Time to put it to vote!

MM: Arre – how did you cut your cheek?

OA: I was wrestling with your son and his nail got me.

MM: My son? How come they become ‘my’ kids whenever they do something unacceptable?

OA: Well, a father can never be 100% sure that they’re his. But I was witness to you giving birth to them. They definitely came from your coke (non-hindi speakers – that is Hindi for womb)  … so yeah, definitely your kids..

MM: Oh I see. So do you want a DNA test to prove that they came from your Pepsi?

ROFL. I keeeel myself.

Okay admittedly he has the better sense of humour. But I have prettier fingers and toes. And everyone knows that is the better deal. Anyway, you guys broke my heart with your comments on the last post *sob sob* and I’m attempting to settle this once and for all with a poll.

Okay so click here to vote now. I HATE WordPress.

This is what it will look like. gah. obviously I am still incapable of getting this right.

Who is your favourite member of the mad family?
The Bean – she’s as cool as a bunch of monkeys
The Brat – he’s the real McCoy
The OA – he must be cool to put up with a mad wife
The MM, naturally
All of the above, demanded by Hippie Holly
None of the above. You suck. I read you because I am sick in the head.

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119 thoughts on “Time to put it to vote!

  1. You guys keel me :))) The poll is totally flawed there isn’t an option for all of the above!!!! You cannot make your readers choose like this…no fair!

  2. Anyways I am going to take the independent candidate Bean’s side and vote for her irrespective of the options you put up…:)

  3. I’ll go with (1) because of the way she eats her chicken leg. How can anyone *not* find that cute & funny at once?

    Yeah, yeah be freaked out by how much I remember of that one post 🙂

  4. The bean, it is. If I could, I’d actually “fix” the poll in her favor 😀

    Coke and Pepsi, hmm. I want the CEOs of Coke and Pepsico to read this 😀

  5. My favorite member is you . Because your posts are always so genuine and honest that i am sure you’re a pretty awesome person.

    I am sure so are the Brat , Bean and the OA too..but you write all these posts , so i feel i know you best..so you’re my favorite-est.

  6. 🙂 I voted for ‘all of the above’ and then went back and voted for you, MM. So that counts as 2 votes for you, you see?
    If not for you, we wouldn’t get these lovely posts.
    Thumbs up!!

  7. The horror, the horror! I actually can’t stop laughing at your joke! I keep going back to that line to laugh afresh. Hrmph.

  8. Oh God, nooo… Now I’m laughing at Thums up too!
    Oh, I went and voted for all of the above, MM. I couldn’t decide 😛

  9. Hey hey… that’s such an unfair poll…bah! I give up…beanie wins hands down on being such a fireball…but then how can you forget the brattie…he’s such a bundle of joy…not to forget how without the OA n you around the sales of the two major soft drinks are in BIG TROUBLE…MM you’ll be condemned for making us choose…

  10. I was gonna go with “You suck!”
    What?! I love that expression. But then I thought over it and decide not to contradict myself. I also thought of the “All of the above option,” but then I’m not really the diplomatic, wanting-to-please-everyone types. (See how I’m turning this whole thing about you into something about me. I could qualify for a troll, ya’know?) And I clearly voted for the Bean yesterday. So I will stick with my vote. Many kissy-wissies Princess Bean.

  11. Also, yesterday’s Eve’s oranges and today’s Pepsi. Killer metaphors. Will have to shove your posts outta the mind when eating fruits or drinking aerated drinks. Thankfully, my favorite is Thums Up. Please don’t use that one up for something er… else.

  12. “yeh chunav jeetega kaun / little beanie aur kaun?”

    come on now, you HAVE to admit. she has the most attitude in the mad family. little star.
    also, my candidate always wins. so there. 😀

  13. Your kids steal the show MM.
    They are the real winners. My vote goes to them!!
    But yeah, the ‘messenger’ here should get some points for introducing us to the lovable-two 🙂
    And also, the OA, for spicing up the boring days 😀
    Anyhow, this poll is rather an unfair on the readers, I say!!

