Wet, wet, wet

Dear Bean,

I got ‘the call’ from your school today. You’ll understand how unpleasant this is when I tell you that over the last 3 years I’ve never had ‘the call’ with regard to your brother. You on the other hand, look like trouble.

Apparently you went to the toilet, did your business and then, since the wash basin looked particularly tempting, you decided to take off your jeans and wash them.They found you dripping wet and had to send you home in somebody else’s shorts.

I don’t know if the long term plan is to start a laundromat, but for now I’d suggest you get busy with the abacus and leave the laundry to the experts.

As the teacher who has only taught you two days (and was the Brat’s teacher until two days ago said) said to me – “Ma’am, he was such a little doll.. and she is err.. quite a handful.” *Sigh* I could have told her that.

I think she admires me a little bit more, now that she’s made your acquaintance. Anyway, do try and stay dry in school tomorrow. And oh, if you spill your tiffin on your clothes, we’ll be happy to launder them at home. You stick with the ABC.

Yours gratefully

Your hopping-mad-mother.

Edited to add: Damnit. Here’s additional info turning it from comedy to tragedy. On further interrogation she admits that she went to do susu and wet a corner of her jeans. Hence was trying to wash that out. And whats more, she is now very sad and very confused and earnestly tells me – Don’t get angry mama… I won’t do susu in school ever again.

*bangs head in remorse*


72 thoughts on “Wet, wet, wet

  1. lol.. handful yes.. but, where else will you get such stuff to write about?!
    I was kinda picturing her washing her jeans and started laughing again!!! 😀

  2. Sorry MM, still havent sent u a long overdue mail…one of these days. Promise!

    had to comment quickly though, TOTALLY AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!


  3. lol..too cute..maybe she was bored in the class and got creative in the bathroom 🙂 :)…it’s all teacher’s fault!! Bean is completely innocent 🙂

  4. Dude – that’s actually really sensitive for a 3 year old. Mine would have started howling, but never ever thought of washing the jeans herself! Sorry, but this time, I am on her side. Knock on the knuckles for Mama 😦

  5. I have heard complaints … trust me …. my 2 year old created quite a scene and forced the teacher to change her every few minutes because there was a wet spot on her clothes … I teachers were hoping mad 😦

  6. 🙂 🙂 🙂 That was all she did and you write a crib post for that! You should spend time with my son Maam. Wetting himself is passe’. One day he got hold of my maid’s one year old daughter and gave her a shower. We heard both kids laughing uncontrollably in the bathroom and on checking found both of them dripping wet. I am already dreading my second born. You are such a lucky mom!

  7. have i got a guy for bean……her and my hunter would make quite the pair! they never said it was easy and we all say opps along the way now and again.

  8. awwww…..the little darling was just trying to be helpful.But got to give it to her.She does have a mind of her own.For all that head banging, I am sure you are proud of her:-D

  9. Way to go, Beanie! You make me proud. But please do not NEVER do susu again in school. You can do it there sometimes, like once a day 😛

    My mom took me along to this playschool to inquire about admissions and during the 5 minutes that she stood talking to the headmistress (a Yugoslavian lady who ran that school) I was in the bathroom splashing water and lost in the froth that I created using soap.

  10. reminds me of how all my sister’s teachers used to ask me in disbelief – You’re A’s sister? own sister, not cousin??? And when I nodded yes irreverently in the midst of my play, they’d actually compare notes amongst themselves….
    Bah! Of course God has to be original and not create clones..
    Brattie is a sweetheart, I almost feel like I’m betraying him, he had first claim to my affection, but-
    You go, Beanie!!!

