The advantage of having a sibling is

… that even a chair presents endless possilibilities.  Over, under, around… – although I must admit I’ve never seen a game of catch that goes over and under a chair at this speed.

And if you should need a pillow in the middle of nowhere, there’s always a bum handy.

I hate to ruin a happy post, but since we’re talking about siblings I had to share this link I got via Natasha. A teenager in the US sold her 7 year old sister for sex. I don’t believe in such kids being treated as juveniles. I’d give them the same punishment I’d give an adult. Probably worse, for being so twisted, while so young.


24 thoughts on “The advantage of having a sibling is

  1. Ugh.
    I agree about not treating her as a juvenile.

    Greed, and grudge against her sister, probably. But what a way to take it out on her:S

  2. Agree with you, MM. Such teenagers should be treated like adults for the purpose of trials. Yesterday, I read a very very disturbing news article of the torture and murder of a Japanese girl (1989) in which the criminals were all let off with only 5-6 years of imprisonment, being “juveniles” – when the crimes were simply repulsive. So saddening.

    And you didn’t ruin a happy post.. instead, those pictures brought in some much-needed happiness 🙂

  3. I’ve been fighting fighting fighting all this week. First some harassment, then a proposition, then Link this and now your link. What an especially bad week for women. Not that others are glorious but this has been particularly sickening.
    And I loved the perspectives you’ve put to these random pictures 🙂 I am still trying to figure out the game of catch. Exactly what is the challenge when she’s under the chair? Or is he trying to catch her? 🙂 I love these kids and I love how you do what you do. Sorry about the senti, it’s day like that.

      that story made me sick. i hope he dies slowly and painfully.

      as for my brats, yes, he’s trying to whack her on the head with some white thing he’s carrying. i forget now. this post was drafted a while ago. 😦 plus my brains arent working after reading that link.

      • Got pawed and roughed up in a crowd recently. After so many times and so many reactions, I still react badly. And my driving instructor told me “he wants to have me because he likes me.” And that I should go to his house because his wife is away. When I said no, he demanded to know why not. Since then, he doesn’t make it priority to come for lessons. He also has my learner’s book. Did a post on molestation and it makes me mad to see the reactions.
        Thank you so much for asking. Really.

  4. I read this story a while ago. the little girl is her step sister. no excuse, but sadly for some people its enough to establish a disconnect.
    the world is a messed up place, and it sometimes feels overwhelming and depressing…thats why we have to create our own little bubbles (as trolls on our blogs call em!). It’s to maintain sanity, and to appreciate what we have.

    siblings are the best! i’d go mad without mine.

  5. This is why I had 4. Didnt stop at 3.
    Always a in built playmate. No need to have friends over.

    I have always told people, have 2 or have 4.. 3 is such a difficult number. Always one would be left out, be it a parent or a child.

    Most people think I am insane when I say that.

  6. incidents like this one unfortunately are quite common in the US…:-(( mostly stemming from parental abuse and neglect.

    the second pic is adorable…yep, a bum always makes a good pillow.

    btw, i tagged you on my blog-have never tagged anyone, this is a first for me. you may have done this one before ( being the popular blogger that you are)…but if you havent, would like to read what you have to share.

  7. It’s shocking the kind of things that happen in the US. And the kind of things that children are upto. Frightening it is, that they lose their innocence so early. Read an article in a local newspaper that 2 eleven year old children were having sex in a classroom while 2 other classmates stood by the door as lookouts. Makes me sad. I agree with you, that 15 year old should not be tried as juvenile, she knew exactly what she was doing. I hate to say this, but no punishment can be harsh enough. There is no crime worse than those that are committed against innocent children, helpless old people and defenseless, trusting animals. Makes me angry and sad at the same time. In the midst of all that, its lovely to see pictures like the ones of the brat and the bean. May they always be safe and well protected.

  8. That chair pic is too cute! Precious pics and wonderful memories. I must keep my camera handy for similar snaps…you’re really good at catching these impromptu pics. By the time I get my camera, they’re posing and then it’s not that cute!

  9. Awww… makes me miss my kid sister. We had an awesome time growing up… fights were inevitable but it was always “i have a right to fight with my sister… ur dead if you even try!” 😉

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