The Garden Festival

was held at The Garden of Five Senses, Saidulajab. This is at the height of spring. So the place is in bloom and you can almost get giddy on the beauty of it. It’s funny how we don’t realise the impact nature has on our kids. The moment we took the kids in, they went nuts, smelling flowers, trying to pluck (they got a yell for that!) and generally going nuts running around, drinking up the gorgeousness of it. If and when I buy a professional camera I am going to make you guys very happy. As of now I leave you with this.

Check out these huge balls of flowers. How huge? Oh, let me see, I’m going to put the Bean in front of one for perspective!

And then these funny animals and birds created on wire frames. They’re strange, but anyone can see they take a lot of effort.

In case you had no idea HOW much the Bean loves elephants, take a look at this picture.

Bean, what is your favourite animal?Β  – Elephants!

Bean, what birthday cake do you want? –Β  An elephant cake, mama!

Bean, what do you want to be when you grow up?Β  – an elephant, mama!

And also, little gharounda stuff – is there an English word for that?

The most beautiful cactii. Did I just say beautiful and cactii in the same sentence?

And the most amazing bonsai on rock…

At one point the kids got lost in the midst of the flowers and I was reminded of a Hindi movie!

There were dancers….

There were installations in brass ….

Plenty of water bodies that posed a constant challenge – The Bean wanted to dive in, we needed to keep her out…

She finally almost won that round when she saw … what else..? Elephants! Stone elephants in a shallow pond. She charged ahead and in a second was over the railing and was about to land with a crash on her head when I screeched louder than I have in my entire life. The OA and I battled and pushed through crowds that she’d just sliced through with her err.. height advantage (?). He caught her by her leg before she went right over. I shook her till her teeth rattled. She and the Brat shamelessly grinned. Obviously I am doing something wrong if NOBODY is scared of me 😦

I think someone could have gone home that day and blogged about the terrible parents who left their little child unattended and she almost drowned.:D

Anyway, while we’re on it, I read about this lovely spring festival held by Himanshu of Red Earth. Read about it here and see Madhu Kapparath’s lovely pics. I’ve had the privilege of working with him too.


66 thoughts on “The Garden Festival

  1. The bean is a cutiepie and would make an awesome mermaid if she’d fallen in:-)
    But I take the cake….when V was 2 years old and we were posing by an artificial lake, I struck a pose(!!!!) and with a wave of my hand bonked him over the edge into the water head first while horrified onlookers frantically dialled 911! Guess who arrived faster than the genie!!! Major explanations later that I wasn’t trying to drown my only ‘puttar’ I was let go with a shivering and enraged V refusing to come to me:-)

    • *dies laughing*oh my God – This is so funny…. and I can imagine its only funny in retrospect
      this is why I love this blogging gig. I am so happy to ‘meet’ similarly nutty moms. This is so much the kind of thing I’d do. I have a feeling my kids will grow up and need a shrink. A few days ago the kids and I were at the airport. Thanks to my bum knee I cant wear heels so I pick lovely embroidered jootis. So my parents walk out at the arrivals, I catch the brat’s hand and we run in faux slow motion.. filmy style .. to meet the grandparents. The Brat gets a last minute attack of shyness and he turns around and hangs on to my legs. With the impact of his weight as I was charging forward, I landed on my arse in the most unladylike manner and we slid all the way to my parents with a shocked brat sitting in my lap and wondering what he owed the ride to… and me laughing helplessly till the tears rolled. and my awful family doubled over laughing – no one came to help me up, mind you… and a full airport lounge staring at us clowns. What do you expect?! No friction in the jootis’ soles!

        • sigh. i’m glad my misery is amusing to you guys πŸ˜‰
          dude – ask anyone who knows me in real life and they’ll tell you that this isnt even half the rubbish that happens to me. i dont blog about it because i’ll have the trolls being presumptuous enough to believe that i make it up for their reading pleasure!

          • See I knew you’d come up with a better story and was trying to get it out of you by telling mine!

