now (For the record i didn’t vote…tra la la la) I am bahut smart types!

    • You wait till MM writes another tear-inducing post for the Beanie. The way she spins her words, it’s easy to give in to the will of that evil, twisted woman, you see?

  60. Happy Birthday Brattie.. hope you get well soon and have super fun at the b’day party!! 😀 Awesome post MM 🙂

  61. oh, another taurean…yes, stubbornness IS the predominant trait! happy birthday to the brat, and i hope he gets better soon! may he have a fabulous year ahead.

  62. Happy Birthday to the Brat – I’m sure he’ll get well.

    …and I’ve heard of the real lavish birthday parties complete with professiobnal bands, elephant rides etc. Whatcha planning when Brat gets well… we’re coming only if they are rocket rides to the moon.


  63. I have too many thought here-
    1. Lovely post
    2. The Brat really is a good looking child. You are not just being a fond mother 🙂
    3. Love it when the OA makes an appearance on the blog!
    4. Lurrved the pics. So many of them were new..
    5.Sympathies- from one Taurean kids Mom to another!
    6. Happy Birthday Brat! You are special to so many people. God bless 🙂
    7. On an unrelated note…I simply adore the Beans spunk 😀

  64. A very Happy Birthday to the Brat. Feel awful to refer to him as ‘the brat’…he is too gentle to be called that:)
    You have a handsome son MM. And what a beautiful post.

  65. Belated Birthday wishes to the darling Brat. What a treasure trove of baby Brat pics 🙂 Wishing him loads of fun,good health and love this coming year!

  66. errr this comes rather late Bratto, but Appy Butt dayyyyy-belated…hope you are better soon and get the momos and all the other goodies dada has promised in black and white and very publicly too! If not, let us know and we will send trolls to fix it errr, him!

  67. A very very happy b’day to the little man who’ll forever have a special place in my heart. He put the NEED to have a BOY in me:), and Nino followed in a few months. God bless you Brat – and may you always be that rare and generous soul you are, and may the paths always be lit with His grace. And know that you can always count on your nearly-a-million blog-masi’s. Kisses – if you’re okay with that, And get well really soon.

  68. Happy Birthday, Brat!

    May you always hold on to the little dreamer in you, and may you always find delight and magic in your dreams.

    Through your mom’s words, I have followed you grow into a five year old. But somehow, my mind refuses to believe that. It is so very easy to think of you as a cute little baby; a baby who not makes his family happy, but also brings joy to loony bins like me despite the oceans separating us.

    Get well soon, sweetheart… and have a fantastic year ahead!


  69. Do not know if u remember me MM… have commented a couple of times as rainbowlife… I am one of ur looong time readers.. started reading when ur blog was just a few months old…

    Now I have a brat of my own.. he is 3 months old.. 🙂

    Love ur blog.. continue writing as I have learnt and grown with ur blog…

    happy birthday brattie baby 🙂 love and god bless


  70. Happy Birthday Brat – I hope my son has his uniqueness, but he turns out to be quite like you in a lot of ways. Very nice pictures MM.

  71. Happy Birthday Brat! May your lovely smile that touches your eyes and lights up your face always be that way!

  72. Belated Wishes to the Brat! And also wishing him a speedy recovery!

    Like Gentle Whispers said, yours was the first mommy blog I started following .. Almost four yrs now .. ! BnB are two kids whom despite not knowing I do feel fond of .. and yes please port in the old archives!

    Thats a lovely set of pics u have put up there… real adorable!

  73. All those pics of Brat….. all those memories… we’ve been part of almost everyone of them…..Lovey dovey…..he is our first born tooo…….then his ‘bes fwen’ joy came along and then there were two…..lol!!! loved listening to joy and brat talk on the phone…. have a feeling they will be talking quite frequently!!!

  74. OMG !! I am so late MM and I have a mail in draft for you..sad it is still in draft..sending some pics..more importantly..

    Happy Birthday Brat !!!

    Hope he is well and enjoying to the fullest..love to the whole family 🙂

  75. Belated wishes to the sweetest of children! And an answer to your poll- this sunshiny boy is my favourite 🙂

  76. Dear Mad Mommy!

    I am hooked on your blog, it’s like stringing my strings! What an adorable family you have and how well you write! Oh dear! 🙂

  77. Happy Birthday to the adorable sunshine boy … 🙂 .. Now belated though .. Hope he is well now and having lotsa fun

  78. Lovely post and pics. He looks so much like beanie in them, tho they don’t look that similar now. Have a wonderful party and wish him from us

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