  14. I refuse to vote…this is life endangering business.

    What if i dont vote for

    MM and she stops replying to my comments or worse still makes her blog private

    Brat and he grows up to be famous and decides to have revenge on all the non Brat voters

    OA refuses to provide material (read say anything) after loosing the poll

    Bean beats me up (now or after growing up)!!

    No baby i play safe!

  15. madmomma, i voted for you. i might not sleep tonight as i wonder how i could, knowing that i did that while i had the option of picking your delectable children. OA? he is a nice guy and all, but dude, he has an MBA. thats minus twenty points. so anyway, since it was hard to choose between brat and bean, and i might not sleep tonight from the guilt, i, well, voted for you.

    • hah! you and the alternative school i applied to. minus points for MBA father. apparently we’re not arty enough
      *bangs head* i knew I should have married a rocker.

      • oh! so thats what happened with my (daughter’s) school admission too. damn these MBAs… (not that I am in the least bit arty myself, but always good to blame others, especially the husbands.. :0).
        anyway the OA rocks da.

  16. You dare to put yourself in risk,now that the poll shows Beanie is favorite,will you write more about her or less about her?

    So many OA comments have not got him votes afterall,like crowd in a election campaign doesn’t guarantee votes and victory,so thats it for OA.

    And i have voted twice,but not disclosing it here,well if you want to guess you can.

  17. You didn’t cut the Brat’s nails?? *Gasps in shock*

    Just kidding. I come in peace!

    I voted for all of the above btw. But only because there wasn’t a ‘Brilliant reader comments’ option. 😉

  18. Why is there no option of both the babies? Hmmm…is that why we went from being TheBrattheBean to becoming TheMadMomma?

    The toothless Brat got my vote a long time ago, but the Beanie (in my imagined Beanie voice) saying, ‘Excuse me Maashi’, can’t be left behind! Voting for both.

    • arre – i was the mad momma on blogger before i moved to TBTBAB na..? then i wanted the old TMM name back because its just unfair to name the blog after them when i have my own existential angst and political issues to deal with on it.

  19. not fair.. You should have added one more option “Brat and Bean”. I had to select all 4…
    It was difficult to decide between Brat and Bean. But between u and the kids i would go for the kids anytime.. sorry….

  20. Also, I think the reason the Bean is getting more votes is ‘cos this blog is more of a Beanie ‘baby’ blog, while the old one was more of a Brat ‘baby’ blog… and you have a lot more new readers……just saying! 😦 My poor Brat baby. 😦

    HE IS the real McCoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. I will simply do a filter of all posts with a Brat tag 😀 And if all 8000 are Brat posts, well, then we are going to have to keep them all, don’t we? Zimble!

  22. all of the above naturally. each of u provides the various elements that make this blog so lovable n bring it to life. keep it going maddies…:)

  23. MM,
    You are so mean, you are making us pick one???? Fine – I pick the kids any day.

    I cannot comment on Brat’s birthday post – after reading the awwww post which made me cry. Very nice pictures!

    Happy Birthday Brat. God Bless you. You are a sweetheart!

  24. haha..I’d say YOU because it is your voice rather writing through which we know Brat, Bean and the OA :)!!

  25. Well, I voted for the Bean of course, without a second though. Then I saw all those pics of the Brat in his birthday post, and I remember how absolutely cute and sweet and adorable and lovely he is, and went back and voted for him again!

    I like you MM, but no votes :p

  26. Voted for the Brat. Here are the reasons:

    1. Something told me the Bean wouldn’t care a rat’s ass about this whole voting thing because of your damned neediness. 🙂
    2. He is a Taurus. I am one too. Ergo we are cool.
    3. Okay, this is the real reason. ‘Cos he really is my favourite Mad Family member. 🙂

    And you are one wicked woman, MM. You knew we would want “Only the kids” option on the poll, and yet you disregarded that, didn’t you? 😉

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