            BTW, V who is all of six today and none the worse for wear, insists that I “owe” him “big” money for damage that might be uncovered later in his life.
            In his words, “What if I suddenly forget to spell someday?” WTF, I say. He’s been told the “attempt-to-drown-by-mom” saga ad-nauseaum by his wicked father so…. yeh mujhe marte dam tak pareshan karega:-)

            • πŸ˜€ you wily woman. mine wasnt really worse. It was just as bad, at best πŸ˜‰ atleast i didnt knock my son down. it was the other way around *tries to look very pi*
              now you see where he gets his brilliance from – his smart mother!
              What if I forget to spell, indeed! Too cute. Tell us more.

  2. Beanie is one stylish chick! Pink jacket neatly flung around her neck, black tights, pink shoes, lovely blue dress, hair tied up..

    Somebody enter her in already, for ‘The Most Stylish Four year old (is she 4 though? Am guessing here!) Of the Month’!!

  3. You really make me miss Delhi! And what a spirited girl Beanie is, almost jumping into the small pond πŸ™‚ Way to go, Beanie! Do as your heart bids. To protect you, your parents are there πŸ™‚
    And thanks for the Sufi Basant link. It made me very happy.

  4. I love the way you put up pictures and then weave a story around them. I don’t know if there is any book you’ve written, but you are one hell of a storyteller! Please excuse my language.

    • not at all. I like a girl who isnt scared of saying heck πŸ˜€ or worse πŸ˜‰
      everyone asks me about a book. but i dont have a book in my head – yet.
      i do want a column. which everyone helpfully (:-/) points out, I already have here.
      not very ambitious, am i? :p

  5. 1. The header pic is beautiful! Your terrace garden, I suppose?
    2. The garden of five senses sounds intoxicating and looks gorgeous.
    3. I LOVED the stone elephants in the pond. Before I saw that picture, I expected to see tiny elephants underwater. I was pleasantly surprised, and I’d have run toward them just like Beanie did. Go, Beanie!
    I had caused a similar scare as a toddler in Goa. I was running toward the sea (where the dock for a boat ended, and the water suddenly was too deep) and my dad caught me just in time. Guess he and mom didn’t want to go through the whole process of birthing a child again πŸ˜›

    • yep – my garden. I’m thrilled as you can see. slogging hard with it this year
      the garden of five sense is awesome… we love taking the kids there
      – you put your parents off more kids, huh?! πŸ˜€

  6. Beautiful!!!!! Reminds me of the Flower show we have in Lalbagh. This year for the first time i braved the crowds and took the kids. Looking at the crowd and the line my lil one for some reason thought we were entering a temple and folded his hands πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    BTW, i am kind a jelous that you are still wearing jackets in Delhi..It’s blazing here and we cant get thru the night without an AC 😦

  7. BTW, is the header a pic of your terrace garden..if yes what’s the secret behind growing petunias ?? Every time my Petunis plants just drop dead..i hv tried everything..mild sunligt, lots of sun, moderate watering, Bio compost, Neem fertilizer everything and they are the only ones which dont survive…Any ideas..and BTW i grow them in pots.

  8. Oh don’t worry about it…we were the star attraction at the Lalbagh Republic day flower show, when we 3 staged a dharna to get Dhruv to hold our hands…he finally capitulated.

    LOLing at Bean’s pachydermic obsession. Dhruv practically hugged the fire engine standing at the park…

    Beautiful pics and I’m already guessing Bean’s cake on Monday will have a long trunk πŸ˜‰

  9. wonderful pics, MM. every toddler must have a thing for elephants, i guess…my 2-year old keeps calling them ‘ai-shints’ and also sleeps on a stuffed elephant pillow (the best animal to make a stuffed pillow out of, i’d say)….

    • oooooooooooh. so thats what you’re doing on my blog. you have a baby too! its so cute to find men reading my blog. and then i discover that they have kids and the coin drops!

