First time author

Dear Brat,

You often lie back and dream. You tell me tales of exotic jungles, crazy animals, all sorts… But today you made up a story for me. You lay there itching (yes, you and your sister have the hand, foot and mouth disease and for the last couple of days I’ve been going mad, medicating you and making sure you don’t scratch yourself raw.)

So anyway.. there we were, you lying there with a bleeding knee (obviously I’d failed to save you from yourself…) and wanted me to tell you a story. I was too lazy to get up and find a book so I did what I frequently do. I made up a story.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called… (and I looked at you expectantly for a name and you responded – Joy. To be expected because your favourite friend is Joy baby).. so yes, there was once a little boy called Joy who lived in a … jungle.

And from there onwards you and I played fill in the blanks.

So there was a baby called Joy who lived with his mama and his dada in the jungle. He rode lions, played with tigers, chased rabbits, splashed in the river and climbed trees.

One day another family came for a picnic to the jungle. They brought momos, chicken, juice, cheese and bananas (yes, you planned that menu, my son!) and had a nice time. Suddenly they caught sight of little Joy baby and wondered what a little boy was doing all alone in the jungle.

They looked around and didn’t see his family so they picked him up and took him home. They spoke English and the baby spoke Bengali so they didn’t understand each other. He kept saying – My mama and dada are in the jungle but they didn’t understand him.

They told the police that they’d found a lost baby in the jungle and then they took care of him. They bought him toys and took him to the park and to the rail museum and the zoo where he liked the animals, but ….

(and here I paused to see what you wanted…)

Back home in the jungle (you said) – his mama and dada were looking for him. They asked the elephant – did you see our baby? The elephant shook his trunk and said no. They asked the tiger… the tiger said no. They asked the lions, the deer… everyone. Then the toucan said  – I saw him. I saw a family come and take him away and I followed them. I know where they live.

And so his mama and dada took the tiger with them and followed the toucan to the human home. And the tiger ate up the man’s legs and saved Joy baby and brought him home. Because even if you give him the nicest things he doesn’t want to stay with other people. He wants his mama and dada and his house.

I do wish the tiger hadn’t eaten up the man’s legs because they’d really meant no harm. But I think I was so thrilled at your story having a head, a tail and a body that I grinned through it. I am sure there will be many more stories, and maybe you will be a famous author someday. And if they interview you and want to know the first story you ever came up with – this is it.

Love you



54 thoughts on “First time author

  1. Awww the HFM thingy sucks! both me n Lil p had it in jan.. some ointment the doc suggested had given a lot of relief.. damn forgot the name. I’ll get back as soon as i remember.. n what a lovely story. hang in there all of u.. (hugsss)

  2. :o)

    that’s very creative for a boy his age! especially since i’ve met boys his age (forget his age, so-called “adults” :P) with such short attention span that they can’t even finish one line of thought!

  3. nahee situation demanded eating up of legs, story had phool and jungle, milna-bhichadna, good khaana and some gaana, we needed some violence otherwise it would be a hrishikesh mukherjee film. brat is aaj ka bacha, he knows picture UP may chalnee chahiye.

  4. Awesome story.. I think the part that Joy is conveniently using the I-don’t-know-English bit to gallivant around town and forget all about his parents made the Brat shift back to the jungle story. Sensitive boy that 🙂 Even though the tiger eating the legs part was.. err.. quirky 😉

    Maybe he figured that the tiger gets hungry at some point with the whole looking-for-Joy-who’s-not-even-its-son business, and decides the man must pay for this unnecessary expedition. Or maybe there’s a jealousy angle to it. Tell him he has to provide an answer to us, my head is bursting with the possibilities of why the tiger ate the man’s legs!

  5. what a wonderful story!! had fun reading it!! was nicely structured… 🙂

    hope the kids get well soon!

    and yes, i have a little something over on my blog for you… do come over to accept it!

  6. Okay, so I will admit I had to google to see what a toucan was.

    As for the tiger feasting on the man’s legs, Brat is sure on his way to become a master story-teller. Don’t know who it was (I am guessing Stephen King, though), but a famous writer once said you can’t expect to tell a poignant story unless you kill sufficient characters in it. So there! Rest back, MM… and make room for the Pulitzer and Nobel statuetes in your showcase. 🙂

  7. Wow! Really! He’ll be famous, this nephew of ours, I tell you MM!
    Many many kisses to the first time author 🙂

  8. i love the story! i am gonna take his autograph now itself! you know, just in case! 🙂

    i remember my brother sending a story to tinkle when he was about 7 me thinks. the only thing i really remember now is how i teased him for writing the lion “clumb” the tree! did i thwart a genius story teller? sigh!


  9. Oho…someone’s a chip off the old block;)…fascinating story..kept me hooked till the end-really!I kept trying to imagine what he was “seeing” and it painted a real picture…keep him at it,please!

  10. Takes after you, then, doesn’t he? :)But all kids have fantastic imaginations no? My daughter keeps making things up and likening some things to other things and if I can help it I don’t tell her that the picture not actually a ball but tightly wound rope. I like to think it will help her think laterally, naturally. Good post.

  11. toucans, condors and hammerhead sharks ha? wow..he is a smart little boy.
    i do exactly the same thing with my son..infact this post inspired me to write about the story he shared with me just a few days back.

    thank you!

    • he’s a misfit in school Suk. We were pulled up by his principal because classmates cant relate to him and he doesnt know what pepsi is. he called it black juice 😦

      • that’s hard to believe…what do you mean they cannot relate to him….maybe the other kids have issues.
        and whats wrong in calling pepsi black juice…is that why he was being pulled up?

        • we were called to school and told he needs to be taken to a psychologist… because he cannot relate to his peers. they talk of mcdonalds etc and he doesnt know what it is yet. i said we’re not deliberately sheltering – that is simply our lifestyle. anyway – he talks of these birds nad animals they dont know. and airforce aircrafts. and they dont understand him so they think he’s nuts 😦

          • wow, since when did knowing about macdonalds become a stantard of normal behavior?
            the system/thinking is warped…totally and i am sorry that you are going through this. think big picture, MM….this environment you provide for him now will put him at an advantage in the future..way ahead of those folks who think he is nuts!

          • May be he will not have many friends, but in time he will have some good friends. It’s good to have a few good friends, than a whole bunch of social acquaintances 🙂 And then his smile will win him friends.

          • yeh kya ajeebo gareeb school hai??? Or is it ajeebo rayees school…how can not knowing what Pepsi/McDonalds is be an issue by any stretch of imagination?! If anything it is a known and documented fact that sugared drinks are bad for children’s teeth and mcdonalds, ahem, is just bad. PERIOD. I don’t get it…I just don’t. The princi needs to go to a shrink I say, ASAP!

            • oh we’re total wusses. we promptly bought him a bottle of pepsi and made the necessary introductions. pepsi – meet brat, brat – meet pepsi. thats done. now all i have to do is find Ben 10, mcdonalds, and a few other relevant details. dont get me wrong – i dont mean to criticise those who already are acquainted. i am just annoyed at that being the standard we’re all expected to meet 😦

          • Is this another ‘Delhi-thing’ – kids have to know what McD, Ben 10 etc. is?

            I can understand the part about his peers not relating to him, but I don’t understand the part about his school telling you to take him to a psychologist. Are you sure he’s in right school?

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