90s songs I am embarrassed to admit I liked!

This post is inspired by Dipta’s post on his favourite music videos.

Now I grew up in Allahabad (hah! I didn’t say small town, did I?!) where TV came much later. So I won’t go that far back. I’m going to go back to a period when I used to play Antakshari and have little concert performances in my grandmother’s nursery school. All of us would dress up and if it wasn’t Durga Puja dance dramas, it was curtains hooked up and parents invited and jokes, skits and songs performed for their viewing pleasure (!).

So anyway. I am going with an undefined time. Just songs that I loved when they were released and the admission of which embarrasses me today. But what the hell is a blog for if not to embarrass yourself publicly, huh?

Here’s the first.

Saathiya yeh tune kya kiya. Salman Khan and a chubby-cheeked Revathy. A classmate and I would be made to stand up every free period we got in school and sing. This is one of the numbers we’d sing. I’d do Chitra’s part and she’d do the SP Balasubramaniam part. Don’t ask me why. We just did and I still know the words.  Salman’s temper tantrums horrified me in the movie. And then we heard about Somi Ali and Sangeeta  Bijlani’s “accidents” and I couldn’t stand to watch this movie again.

Dil Deewana – Salman and Bhagyashree. Okay I think I see a pattern. This is around the time Salman was giving hit after hit. I can’t stand Bhagyashree’s voice now but I loved this song. I loved that she was wearing a saree (that’s my behenji soul revealing itself) and I loved how boyishly Salman ran around. Actually, other than the Kabutar song I pretty much liked every song. And of course if we played Antakshari we’d have a rule that you couldn’t use the MPK thread or else it was a waste of time. But my God – I can’t get over Salman’s dancing.

Next up is Tum Hi Hamari Ho Manzil from Yaara Dildaara. I think I’ve mentioned before that the director was married to a girl from Allahabad. A family friend’s daughter. And so naturally the entire city took great interest in the movie and it ran to packed houses. Bin Tere Sanam was the biggest hit but this is the song I remember rather fondly. What’s not to like – Tum Hi Hamai ho Manzil My love!!! Ruchika Pandey who disappeared after the movie and Asif Sheikh in a cowboy hat… *groan* what was I thinking? Although I still love the lines – Aisa Na Jaano, Hamko Achaanak Tum Pe Ye Pyaar Aa Gayaa, Biti Ruton Ka Ye Rang Hai Jo, Banke Bahaar Chha Gayaa. Yeah okay, laugh it up.

Tip tip barsa paani from Mohra – Akshay and a hotttt Raveena. As luck would have it, a male friend who was hitting on some chick in my class insisted that we go out for a picnic and invite her along. So I did. And four of us went out, another guy coming along, game for anything. We went to a theme park and were on a giant wheel when the bloody thing shut while we were at the highest point. We had a terrific view of the lake but there we were, stuck on top of a giant wheel, when the sky darkened and the rain came down. We’d been yelling at the guys to hurry up and repair it but there was nothing to do but sit there and get soaked. The guy I was sitting with threatened to take off his sneakers and throw it on the heads of the men running the giant wheel… much yelling and screaming happened. At this point, the guy who had planned the entire thing and had a lovely voice decided to start singing this song. When I look back it is cheesier than anything.. but at that point we all burst out laughing and it broke the tension.  And I can never hear this song without imagining myself stranded on top of a giant wheel, getting drenched.

Aisi Deewanagi – Divya Bharti and Shahrukh Khan. I am sure this was a big favourite with everyone – except that I spent a good six months trying to procure outfits like hers. Yes, okay, shun me then. I’ll deal with it. Honesty gets you no friends.

Raveena and Salman in Pathar ke Phool. I loved the song because living in Allahabad I’d heard of Delhi and places like Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh, Connaught Place etc but never heard of these roads in Bombay. I thought they sounded wonderfully exotic. Warden Road, Besides how can you not like a song with the classically beautiful Raveena Tandon. I see her and I wonder why the hell we put up with botoxed Piggy Chops etc.

Also this one from the same film.

Badalon mein chhup raha hai chaand – Rahul Roy and Pooja Bhatt in Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Ayi. Another song I can still sing in my sleep! I don’t remember much of the film although I remember sobbing through the last bit. I loved the other songs in the film too. Tere dar par sanam.. phir chale aaye hum.