  11. and that is how the school systems gradually suppress all originality of thought from children..she was really thinking smart trying to clean up her jeans..so next time she is confused how to handle similar situation..step 1 to conformity 😦

  12. And almost all my life, I’ve had to listen to “Why can’t you be more like your sister (and stay away from trouble)?”

    don’t you dare do that to Beanie! 😀

  13. LOL! awww poor thing! she was only trying to clean her jeans and went a lil overboard! I’m sure an adult would have done pretty much the same, except maybe they wouldn’t dunk the jeans into the washbasin to clean out a little stain! 😀

    And now she won’t do susu in school everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    pavam kutti! 😛

  14. How adorable is that! Read it in the middle of a meeting and burst out guffawing. Ended up telling everyone about it 🙂 please let her stay this way! Aww, the poor lil thing, the weight of the wet jeans on her leedle frame. Awww. Kisses. Lots.

  15. Seriously MM, I don’t know why it was so hard for you to figure out why she tried to wash her jeans. I was planning to say that in the comment even before I reached your p.s.

    Heck, lecturing comes easy to me! 😉

    Bean is a very practical person. Attagirl!

  16. Oh come on now, MM… don’t you remember teaching the Bean this golden adage — Self help is the best help?! 😉
    Who woulda thunk, eh? 🙂

  17. Let her wash as many clothes as she wants, ya.
    Let her not have any unfulfilled desires. I am serous. My mother didn’t let me wash clothes either and do you know what they used to call me in the hostel?
    I loved to wash clothes, I would wash clothes like mad every sunday. Curtains, towels, bedsheets, water, surf and I! We would have an orgy in the ladies hostel, while I sang and yelled out loud with pleasure.
    I request again, please let her wash clothes. It is an immense, unequal pleasure. In fact, I am going to go wash clothes right now!

  18. Hi MM,

    Commenting on your blog after really long time, just sat in front of the computer to relax for 5 min and I get to read this post. Bean is so sweet, you have got such an adorable daughter MM.

  19. I can’t decide what’s worse…trying to clean your pants to wash away some stray susu or leaving it on dirty, or even worse, wetting your pants.
    I think I did far worse when I was 3…the teacher needs to cut her some slack. I am totally on the Bean’s side on this one. Stop banging your head already :-p

  20. More in the Bean’s defense – Boys have it easy. Just stand, direct, point and shoot! Us girls have to squat, move clothes aside and what not…not easy to pee even i tell you! HMPH

  21. Jump to conclusions, jump, jump! Harassing the sweet child! Clean babies should be honored and cherished above all other snotty-nosed grubby sorts. Take it from a schoolmarm who is faced with swarms each day.

  22. Awwww,she,s too cute and responsible for her own good:))che,who walks around with susu on their jeans huh???:D

  23. you know what.. the minute i read that she was washing her jeans, i thought she must have dribbled a little susu that she was trying to wash off… my baby also has done things which seemed really silly and naughty, but later, just like you realized, i had realized, that she has grown up and has a perfect reason for things she does. It was just ME who didn’t understand. What a horrible feeling na. So , now i dont doubt her,i just patiently wait for her side of the story 🙂 beanie is a cutie and very responsible i see… she could have just whimpered for having spoiled her jeans, but she took it upon her to take care of it..in her own way.. hehe..so sweeeet!!!

  24. hehe… pls make the point clear to her.. btw i was home yesterday and had not logged on to the pc. my husband read the post and told me there is an interesting post to read abt Beanie. when i asked him to tell me what it was (obviously i was curious to know) he replied “no you read it on the blog. MM has a way to put simple things in a nice way. You wont enjoy it so much if i tell you. So go read it”

    Now thats some compliment 🙂

  25. That’s like my two-year-old who got biscuit crumbs on her frock in school and trotted off unnoticed to the washbasin to wash them off. First she decided that soap would be a good thing to use, then felt having a little bath would be even better. She smelt remarkably clean when handed over to me at the gate, but the ayah who had to get all the soap off was looking rather worn out!

  26. I love the Beanie baby. She s so naughty without knowing it. It just runs in the err.. jeans. Dont you think? 😉
    Way to go Beanie, next is the time to wet the hair as well 😛 *runs before MM catches me to thrash for spoiling the baby*

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