When your daughter wears a Led Zep tee

… and skull and crossbones on her socks, and your son wears the Buddhist tee… it is rather… apt!


38 thoughts on “When your daughter wears a Led Zep tee

  1. They are just so adorable.

    You always say that Bean is very small and tiny. But, when I see her pictures, she doesn’t look small at all. She is a good size. Or is it the pictures?

  2. Cute…very colour coordinated. Like the Rustic Swing. Is that the one in your garden ?? to me it looks like it has been assembled using pieces of ladders..again..love that Rustic look.

      • Hahahaha.. you don’t say! More like the 26 year old who finally found herself a guy 😀

        But yes, I have seen your kids grow up through this blog.. and I feel I know them better than some of my nephews and nieces. With them, we receive pictures or get to meet them once a year. With your kids, I have a daily update on what the Bean shoved up her nose, in my mail.. so do the math 🙂

  3. Cuties!!!! Do they decide that they want to wear the same color – as in does the Bean always want to wear the same colors as the Brat?

  4. The babies are kewl enough to eat – (in a nice way). I am willing to beg, grovel and roll in the mud for a swing like that one! Where did you get it?

  5. Aah… you know what she’s started early and just perfectly…. Can just picture her wearing this tee and singing “Wall” (Pink Floyd) in front of her class for show and tell .. what a scene it would be wouldn’t it???? I love the pic 😀

  6. WHY is the Brat boy growing up so fast????? 😦

    Looked harder and can see the baby toes peeking from his floaters/ sandals 🙂

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