Okay now I’ll probably lose my last two readers with this one, but I found Atul Agnihotri unbelievably cute in this movie. Sir. Yeh ujli chandni jab hasraton ko…I think this was 1993 when none of us even officially had boyfriends so the whole anticipation thing was all anyone was easy to relate to. (Argh – my mother reads this blog too… let me die now!). Have I mentioned how much I love Naseeruddin Shah in this film?

Another Salman Khan starrer – Baaghi with Nagma (kill me now!)

Rama o Rama – same Mirza brothers-Allahabad connection. We heard about the movie right through its making and when the sister of the girl I was friendly with, got the climax scene dress to wear after the movie, we didn’t have the courage to reach out and even touch the fabric. Imagine.. .*gasp* so close to something filmy! A dress actually worn by Kimi Katkar. Anyhow, this is one song from the movie  – we were given a free cassetted (gasp again!) and so we naturally knew all the darn songs.

another lovely song from the movie -although I don’t know if this is the same version

And finally – I end with the one that I bet  no one else has ever come across.These are the songs that are huge hits in small towns and played on loudspeakers during festivals while you desperately bury your head under pillows and wake up bleary eyed for school, the damn lyrics still ringing in your ears. The movie is Pyaar Bhara Dil and I have no idea who the shady actors were! Beat this, Dipta. Come up with something shadier.

Alright then – anyone who wants to sit on the shady bench? Bring out your shadiest memory and lets swap notes.

187 thoughts on “90s songs I am embarrassed to admit I liked!

    • dude. lets see your list. go on. tell me what you liked in the good old early 90s. go on. in fact. i tag you
      do a post and lets see… CHALLENGE!

      besides see, you’re missing the point. i listened to other acceptable stuff. the point here is to list the songs that embarrass me. you know. this is character building stuff. that which doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. what say?

  1. WHAT? No songs from Saajan? Clearly you were not cheesy enough! But then, I have to admit – I have not even heard of the last three songs you list!

  2. Hey i am glad somebody knows this song “Chaand banke tum gagan se”. I like it too and hum it to myself 🙂
    It has good lyrics, specially “Rajnigandha banke tum bhi raat mein khil jaaya karo… ”
    Somebody will kill me along with you now. 😀

  3. For me cheesier the better, and I can give the list from 80’s. Just curious, why Tamma Tamma loge, Aa a Ee O o O (actually most of the songs starring Shree Govind ji or Sanju Baba) did not ound any mention? Too taboo for you?

  4. OK first of all what is embarrassing about ANY song from Pathar ke Phool or more importantly Phir teri kahani? Lovely lovely music or am I in the doghouse with you? I still cannot think of Raveena without that shot of her in the song with her head down and flipping her mane-like hair up.

  5. I got excited and posted the previous comment when i wanted to write more. It is amazing how i liked most of the songs which you mentioned. You inspired me to write a similar post. Will do that sometime. One more song which i would add to this is “Kitna pyaar tumhe karte hain, aaj humein maloom hua” from Ek Ladka Ek Ladki. Reminds me of my school days and my first crush. *Sigh*
    By the way I grew up in Lucknow and Cibaca geet maala and the ‘Praayojit Karyakram’ which used to play in the morning from 8:45 or so till 10 am everyday and the last Vividh Bharti program which used to get over at 11:30 pm if i am right….
    Thanks for reminding me of those good old days.

  6. hey, what a compilation. made me all nostalgic. i loved songs from PKP, cos that was a cassette i had bought and so had to like them. 🙂
    the others that i liked :
    1) mere rang mein from MPK
    2) is pyar se meri taraf na dekho – king uncle
    3)woh meri neend mera chain mujhe lauta do – hum hain rahi pyar ke- fave song to heal teenage love disaster wounds.
    4) all songs from phir teri kahani. awesome. can still rem the words.
    am sure there were some more. will try to rem n come back.

  7. OMG..almost all of these songs featured in my fave list too! Esp the first one – Love I think the movie was called? Wait..I said almost all the songs- I have never heard the last one!
    Oh well but I had the HUGEST crush possible on Bobby Deol..i Knew practically all the songs of all his movies and I had three huge posters..there! Makes u feel better now, I bet!!
    Just to be on the safer side I am going to drg my ass on join u on that shady bench anyways.

