On some solitary rock, a desperate lover left his mark, “Baby, I’ve changed. Please come back.”

Anyone know where those lines are from? No cheating and googling! No prizes being given away though!

Anyone want to take this up as a tag? Link back to my comment section if you feel enthu enough. Basically take a picture from your daily life that reminds you of a certain song. This wall belongs to the Sulabh Shauchalyaya (!!) near the Moolchand Flyover.

Another line I love from this song ( what? I know those who know, will know and those who don’t will just google) is this line – Somebody’s going to emergency, somebody’s going to jail.


38 thoughts on “Guess..

  1. This song has the *perfect* description of NewYork city. If you sleep in Manhattan, even for a night, you’d know that some body is going to the emergency and somebody to jail — simply because of the sound of ambulance and police cars.

  2. In a New York minute..hooo hooo hoo
    everything can change
    In a new york minute
    things can get pretty strange….

    i am singing this song for you!!!

  3. the groaning city in the gathering dark…I love alliterations.
    Btw vandalism and pidgin english find endorsement on this blog? acts against nature are being immortalised in song? bring out the trolls!!!

  4. Wow! What a song…

    And till now I didn’t know it existed. I also loved the lines:

    What the head makes cloudy
    The heart makes very clear
    The days were so much brighter
    In the time when she was here
    But I know there’s somebody somewhere
    Make these dark clouds disappear
    Until that day, I have to believe
    I believe, I believe

    MM, the songs you like, the ones with great lyrics, can you tell me about them… I would like to discover and know.

    • next time you come home i’ll give you a CD or something. remember how much music chatter the OA and I used to do on the ride home when he was dropping us all back?! πŸ™‚

  5. hmm..a poignant moment, it must have been…for the person who wrote that THERE.
    after all, the loo has been proven to be a place where we confront our deepest thoughts and also discover the Eagles within!

      • oh, there are enough and more music lovers out there, MM. for instance, even as i type this, i’m listening to ‘hum kisise kam nahi (1970s)….wow, in my mind’s eye, i can see rishi kapoor in a shiny space suit, dancing away to kishore’s vocals! not quite Hell Freezes Over, but fun, nevertheless!

      • I’m a long-time lurker and rarely comment…but just for this *delurks*

        Didn’t know about this song before I read your post…keep the music posts coming πŸ™‚

  6. Dude, thats so New York Minute!! πŸ˜€

    I pulled my coat around my shoulders and took a walk down through the park. The leaves were falling around me, the groaning city in the gathering dark. Some solitary rock desperate lover left his mark, baby I’ve changed, please come back…

  7. it feels good to be in the top of the class….after soooooo long.
    thank you…MM
    btw, this post of yours made me plug into Eagles again…a legendary band, of course…a few yrs ago, had the priviledge of watching them ‘live’ and when they sang the unplugged version of Hotel California, i had goose bumps all over. it was a surreal moment for be there, just a few seats away after following their music for so long.

  8. hey, sorry to sound stalkerish but i remember when the OA asked you out for the first time there was another friend who gauged the mood and got dropped to give you two some space. So is spirited seeker that friend.

    Pls don’t mind, but i remember these moments like i would from a fav show.

  9. Hmmm..this song, not so much, but all I need is

    You never thought you’d be alone this far down the line
    And I know what’s been on your mind
    You’re afraid it’s all been wasted time
    I remember what you told me before you went out on your own:
    “Sometimes to keep it together, we got to leave it alone.”…

    to get me bawling on PMS-sy days πŸ™‚

    On the super bright side, Mohit Chauhan is coming to perform.. so what if its a work event? Yippee yay! πŸ™‚

  10. ‘shhh… there are dark forces everywhere. waiting… watching. ready to throw back in my face something completely irrelevant and biased’.

    No trolls till comment 11. I will have to take the lead with a poor attempt.

    This is a cry for the halcyon days of Indian socialism when everyone cared for
    everyone. Garibi hatao was the slogan of the times. These were the days of our uncorrupted childhood. Compare this with the blatant western-ism and moral decay which today’s society faces.

    And you Mad Momma. Just because no one vandalises your house you would like to promote this mischief on others with your discriminatory contest which is biased in favour of those who have cameras (say nothing about the digital divide, digital camera vs. non digital camera)

    Have you had no thought of the effort some poor person will have to make to wipe of this graffiti. And with your contest promoting observations and recordings of graffiti (that too in English – re hindi bachao and save all other Indian languages. Why Hindi first? why not in reverse order. Biased north Indian!!!).

    Say nothing about your double standards about not writing on the walls of ones homes (recent post on an advertisement on this topic) and also the fact that you have a home when many do not (time to rope in Sitaram Yechury).

    Hmmph. How thoughtless. Obviously you do not want the common wealth games to be succesful. And this is because you are not from Delhi and still managed to study in an elite college. Grhhh elitism rears its head (cannot say ugly…because that is another set of issues – Kajol and oil of olay etc).

    Do I have some talent for this? Could you keep me on contract for when troll count is low?

  11. hello mama. i just woke up from the dead. so except the song reference, i didn’t get anything in this post. but i am commenting because i want to say that i am glad there are people out there who know that the eagles have sung more than the very-nice but the over-over-sung “hotel california”. yay eagles. happy ipl season. thank you, i am going back to the dead.

    • oh come on dont die!
      barely anyone takes interest in my music posts.
      in my misguided youth I loved – Love will keep us alive
      soft spot for Tequila Sunrise. Long story there
      – Lying eyes and New Kid in town are other old faves

      • YOu come to my office, sit for an hour and then tell me how not to die ok? Meanwhile, Tequila Sunrise totally does it for me. Come to think of it, all of Desperado was superb. Memories there too. At one point, just as you, i too believed Love will keep us alive. I wish they’d also added ‘but mediocrity will kill you.’

        • you’re working on a Saturday afternoon? dude, suicide is the only way out!
          and ROFL @ mediocrity will kill you.
          speaking of which – i dont feel too well anymore:p

          • I am a journalist, yummy mummy. I have worked, in my career, every day of the week. Including sunday and late saturday evenings. I deserve an award. And jsut for the record, i mean others’ mediocrity πŸ˜› never our own. Feel better now. Muah muah!

  12. i feel for that dude who left the message on the wall! the song… this is the first i’ve heard of it. but you know… without the song, the writing on the wall just doesn’t have the same effect. dunno why…

  13. I didn’t know this song!! Have watched the Hell Freezes Over live DVD countless times… but the only songs I remember/know are The girl from yesterday, Tequila sunrise, Love will keep us alive and of course Hotel California.. Never really paid attention to the other songs!! I’m such a #fail!!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks MM for this post, got to know of one more gem from Eagles!

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