Ten honest to God truths!

So Priya tells me I didn’t complete the tag – I have to write ten honest things about myself. I think I’ve done this before but I’ll do it again.

  1. I hate being wrong (hah! – as though you didn’t know that)
  2. I get damn upset if I realise someone doesn’t like me. While some people take it as a challenge and try to win the dissenters over, I usually ignore them.
  3. I cool off as fast as I get angry and I am quite willing to apologise and make amends even if I am not at fault.
  4. I rarely regret what I’ve chosen to do. Maybe I justify it in my head once it is done …
  5. If I don’t love a book within the first two chapters I don’t care what it says about my taste, or how much money I waste, I just drop it. Yes, that is what happened to Orhan Pamuk’s My name is Red.
  6. I am generous to a fault. If you matter to me, I can take off what I am wearing and hand it to you if you like it. Take the table linen off, give away brand new stuff, lipsticks in their wraps… anything. You like it, you can have it. But I won’t give my books to even.. umm… even my parents.
  7. I get cranky if I am hungry or tired.
  8. I get crankier if I feel I haven’t added to my house on a particular day. It could be weeding, dusting a different corner, tidying up a shelf, straightening a crooked frame, anything, something…
  9. I sometimes scarily believe that I love my brother more than anything else on earth. And now the OA and my kids can officially hate me.
  10. I am ready to die today if I have to – I just want it to be quick and painless. I’ve lived, loved, lost… and had a blast.

And also, since Itchy tagged me for creativity, I figured I’d share something from around the house with you. Nothing very unusual – just taken the kids’ softboard and used it to hang up some junk jewellery.  Since I can’t wear any metal other than gold, this is all made in thread, plastic, wood, stone or bone. Enjoy.


50 thoughts on “Ten honest to God truths!

  1. 1,2: ditto; 1/2 of 3: ditto (will not apologise if i am not at fault)
    8: the very opposite. horrible me
    10: almost. but only worry is that my husband may cut the kids’ hair real short cos it’s easier to maintain, and that they may not be given the menstruation-education.

    and can i put 6 to test? i really love the blue pendant chain on the left top corner 😉

  2. Hi MM,

    That’s eery, no. 1,2,3 and 5 are ditto me. And also the last info, I also can not wear any metal apart from Gold, so what about lending me some of them 😉 And for this please refer er to point no. 2, I like you a lot too 🙂

  3. loved this post… ditto for the crankiness when tired or hungry…. loved the jewellery display…if you dont wear it and if i come to delhi, and since you are so giving, can i have the green one with the triangular pendant?

  4. #7 rang a bell. I am still unsure of the triggers, there is a lot of unpredictability in my crankiness. I can get really nasty when I’m there.

    Am working on it.

  5. You could also include that Diwali bandhni dupatta stuff you’d done once.

    And guess what i give books away too – only if I know I can replace them of course. A friend was over from the US recently – I gave away almost all our Tulika books to him for his kids.

  6. i get cranky if the weather is too hot! maybe it’s a good thing I’m not coming to delhi at this time! 😐

    i like your junk-jewellery collection!

    and don’t die just yet! You gotta raise your kids, watch them grow up to be a heffalump-carer and a story-teller! 😀

  7. Thank God there is someone else who hasn’t liked My Name is Red and didn’t finish it. I thought I was the only one in the universe and was feeling so bloody guilty!

  8. That’s honest now 🙂 Liked #4 a lot.. not something everyone can do!

    I get cranky too, if I’m hungry or tired. And then I fight with the nearest person about very useless things. AND then I do not apologize. Honesty and related tags are clearly not going to be the best policy for me.

  9. Very innovative. Not at all surprised with the love my brother thing … seen the bonding between your two babies – its hardwired in your emotional make up and you gifted your children this trait.

  10. Hi MM,

    I am a lurker to your blog.. have been for ages… and I love it(ur blog I mean). You have wonderful writing skills (I m sure u have heard this a lot :)) and absolutely adore brat and bean tales.

    I just couldn’t help myself commenting to ur post today. Out of your 10 honest truths, 5 are me upto the fullstop. I mean Orhan Pamuk’s My name is Red IS the one example I always give for books I never completed (and secretly I never thought anyone has given it a try except me :)). And though it’s really quirky but even I am terribly possessive about my books. Ditto about anger and reaction to people who don’t like me.

    Having read so many of your posts, I always thought it’s only our tastes in music and books that match… but this is such a nice surprise that I couldn’t but comment.