  8. OMG, this is the same exact list I used to listen to 😀
    Here are some more :
    1. Tip tip tip tip baarish shuru ho gayi (Afsana Pyar Ka) – Amir khan & Neelam

    Don’t even know if anyone knows this one 😀
    2. O Jaane Jana Jara Ruk jaana
    (Deewana Mujhsa Nahi) – Amir Khan + Madhuri Dixit.

    • okay now you’re alone on that bench. 😀 for us it was this crazy hindi movie thing on one side and my dad’s black sabbath on the other side. and a LOT of rap…

  9. Long time lurker here.. Finally HAD to speak up after this post! 🙂

    Keep reading ur blog often – Am a 30 yr old mother of a 4 1/2 yr old boy and a 1 yr old girl. So a lot of similarities between ur life and mine!

    U brought back so many memories with this post !! I had this small secret book, where I used to write down the lyrics of all my fav songs – tip tip barsa and aisi deewangi were on the first page !!

    Another one – “First time dekha to ??? ho gaya, second time pe love ho gaya” from Jaan tere naam !!

    Fun watching all the songs again !!

  10. Teehee….despite living in Aus was brought up on a healthy does of cheesy 90’s Bollywood flicks – in fact, while Evs moans that I know nothing of 80’s music depsite being an 80’s child (in my defence I was barely older than 4 when all the good stuff came out!) – I can always remember the 90’s 😀

    My guilty secret – ANYTHING Kumar Sanu….LO-VED him. Still do…lol (even if he was the original nasal twanger)

  11. Haha..hey dont be embarrased we all wnet through the nineties liking some mushy wushy cheesy songs ourselves…maybe we shd all reveal ourselve thru a post to keep u company! Lol! I personally like the dil deewana number as well as tip tip barsa pani…(and shhh still do!) Ah how I love these nostalgia bhare posts!

  12. But the first two songs in this list are classics! Infact you shouldn’t be embarrassed about the first song at all! That one’s lovely.

  13. 🙂 I pretty much loved all the songs in your list except your Allahabad specials :). I can add some horrific ones as well.
    1. Subah subah jab khidki khole bajuwali ladki hai
    2. Pyaar mein dil ka murga bole cuckdu-coo
    3. Kya adaa kya jalwe tere Paro
    4. Ankhon mein base ho tum

    • ROFL – i have a funny story. A particular college had called my parents to judge their inter college festival dance competition. one group did Kya Ada Kya Jalwe tere paro – where on the word paro the boys would jump to the left.

      it was a wooden stage and something to do with the physics of it, the stage boards shifted opened up and “Paro” went through the stage …

      ohmigod… i have tears rolling down my cheeks even when i think back on it. it was hilarious.

      • 😀 that was hilarious. I have a story for the same song as well. A friend of mine and I would enact the song in school. We were rather thrilled with the ‘dil ke tukde ho gaye hazaro’ part.we’d sing that line and then go berserk picking up all the ‘hazar tukde’ from the floor!!
        Another song which was a big hit and could be heard blaring from all auto-rickshaws was ‘Ishq Mein hum Tumhe Kya Bataein’ from the movie Aaja Meri Jaan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4-8zICx0WU)..oh it was priceless!. It actually has these lines:
        ‘ Aaj hi humne badle hai kapde
        Aaj hi hum nahaye hue hain!’

  14. I haven’t ever heard the last 3 songs. And I’ve been a small town girl for 12 years–about half my life. Maybe they were just popular in the north. We had other sidey songs in the west coast 😛
    But I pretty much LOVED all the other songs you listed!

  15. Quick questions: How many of these films have you watched?
    On rented VCR, without ‘head cleaning’?
    Renting grainy cassettes?
    Do you know who played Salman’s father in PKP?
    Or Salman & Naghma’s names in Baaghi?
    Do you know Raveena was a journalist in Mohra? The name of the paper she worked for?
    Do you know the name of Huma Khan’s next release after MPK? Do you even know who Huma Khan *is*?

    Sigh. You can’t call classics shady. These are classics. We should buying the prints of these films and getting them restored or something.

