RIP Patchy

Dear Patchy,

You and the Brat became friends when you were both mere pups. In fact you were barely two months old when the Brat came visiting. Picking up the ball of fluff you were he flung you across the garden with all the strength his one year old arm had, which fortunately, wasn’t too much. I screamed and came running to pick you up, scolding the Brat and threatening to throw him across the garden too. The Brat of course understood nothing and as I tried to coddle you, you shook me off and went running back to him, happy to be tossed again. It was with great difficulty that we put an end to that game.

Soon the Bean came along and you were best friends. She ate out of your bowl, you ate food out of her mouth and all was well with your world.

And then you threw it all away and left us. Nani and G’pa hid it from me for a long time and when they told me, I struggled with it and wondered how to explain it to the babies. But they are so used to people coming and going that they have begun to take entrances and exits in their stride. Today, they began to ask for you “Mama, lets go to Allahabad, to play with Patchy..”

Err… err… I began, trying to make up something suitable when it came to me. “He’s gone to live with Jesus… ” I said. Now their concept of Jesus is one of their own creation. At X’mas the Bean saw the Nativity scene somewhere and said – oh look, Baby Jesus, Mama Jesus and Dada Jesus – like they were cattle or something. So I listened. And I realised they’ve picked up bits from here and there because finally we dialled Nani and this is what she was told…

Brat: Nani, Patchy wasn’t well so Jesus came and took him to Heaven to show him to a doctor there. And maybe he’ll get an injection too. And when he smiles down from Heaven his teeth shine and he is the brightest star.

Bean: and Jesus will tap (she means pat) him and he’ll be nice and warm and cosy….

Brat: so don’t cry – because he’s fine now. Maybe we can get a cat this time. I’ll get a big white cat with a collar and a leash and I’ll ride my cycle and it will race with me ..

And thus Patchy, they made their peace with your absence….

And yes, rest in peace you…


49 thoughts on “RIP Patchy

  1. Losing a pet is so difficult for grown ups. I am glad kids have a larger more instinctive understanding of life and death. I just wish us grown ups knew how to deal with it like that.

  2. 😦 Sorry MM.

    I remember the video from long long ago. Beanie saying Patchy the doggie with you and the maid encouraging her. That was the first(errr only) time I listened to your voice 🙂

    RIP Patchy

  3. Aww, the babies are so adorable – I love how the Brat thinks that Patchy’s teeth will shine from heaven. What I wouldn’t do for such innocence!

  4. (Wails!) It’s unfair! He looks sooooooooooo cuddly in those pics. I’d considered naming one of mine patchy once. How did he die so young? 😦

  5. Ohh! It’s toughest when our pets leave us isn’t it? It’s like a part of our life is gone forever… 😦
    That photo of the brat and the pup is so absolutely lovable!

  6. uff…Patchy was the cutest puppy and the cherub sitting next to him is scrumptious!

    i hate when pets die. its just painful, mostly because being the human you feel somehow responsible for not being able to avoid it.

  7. That pic of baby Brat (my favorite of his) with the mischievous glint in his eyes, newly sprouting teeth and newly mundan-ed head, is from the same photo set, na? RIP, Patchy. Love the teeth and stars explanation.

  8. I’m sorry for your loss.

    Wow! And are the kids wise or what? Taps on the back for both of them 🙂

  9. RIP Patch…Though I was always scared of him, now I feel miserable and sad..Brat’s pic with him made me cry so much..

    • don’t be upset bouma… we shall get a bigger scarier dog to harass you with, the next time you come home 😉

      these days we don’t use kerosene…

      c’mere and let me give you a big hug and we can both cry for him…

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