Giving new meaning to the phrase

… sitting on the throne.

Stylist: The Bean

Accessories: Pot – The Mad Momma’s; Crown- Stylist’s own.


46 thoughts on “Giving new meaning to the phrase

    • well yes they are. but in this case she just came to the bathroom and happened to take off the crown and leave it on the pot. it was just too much of a photo op to miss!

  1. I see an avant garde stylist in the making :))) In the world of out of the box fashion editorials Beanie is bound to be a big name :)I for one am cheering her on!!

    • she’s full of beans, yes. i’m the only one exhausted first, by her illness and 5 nights of sleeplessness.. and now by her full on energizer bunny act.

      btw – those chocolate biscuits you brought? HEAVEN. Where from?

  2. The toilet definitely seems a major part of events in your house.

    I remember the Brat eating while on the pot on the old blog.

    Yes, yes. You can thank me later.

    P.S: I do this just to freak you out, y’know. 😀

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