    And to answer – yes, I have *seen* all of these movies except the last one. Which I am quite certain is a home video shot by your love-atop-ferris-wheel friends!

    • of course i’ve watched all of them
      *looks offended*
      and i dont remember the names because you’re a good 4-5 years older than me, old man :p

      so you know, i was just a baby when they happened. although i’d be happy to know the answers.

      in Alld we’d rent the VCR for Rs 100 for a night and watch 3 movies back to back. killer.

      lets do a potluck soon and play only shady old songs!!!!

    • as i cannot see any quiz remain unanswered.
      1) Vinod Mehra
      2)saajan and kaajal
      3)Yup, knew about her journalist avtaar and Im pretty sure her investigative journalism in the rain encouraged Barkha Dutt to take up journalism as well.
      4) I also know Huma “KHOONI MURDA” Khan..as does Mumbai police.
      Forget renting grainy cassettes , did the ribbon ever tear on you and you had to use nail enamel to ” solder” it?!!!

        • If so many people love and remember these films, why are you embarrassed about them?

          And Huma Khan’s next release after MPK was not ‘Khooni Murda’, as listed on IMDb. It was most likely Khoj, but I am not sure.
          Of course, Raveena’s newspaper was called Samadhan. Despite her attire in the Tip tip barsa paani song, she was not accused of yellow journalism 🙂

  16. madmomma,
    i dont know so many songs as you and definitely dont sing as well. but i ask you this – have you played ‘self anthakshari’ – i would beg and beg people to play and they would refuse and i would play by myself through the day (or in the car). just this december, on our vacation, i played a self anthakshari of shady ad jingles. arre huzoor kahaan chale? kapde kyon hai maile bhale? maile? maine tho laundry se dhulvaaya tha.. etc. (Vimal Washing Powder). It was a ummm ‘Terrific Feeling’ especially after I remembered the full song of Bombay Dyeing Dream Lover. oooh.

  17. Hi MM, Have been following your blog for some time, even commented a couple of time but then never submitted. Anyways comming to this post….u took me through my childhood … though I would like to add some songs like “Where is the time to hate..?” from Satwa Aasman; Title song from Dil hai ki manta nahi; “Vada Raha Sanam ” – Khiladi..oh I could just go on and on and on!!

  18. Haha, my list is exactly the same… except I couldn’t stand Tip Tip Barsa Paani even then.

    Then there was Yaara tujhe aana hai from Yalgar. Then Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke songs… Ghoonghat ki aad pe dilbar ka… my God the nasal voice of Kumar Sanu!! Then all of Qayamat Se Qayamat tak songs. i still love them, though that was the late 80’s. And all of MPK songs. I found Salman achingly cute in Dil Deewana, and felt that I was also a Bhagyashree (Oh God!).

    • oh I LOVED Yalgaar songs. Aakhir tumhe aana hai – nagma in her purple saree and Sanju baba in the pool. Man.. it was such a hit!!!

      and Ho jaata hai kaise pyaar… uff… the memories are rushing back. damn – will have to do a part 2 to this post!

  19. Ummm…are u supposed to be embarrassed with these songs???..i thought at least 4 of them were “cool” to songs to like…now u know how dehati i am!!!…Ok here goes me – u know the Tabu song from Vijaypath or something…RUk RUK RUK…well cool dude that i was i used to wear my red tights with a white shirt and copy her dance all the time…in my head that was my first step to Bollywood!

    • No offence but I remember in college ruk ruk ruk was labelled as the loosies song and ati nahi was the opposite number.

      That said Tabbu was nice, so was Madhuri. Juhi was cute and so was Urmilla, Raveena also had her days.

      I did not know piggychops did botox. It is her lips?

      Anyone heard saawli saloni teri jhil se akhien – ritu shivpuri.

  20. Mostly Salman uh? No Govinda numbers???
    ROFL on Mohra song !!

    My embarassing list would comprise of Mr.India song, (kids and Sri devi) Ek Do Teen, My name is Lakhan (Ram Lakhan) … what was I thinking. Don’t you feel much better about your list now?

