This too shall pass…. perhaps too soon

Mama?! Will you make me a biiiiiiiiig pancake that I can fly off on?

Mama?! I can’t find my slippers.

Mama!!! Where are you?! I just want to see you.

Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Wash my bummmmmmmmmmm.

Mammaaaaaa…. He’s hitting me

Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – she took away my cycle.

Mama! Can you tie this into a knot?

Mama? Can you pull that out of the pot?

Mama? Is the sun very hot?

Mama? Do babies cry a lot?

Mama? Will you read me this story?

Mama? Can we eat chicken for dinner?

Mama? Can you catch a whale?

Mama? Can we walk around the earth?

Mama? Mama?Mama?

And when Mama is losing patience and gets tired of being called every minute or so the only thought that keeps going is that someday (veryΒ  soon!!)Β  they will stop thinking of Mama as the authority on everything. They will not need Mama for all the answers. They won’t need her to tie a shoelace or help reach the top shelf. And then what?!!!

So she gets up for the nth time to read them the story of the Three Billy Goats.


48 thoughts on “This too shall pass…. perhaps too soon

  1. Sooo cute…lol…Catch a whale…come on super mom..i hope u said u could!

    it is abnormal that my husband also asks so many questions…I have often told him i will change my name and then he wont know what to call me by!

  2. awww, so sweet. I guess it’s easy to say ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ when I am not the one who has to get up for the nth time πŸ™‚

  3. Awww! Echoing Nuttie Natters here – Just yesterday I was telling my husband that along with the kids, he is also becoming a kid. He keeps calling me for everything! I am exhausted taking care of the two throughout the day and waiting for him to take over in the eve, but I all I get is get saddled with another whiny one! πŸ™‚

  4. And it’s more frequent now that the summer hols have started…there was this Bill Cosby Show episode where he wryly remarks that he didn’t know his name would change after her became a father to “Dad, can I..”!!

    But since my son became much more verbal recently after we had a scare about possible delays, it sounds so very sweet, music to my worried ears…and I brush aside my irritation and have a million conversations with him…I was waiting for this.

  5. This too shall pass. How right you are! Like you. . I have 2 children. A daughter who incidentally is the one who forwards me some of your blog updates which she knows i will completely identify with . . Is 28 and married and a media professional. My son who is 23 and a hotelier. I have been God Almighty for all of their childhood and in fact am still (hopefully)second in command.:) when they grew up to be capable of making most of their decisions seems the biggest mystery!enjoy these years. They will pass soon enough.:)

  6. Must be cool also. For them, you’re the Go-to person.

    I remember my mom used to impose a 2 pm – 3 pm “not calling mom even once” rule, unless someone was hurt. Ofcourse, she used to be the target of much pent up curiosity in the 3-4 pm hour πŸ˜€ I think, in the long run, that rule’s served her and her sanity pretty well.

    Oh, and I’m totally looking forward to the post you promised Nuttie above πŸ™‚

  7. Ooooh,sooo cute..I can just imagine you going after that whale:))…I guess the questions change after a while but you will remain an authority on placement,recovery,supplies,nursing of physical as well as psychological wounds etc. etc.!

  8. i am 25 and i still can’t do a thing without ma!

    mom- i want to wear a french plait today – do my hair
    mom- put ur hand on my head and sit
    mom- tell me a story from wehn i was 5
    and almost every 3rd day i go crying back to her – mom i m sorry i have been such a terrible child to you

  9. Hello,

    That is sweet yet irritating as I am also subjected to that in my home.
    I have a request. Do you buy Tulika/Pratham books online or in bookstores in Delhi? If you buy them from bookstores could you please let me know from where? My cousin could not locate any in Delhi so I wanted to ask where you buy them. I would appreciate if you can give me the information.
    Thank you. Lots of best wishes for the little ones.


  10. all good questions!!! mine asks, mommy, why do all the ppl have noses??!! I really have to think before I can answer πŸ™‚

  11. Soooo true. I am right there with you. I often joke with my coworkers saying that I am going to my full time job while leaving work in the evening. At least you have some maids who can help you. Here in the US, we become the cook, helper, cleaner and apart from that, spend time with the kids.

  12. MM – yeah – I can believe greatest human need is to feel needed. I can’t imagine the day when the kids won’t need me. Will be so sad.

    And thanks girl for posting often. It is nice that at least one of my favorite bloggers is consistent about posting!

    Oh yeah – I have the towel ready – bring it on – the next post! πŸ™‚

  13. i’m sooooooo happy right now that I can’t stand it! I had the most amaaaazing day (and night) yesterday (check out my post) and I’m just skipping around!

    When they asked you if you can catch whales, did you give them a lecture about how whales should not be caught cos they’re awesome gentle creatures who are bing poached? πŸ˜‰

  14. It changes with time, you know. Now it is “Mummy gimme money” for endless stuff, or “Mummy gimme car keys”, but since its not physically taxing and does not come with poop, snot and dribble, its dealable

  15. I teach at an orphanage and the questions are endless. I meet them for a few hrs very week and I am tired by the end of it all. I wonder what it will be like to do this every single day!

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