    And since I am at it, let me tell you your posts are really delightful and I so look forward to reading them. Hope you don’t mind.


  11. How i wish i was one of your good friends , for i love the jewelery. Perhaps , then , maybe in some act of generosity , you might actually give them to me!

    And “My name is Red” ?

    I read it from cover to cover and thought it was wonderful. But yea , half my friends said they hated it as well..

    Have always been reading your blog and love everything on it. I think i have even read the entire archive.

    You’re awesome.

  12. My left knee hurts when I am hungry. No Kidding.
    And if I like you, I will give away anything too. Anything but my books and sarees.

    Nice post. And thank you for that mail 😀

  13. Wow – this was the wrong post to display my jewellery on! You guys dont miss a chance do you? 😉

    @ Roxana – your knee hurts when you’re hungry? I swear I’ve never heard anything weirder.

  14. I’m with you on #5. My attention lasts for about ten pages. That’s probably why no amount of good reviews or recommendations will make me finish a Salman Rushdie, V S Naipaul or even David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.

    But…I loved My Name is Red 😀

  15. Why number 10? It made me so sad. Brat and Bean without you? And OA??? Not fair. Suddenly my mortality scares me. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and make sure my husband knows where the formula is in case of an emergency and I’m not around (she’s only been breastfed). I’ll make sure he watches me make her food. I quiz him on how he’d bring her up. It pretty much breaks my heart to think of them wandering around alone in the world without wife and mother. A little self-important? Maybe. But it comes from a true and honest place.

    Yes I know, I totally went Guru Dutt on a Kishore Kumar post.

    • i think thats because you’re a new mom. i trust the OA to raise the kids better than i ever could. i’ve had five years to see that and know that.

      and well, yes, you want to see them grow up and become everything they can.. but atleast I’ve had the joy of having them which is more than a lot of people have had and i wake up content each day and go to sleep with peace in my heart… and the OA’s had me for 7 years which is more than some men can say of having experienced love… again – sounds smug maybe – but this too comes from an honest place

      there you go. you want guru dutt, you get guru dutt.

  16. This is really a bit spooky for me – ditto on everything except #9. Also I don’t think I can part with my clothes either – so its not just books.

    I get cranky when I’m hungry too -especially after I have washed my hair – coz thats when I’m ravenous… even if I eat something just before going in to the bathroom. I’m better now after mommyhood on that front. Necessity is the mother of tolerance too..

  17. Thanks for putting #9 out there as that is my scary belief on many days too.

    I actually wanted to comment on your earlier post about calling elder-bro/sis by their name vs how you relate to them. I, for one, call my bro “anna” (tamil for elder bro) and according to my parents, no one asked / taught / corrected me to call him so, but that was how it was for me. And I never gave much thought to calling by name or otherwise – I don’t buy into the argument that calling by name makes them closer and the relation marks a distance. (I could argue that we don’t call our parents by their name, is that relationship not close then but I won’t).

    That said, I don’t believe that calling by name is wrong / blasphemous or a mark of disrespect – I think how you call, be it a name or a nickname or any other way is just how you identify the person. As long as you are not disrespectful, it should all be kosher. In my opinion, how close you are to the person is determined by how you relate to the person and not by how you call him/her.

    As I said, I don’t call my bro by name (and there are times when I was really young, when I had to think & remember his name :-P) does this mean that I am not close to him? On the contrary, we share a very close relationship and he is truly my best friend, philosopher and guide in every sense of the word, and has been (will be) there for me through my difficult phases.

    Again, my fear is that I love / adore him more than any other person in this world and I think, I have learnt to make peace with that now 🙂

    PS: Add one more to your de-lurking list for this post 🙂

  18. Thank u for not liking “My name is Red”. My mom loved it and almost held a gun to my head to try and read it…

    Have u managed to read “Midnight’s children”. i nver got past the blood coming out of the grandfather’s nose!

  19. lovely insights into yourself.. thanks for doing the post 🙂

    and yes, that softboard is amazing!!! really creative!! 🙂

  20. hey mm, i too dropped ‘red’ after i started it. but then when i picked it up again, i finished in 2 sittings straight. (of course, the complicated storyline had more to do with that!). though not a book i would “recommend”! my thrift/kanjoos self was the reason i gave the book a 2nd shot, i mean i PAID for the damn thing! tho there are some i could not go thru inspite of that! i think god of small things was one such…dont remember what about it..

  21. I liked the 10th one. How concisely you summed up the essence of life in those few words! It got me into introspection. wish I could say the same.

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