    • Let me add something: The boy believes that I know the lyrics to nearly every stupid song ever – both in Hindi & Kannada. I am proud of this, but also a bit embarrased 😀

  21. This definitely took me back to old times!!

    Can’t list out the songs now, coz they are simply too many and too nonsensical, come to think of it now 🙂 One thing i can let on is that – i used to pick and choose songs i liked from the recent movies and get them recorded onto a custom-made cassette to play non-stop for the next couple of weeks 😛

  22. Stumbled upon your blog. Had to comment because I am a big fan of the kumar sanu brand of melody (and his ilk) from the 90s and go through similar embarrassment when i confess now…oh, how much i love songs like ‘mai raju deewana’ from Laadla :-)))

  23. hehe, nice… and yep, quite an embarrassing list, that is.. kudos!!

    though saathiya tune kya kiya IS really nice. And badalon mein chhup raha hai chaand..

  24. *hiding my face* Moi too. I love them all. 90s choreography was probably the worst but that’s what we saw, listened and enjoyed.

    I used to dance to kabhi to chaliya lagta hai.. oh my! I can already see me kiddo pulling my legs when she grows up. 😀

  25. Allahabad? and i always thought lucknow.

    and to the blogger i have read for a very long time : why have you ensnared a loyal reader in the-worst-hindi-film-music land!

    if i shut my eyes tight will the list fade away? hopefully all that will remain will be your cheshire cat smile.

  26. lets see:
    Beta: Dhak Dhak and Koel si jaise boli
    Mohra: Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast (I remember my brother tying a towel to his head and jumping from a chair just like Akshay did!!)
    Khalnayak: Kukukuk… (you get the song!)

    I dont know about you we got our weekly dose of film songs through chitrahaar and Philip’s Top 10!!!
    We won the first prize for guessing the next week’s top 3 numbers and got a radio/cassette player !!!!

  27. i claim the honour for liking the worst song EVER. Ah, the follies of (extreme) youth. Way before your time though (were you even born then?).

    Raju, o daddy…hey raju…and so it goes.

    NO ONE could have liked a more execrable song… i am truly embarrassed to admit to this.

  28. tu cheez badi hai mast isn’t on your list?! we used to love that song when we were kids (see how i say WE to make it less embarrassing? it’s not just ME, they were in it too! :P). And karisma kapoor and govinda in “main toh raste se jaa raha tha”? *cringing*

    God we were laaame back then! I’m so glad i have better taste in music now! *humming mar jaani* 😛

  29. I used to love, love, LOVE “Aisi Deewanagi”. I’m usually terrible with lyrics but for this one, I knew them by heart & I could mutter them in sleep. And there was this guy in my building who was a really good dancer. He’d actually managed to gather all us kiddies together on the terrace to teach us SRK’s “pump-air-in-cycle-tyres” step [remember it?]. And I was pretty miffed about not getting it right till then end. Heehee.. whatay nostalgia! Thanks, MM 🙂

    P.S: Atul Agnihotri…. *really* ? :p

  30. Ohh and one last thing:

    //Besides how can you not like a song with the classically beautiful Raveena Tandon. I see her and I wonder why the hell we put up with botoxed Piggy Chops //


  31. LOL! Wonderful list, esp the early salman-ones….here are some more gems that i cringe about now…these are from late 80s- and the 90s
    1. There’s this song where you have the guy with 2 moustaches for eyebrows (kishen kr) singing…’ishq me hum tumhey kya bataayein’ and ‘accha sila diya tune…’
    2. hassan jehangir (from just a couple of hours from amritsar), wearing mercury coated outfits (complete with a headband)…singing ‘hawa hawa ae hawa’…i just can’t get over the beats of this song.i have 2 theories on this song…1. jhankaar beats were born with this song…2.and maybe, just maybe, himesh reshmmiya heard this song when we was still a foetus….
    3. ‘na jaane kahaan dil kho gayaa’….wasn’t all that bad a song, but when you hear it from urchins in mumbai local trains every day of your week for months on end – a song that’s completely nasal and accompanied by bad harmoniums and asbetos-sheet tapping, it becomes mythic in proportion….
    4. ‘aakey teri baahon mein, har shaam lage sindoori….’ the hero’s swollen face wins the fight against his tucked-in-forcibly-with-a-hidden-belt-belly. and the other thing i remember is how s p balasub. says ‘sindhoori’ (with a ‘hecchh’) and not ‘sindoori’
    5. and then the eternally-constipated sanjay k singing ‘aati nahi’. madhuri dixit (probably) never recovered from the shock of this movie and tried to go away as far as possible (USA) to get over this debacle….
    these are a few of my worst-best songs. what say?

