Security breach

Dear OA,

I think it’s time you stopped taking the kids to the ATM. The Brat has come home and told the entire world your pin. I checked – he got it right. Change it NOW. Yes, I know it’s the account with zero money, but still!

A very amused,



27 thoughts on “Security breach

  1. I know how it is. Have had to seriously censor comments made on phone in front of my now 8yr old since she was 2, inquisitive and talkative!

  2. LOL! and then i know this dear old lady, who, at a 50+ age, wrote her PIN on the ATM card cover, so that she could remember it, when needed, she said.
    her memory was sharply enhanced the day she lost her card (and her purse) in an auto. at 60 now, she remembers her ATM PIN very well.

    • ROFL! but you know – it must be so hard for them to change their way of life and suddenly have to deal with a world that is so technologically advanced. but the moment you change the way you look at it and tell them to remember it like a phone number, they manage!

      • yes, you’re right. this lady was a colleague, who after using the typewriter for decades, was suddenly forced to learn MS Word, had to open a demat account and receive salary credit thru e-banking…all about the same time. and if all that wasn’t traumatic enough, she was thrown in with a lot three decades younger….to her credit, she learned.
        i doubt if i’ll have the fortitude to do it at that age. as it is, i’m atleast a generation behind in terms of understanding the import of twitter!

  3. ROFL!
    Last year, my nephew told my mom’s students that it was her birthday when she wanted to keep it low key. She was surprised when a horde of kids turned up with cards and gifts, demanding cake 😀

  4. lol! i was suddenly transported back to the time my dad used to take me to the ATM to withdraw money when I was a kid! I was so fascinated by it! And he used to write the pin on the ATM card too! 😛

  5. Even i went to ATM with my father while in school,he doesn’t write PIN on the ATM cover but he writes it in a slip and keeps it along with the ATM card inside cover,even now.

  6. Hi MM,
    Kids change the entire way of life. My kids are a little younger than yours. So, we haven’t gone there yet. But, wow….I thought childproofing the house was good enough. There is lot of other things that need to be childproofed as well. 🙂 LOL

  7. Reminds me of my cousin who would take visitors on a tour of his home in Delhi and point out to them, ‘Papa keeps his briefcase here, money there and purse over here’. 🙂

  8. Once my son wanted to play computer games on hubby’s laptop. Hubby was busy with something and gave him the password. My son told all his friends his dad’s password. Well, that password was a generic one for quite a few of hubby’s email accounts and online payment accounts. Hubby had to change all of those just to be on the safer side.

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