The Beatles

…making folks dance for the last 50 years…..


31 thoughts on “The Beatles

  1. Too adorable for words!:)Is he actually twirling the li’l bean??
    If I remember right,you’re not a big Beatles fan??!!

  2. hahaha!!
    i was that kid. The one who got up at the most inappropriate times to dance, just because there was good music.

    your kids are so much fun! dancing is a sure shot sign of a good childhood.

  3. Ha! Between when I started the comment to your previous post and ending it, you’ve gone and posted something else 🙂 Been such a busy day for me. I love how Bean is a ghost in this picture 😛

  4. Very cute 😀

    And I didn’t post a comment on your earlier post because I had no substantial ideas/ opinions to offer. Just hope everything gets sorted out soon. Wishing you guys tons of luck 🙂

  5. love love me do…you know I love you…I’ll allll-ways be true. So pleeeeeeeeze, love me DOO!
    Was that what they were dancing to? Little kids dancing is just such an adorable sight!

  6. What would u do if i sang out of tune??? I get by with a little help from my friends..
    Seems like the blog world…doesn’t it

    MM – u dont like the beetles??? Are u trying to turn me into a troll? Are u? are u?

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