  32. Chica, some of these songs shouldn’t embarrass you, although the videos should call for suicide. Badalon’ mein chhup raha hai chand’… ‘tere dar par sanam’… are still compositions that are considered pretty darned good.
    Your Salman Khan fetish is mildly disturbing.

    Chal let me add to that list. I hope you’re not too attached to your crown, cuz after this you’ve gotta hand it over to me. I’m browsing from work (:P) and I can’t see the videos so I missed a couple of songs; I apologise if I repeated anything, although it’s likely :).
    ‘Kapurtala se aaya hoon tere liye laya hoon. Orange kurta peela pajama’ (Buaahahahahah, beat that, behenji. Although this I liked for its cheesiness and sheer chutzpah.)
    ‘Aaja meri gaadi mein beth jaa’ in anu malik’s godawful voice.
    ‘Mere daftar main ik ladki thhi naam hai Radhika’ not film song, some album by a chubby guy.
    ‘Gori hai kalhaiyaan, tu laade mujhe hari hari chudiyan’. It took years of bad movies to get me rid of the AB fixation. Even now when I see him and Rekha at their best it brings out the worst sexist-romantic in me.
    ‘Tirchhi topiwaale… Oye oye.” Hahahaha.
    Where’s my prize?
    And this, my friend, is the reason I will never let my kids watch rubbish hindi films. I loved this post.

  33. MM, just wanted to add that this post was not about songs that embarrass me, its just a list that rose to the surface upon reading your post. 🙂

  34. (Sorry for this spam like thingy but I forgot one more very very very important song. Or two)
    ‘Tu cheez badi hai mast mast.’ Again Mohra.I am a dancer, so everything with a beat used to be close to my heart. And I liked the original as well, which I was fortunate enough to hear before Nusrat FAK became big.
    ‘Chura ke dil mera goriya chali’. So much chemistry.
    And like you, I know the lyrics to ALL these songs. Also totally agree on Priyanka Chopra. Raveena was something else.
    It will help to know that I am the shame of my extremely musically inclined family, with my grandmum being AIR material well.

  35. What small town and all that !!…i have heard them too…and some of them have been played over and over again until the tapes gave away..have heard all this on loud speakers for ganesha pooja, Dussera….etc..

    Now, pls dont tell me B’lore was also a small town back then 😛

  36. Wait wait wait what about “Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast” from Mohra and “Sexy Sexy Sexy” from Khuddar? Or am I the only one who bopped along to those embarassing songs? 🙂

  37. Loved your list MM. Most of these were my fav songs thanks to the Baba Sehgal top 10 countdown I think. I used to love the last song 🙂 THough I have not heard the 2 before that. I love Raveena Tandon too. I wish she would act in movies again. My other favourites are Chura ke dil mera goriya chali…then I used to love all songs from Aaina specially Yeh raat khushnaseeb hai,jo apne chaand ko kaleje se lagake so rahi hai…let me go and listen to it now 🙂

  38. my top number is “ishq mein hum humhe kya bataayein kis kadar chot khaye hue hain”

    You know it also has the following lines “aaj hi humne badle hain kapde, aaj hi hum nahaaye hue hain”

    I also have a special place for “achcha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka” in my heart.

    Also Baaghi song “Kaisa lagta hai, achcha lagta hai”

    Also, I like the male version of dil deewana better with the lyrics “ban ke lahu nas nas mein mohabbat daude aur pukaare”

    over and out!

  39. Aww c’mon the songs are good. The dhinchak music of today cant beat the melody most of them have. Bhagyashri and Salman antakshari? Rishi singing to Dimple “Jheel se gehri aankhon waali?” The songs from Rishi Kapoor wala Karz? I like your selection of songs MM

  40. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this lovely post. I had forgotten all about these songs… I loved at least half of them 🙂 So many memories attached to the music of our youth… *sigh* I’ve gone into a nostalgic mood, thanks to you. By the way, I really liked the giant wheel story.