      • guilty as charged, MM. but only somewhat. you do yourself a disservice – i read your blog not only because you write about babies; i read because you write well. period.

      • guilty as charged, MM. but only partially. iread your blog not because you write about babies; i read because you write well. i mean, generally in life. period.

          • eessshh!!!this must be my most embarrassing moment on the blogosphere. first, my computer stalls when i am posting a comment, so i type in my response again and see a typo. then i go ahead and mis-spell ‘typo’. then i realise that my first comment has been posted nicely and all the dirty linen is flapping about on the clothesline!

  10. Sounds and looks lovely MM. Spring is my favorite season- everything is so fresh and green full of hope and the possibility of warm summer months ahead.

    Loved these pics!

  11. Beanie is a girl after my own heart!!1 I have such a thing for elephants!!!!!! I have three elephant pendants, my childhood comfort toy an elephant and I can’t resist buying elephant soft toys!!! I for one cannot wait to her see her birthday cake!!!

    Gorgeous pictures, buy that professional camera, I for one will be khoob khushi :))

  12. Lovely!it looks so festive and the flowers are to die for!As for Beanie and her heffalump obsession..awwwwwww!

  13. I am not so fond of flowers but those blue beauties make me want to like them. But it’s a lovely thing to take the kids to. And well done on the garden-in-the-header πŸ™‚ As always, a very nice read. Thanks!

    • arent they gorgeous? i wasnt into gardening either. I took it all for granted while growing up. today i cant help but yearn for this part of my childhood and try and incorporate it into the kids’ life in some way….

  14. Why would anybody be scared of you? You shout at them for hours, and then melt in a second when they do some googly-woogly thing. Useless.

    So I’m guessing she loves the Elephant Marching song from Disney’s Jungle Book, huh?

    • *glares*
      that is SO not true. SO SO SO .. okay fine. so it is. I cant even yell at you long enough. you’d make a terrible troll, btw.
      and yes she does love that song πŸ™‚

  15. Reminds me of when I was 9 and my sis, 6, when on a sunday school picnic to a park nearby, she toppled and fell into one of these shallow lily ponds! It was hilarious, cos she was fished out and made to stand out in the sun to dry :P.
    But when the incident happened, I was dying of fear, as my usually-reluctant-to-let-us-go-on-outings without them, had let us go for the first time and I was responsible for her!

    Is it only me who is distressed by the Bean’s unruly, gorgeous mop of hair being tied up into neat lil pig/ pony tails in all the pics? 😦
    Love the pic of her near the orange ephelant (that is what we called these things back in college) where she is mid-way through well..marching/ stomping her feet with excitement? Cuteness.

  16. It really is good to see spring blossoms from Delhi, more so the color palette in your own garden.. very refreshing.
    My water story: I fell in the neighbour’s shallow water tank when trying to kick a floating water ball in it, when I was 7. Was enrolled in swimming classes after that summer.

    • πŸ˜€ all of you with your falling into the water stories are ALMOST convincing me to forgive the bean. I had a story on my old blog which is shut now so I may as well tell you here.
      I was 3, my Tambi was 2. And we had a fish pond in the garden that we’d been told to stay away from. Naturally I had to lean over – and I fell in with a splash. I’d have drowned if Tambi hadn’t gone running for help. Plus I am convinced I’d have let out ear splitting screams. Anyway, I was fished out and was being given a good dressing down when Tambi decided to ‘kick’ the fish for ‘biting’ me and he fell in. As you can see, we were never allowed to forget that story πŸ˜€

      • Haha, like you said before, all funny in retrospect. And you know what, that’s what memories are for. Bean will have her water story too now πŸ™‚

  17. awesome awesome pics… ojas will be thrilled to meet beanie as someone will understand his love for elephants πŸ˜‰

    he went out of control when he saw real elephants in the zoo

  18. Hi MM,

    I have to tell you I get inspired everytime I read a baby post of yours. Inspite of 2 busy jobs, you take the kids to so many activities and vacations. I am trying to do it more these days.

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