  41. Loved this post, brought back so many memories…of endless antaksharis with my younger brother. Do you remember this song..”totha meri totha meri main tho teri ho gayi” hehehe….from “Aaj ka Goondaraj”. I loved songs from Gardish “Hum na samjhe the” and ” rang rangeeli raat”, there was another Jackie shroff movie at that time called ‘Angarey” not sure about the name but there was one hit number ” Idhar dekho dekho udhar dekho” and also ” mushkil main hain kaun kisi ka samjoh iss raaz ko”. I loved all the songs on your list…I havent heard the last number though. I still remember lyrics for the full songs from that time…unfortunately no matter how many times I hear songs from recent times…I don’t remember the lyrics after the mukhda 🙂

  42. what small town MM. I grew up in the biggest city in south india, where no one spoke a word of Hindi if they could help it and I know almost all songs on your list as well as the songs that others have mentioned in their comments. All thanks to “Super hit muqabla”. And I have to admit, I loved every one of them!

    (Embarrased that she is now humming “Achcha sila diya tune”..after god knows how many years)

  43. OMG!! Ditto for most of them except I like Bin tere Sanam better and the couple at the end that I don’t think I remember at all. What’s worse in my case, sometimes I actually hum these songs and there have been times recently that I have “teared up” listening to Dil Deewana..>SHEESH!! I also like “Kahe tose sajna” from MPK. SIR – I used to even like the garba song ROFL…but I was only a kid. I also liked Sun Sun Sun …
    jesus…far too many songs to admit here 😉

  44. Loved this MM! Brought back many memories of watching Chitrahaar in the common room, buying cassettes and blaring music while washing clothes in the BOGS (Bathrooms of Graduating Students)

  45. OMG. This brought back memories of superhit muqabla we had down south. was crazy about some of the songs that you had mentioned. I also liked ‘yeh teri aankhen jhuki jhuki, yeh tera chehra khila khila’. don’t know the movie.

  46. 😛 Jeez MM I remember two songs from that era that used to play non stop for 9 days during Durga Puja.

    Would you recall ‘Ataria pe lootan kabootar re..gutur gutur gutur gutam ‘ just googled to find its from ‘Dalaal’

    And another would be ‘Shaadi tujhise ho meri chahe shaadi ke din mar jaaon’ ha haa haa

    Can’t say they were my fav but having listened so many times..I remember them even today 😀

  47. ohh..just one more plz 😛

    How about ‘Kali teri choti hai paranda tera laal ni… ‘ can’t forget the crazy dance colony mein kia karte the, roof top with a lot of rewinding and forwading. He hee hee ..seriously MM you have opened a pitara of memories for me 🙂

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  49. These were my favs too 😛 And all the ones that GOTB mentioned as well. But but but…. MPK was not released in the 90s :(( It was released towards the end of 80s. Anyway – just nitpicking. You know me 😛 Great list! Vaise I didn’t know these were to be embarrassed about LOL!! I sang them proudly. And LOUDLY!

  50. haha! I remembered the songs from Raveena-Saif starrer Imtihaan and did a post on it just a couple of days back. That was just tip of the icerberg, brilliant list this! Baaghi, oh my God, I’d forgotten! 😀

  51. unfair. i also remembered alisha chinai, didn’t i?
    and in my defence, when half the screen space is shared by a scowling ajay devgan (now devgn), what choice does one have?

  52. yikes, duplicate comments!! my laptop keeps stalling, so i retype the whole thing again….and then find both comments posted!

  53. Another long time lurker (blame it on google reader).

    Besides all these ‘great’ songs, has anyone not heard of the classic – Tum to tehre pardesi sung by Altaf Raja. I can’t believe the trauma I underwent listening to this song.

    And Raveena Tandon – Patthar ke phool started it all. 🙂

  54. tum kitne din baad mile
    kyon kyon lyon
    bolo itne din kya kiya
    kya kiya kya kiya kya kiya
    tera naam liya
    tujhe yaad kiya

  55. Aaaaarrrgh! MM, you’ve planted a bug in my head! For the last 30 hours all I’ve been doing is thinking of all the cheesy songs I have ever listened to, youtubing them and watching videos when I should actually be working. Someone HELP!

    Btw something just struck me: The singer for Aisi deewangi (Vinod Rathod?) – his voice doesn’t seem so apt for SRK, in retrospect.

    And yes I had the Divya Bharti-ish skirt (no tights, alas!) and the ribbons! Anyone remember the Aashiqui ribbons too? The netted/gauzy types with stars and dots stuck on them? I must have had like five of them at one point!

    (I hope you don’t think I’m spamming your blog but I’m enjoying this topic & discussion extramanylots!)

  56. Hi MM, I liked those songs from Love, Saajan,Ashiqui,Imtihaan,phir teri kahani yaad aayi,Deewana and many more – the list is so long! God! Im going to youtube and i think go through the list again 😀

    Good old memories. I think they are all got to do with teenage anf crazy harmones?

    • aashiqui mein har aashiq, ho jaata hai majboor… is mein dil ka, mere dil ka, is mein dil ka kya kasoor
      what kind of UP wali would i be if i hadnt watched both the movies? 😉

  57. Oops one more! apologise for crowding ur comments section but HAD to mention these:
    I thought Atul agnihotri was cute too…
    Liked songs from Sir
    Heard this song: Dil Dil Dil mein tere pyar mein khoya – sung by Vinod Rathod i think…
    Couple of Sanjay Dutt songs:
    Sherry mein hogaya Deewana (I wonder what I liked in this song now!)
    Tumhe apna banaane ki kasam (I still like this song)

  58. AWESOME!!! These and similar songs are the top ranking ones in our special “t-day” parties or talli day parties as we call them. The more “chichora” the song the better.
    Have you heard “chand chura ke laya hoon, chal baithe church ke peeche”. My friend in the hostel used to sing this and it was much later that I actually saw this song starring Shabana Azmi and Sanjeev Kumar. I was shocked!!! Actors like them and a song like this, WOW!
    There was another movie called Anokha Rishta starring Rajesh Khanna, Smita Patil and some lesser known guy and girl in lead roles. It has a beautiful song called “AAj ka din na jaane kyun achcha lagta hai” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfvS0vXmTvg

    And a very cheesy kind, just focus on the lyrics (couldnt find a video link)…
    “tune yeh jana ek kanta lagne se main ghayal ho gayi,
    kanta to nikal gaya, par tere choone se main pagal ho gayi”

    Teenage love at its peak, I am in splits as I write this 🙂

  59. lets take this back a decade…
    Say Deeee…Say IIIII, Say Sssss…Say Ceeeee…O….
    I am a disco dancer, tan tan tana
    zindagi mera gaaaanaaaa
    I loved all the songs from that movie (still sheepishly do I think). We had a TV in the 80s, but my nani got a video and we spent all our summer vacations catching up with movies. Disco Dancer was released a year after I was born…but I don’t think I saw it until the late 80s.

  60. Totally agree with all your selections so don’t be embarrassed! And they were not only popular in your town but across the border in my town also – Karachi. Loved your post! It made me grin ear to ear just remembering how we obsessively played antakshari and repeated these same songs over and over because we loved singing them and they were stuck in my head! Thanks for making me feel I was not alone in this memory!

  61. didnt read all the comments, but I remember thinking ‘shaher ki ladki’ from rakshak had a really catchy tune.

    the background dancers behind sunil shetty dance with helmet on head for almost half the song !!!

  62. Btw, was working late day before night and happened to notice Tumhi hamari ho manzil as your link u know where. Was so thrilled to remember it and the others that had cheesy song fest alongside work for quite some time:)

  63. sorry mm unless Julie Julie Johnny Ka Dil Tujh Pay Aya is included I cant dance at your Cheesy Revolution (so its a late eighties release but we were singing it way through the 90s)
    and what happened to Aank Maarey Larki Aankh Marey?
    Yaara O Yaara Milna Humara

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  66. Hi there! Regular reader, first time de-lurker 🙂 Recently started blogging, remembered this post of yours out of the blue and thought it was perfect ‘tag’ material 🙂 Understandably, I am not the first to think so 🙂

  67. OMG!
    Chanced upon this blog and must say was pleasantly shocked!Made me nostalgic…Good old days…and classic songs:O
    Not to mention the ‘epic’ clothes and hairstyles!
    Kudos woman!

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