The Holi weekend

… was spent tucked away in beautiful, hilly Mussoorie. It was a lovely choice because it gave us the quiet we craved along with the option of going into town if we wanted some action. G’pa and Nani joined us so you can imagine what fun we had. The OA and I got to sleep in, read in bed and eat till we were at bursting point.

The old knees didn’t give up inspite of us picking a hotel that had endless steps. Here – now do you believe me?

Anyway – the holiday taught me a couple of lessons. Here goes. Children can play with anything, anytime. Even gravel.

That if you get the grandparents to wear hats, its a breeze getting the kids to agree.

That you can look at monkeys as entertainment, not pestsΒ  – even if they get into your hotel room, rob you of the brownies you spent an hour baking before you left for your holiday – and that you won’t get mad because you’re amused by how enchanted your kids are.

That you can find a bright spot of colour in the midst of dull rooftops.

That a cheesy paddle boat ride that you wouldn’t normally touch with a barge pole is the high point of your child’s holiday.

That the child in you comes to life as you kick around the last remaining bits of snow in drains on the way to Dhanaulti.

That you can tell so much about each child’s temperament by the way they react to a simple situation. The OA swings a leg over the railing and yells down to the kids in courtyard below – “I’m jumping down”. The ever gentle Brat gets upset – “Don’t jump dada – you’ll hurt yourself.” The Bean stretches her arms up and says, “Jumpppppppp!! I’ll catch you.”

That both my kids think they’re royalty and after the holiday woke up in Delhi one morning asking for ‘their own horses’ to be brought around.

That nothing is complete until I’ve shared it with my kids. I’ve been to Cheetal Grand many times but I only felt I’d truly got my money’s worth after the babies visited it this time.


43 thoughts on “The Holi weekend

  1. Oi! The next time you decide to go to Mussoorie, you should check out The Carlton Plaisance. It’s just out of Mussoorie, and is a rambling, old, old, old house, with a St. Bernard and a lovely couple who own the house. They have an ancient drawing room that has an autographed picture of King Edward, and real lace curtains from Chantilly from the 16th Century. We stayed in the room that Tenzin Norgay had once slept in. Beautiful! πŸ™‚

  2. it always amuses me what kids enjoy playing with! We bought my nephews (actual hub’s nephews) loads of gifts when v came to delhi and the younger one was most amused by a free thimble which came with the gift.

    and i love the part where bean volunteers to catch OA…so cute!

  3. re: the steps: kitna acha ^homely touch^ na, so you dont miss home.
    and the mussorie monkeys eating your monkeys share of brownies was so shweet too.
    lovely pics and thanks for sharing.

  4. Never been to Mussoorie… lovely pictures and a lovely place by the looks of it.. quiet is something which you rarely get in hill stations nowadays.

  5. Gorgeous pics as per usual. The monkeys are so cute. You walked all those stairs everyday????? Whoa! No wonder you look like you do after two kids :))) Chital Grand is so much fun, I’ve been there tons of times but I get so excited about the animals and their beautiful lawns and funny signs. There is one that warns against stealing of cutlery.

  6. you make parenting seem like a walk in the park! :o)

    Btw, i plan to be in Delhi in April sometime. I know you don’t know me, but I would really love to meet you and the kids! Hope you don’t think me too presumptuous! Would you like to meet up?

      • let me rephrase! You make it seem like something that’s worth the effort, and it’s fun. A lot of folks make it seem like your life is over and done with once you have kids! which is just plain wrong i feel.

        anyway…I’ll be mailing you soon!

        • true. and i feel bad for those who feel that way. children are part of life. they are not an interruption. or a disruption. if you can look at it that way you wont be too upset.

  7. Lovely pics, MM. Didnt know the OA had such dishy- looking salt and pepper hair.. niiice πŸ˜‰

    Mussoorie looks like a lovely place..

    Btw, how come we haven’t heard you gushing abt your fave man, Farhan Akhtar in KCK, yet? πŸ™‚ Do write..

  8. Aw toys were always overrated – gravel makes afantastic plaything – until the first handful gets flung on someone, of course πŸ™‚

    Lovely holiday…you find such wonderful places to visit!


  9. Loved your blog and this post in particular.. took me back to my hilly days in Darjeeling….Esp. the part where I demanded my own pony to be driven from home to the mall n back and yes a personal jocky too who knew nursery songs!!! to think back now.. Lolz!!!

    thnaks for refreshing memories….

  10. What a relaxed vacation. DOn’t the brat n bean come up to you wanting a vacation every month?:P
    You a Farhan Akhtar fan too? I got a t shirt autographed by him. Nyah nyah na na nyah na.

  11. Wow!it looks so beautiful and I love the pics of B n B…they are the cutest ever!
    This is the kind of holiday everybody needs…lovely locale,family available to look out for the kids if necessary…bliss:)

  12. Sigh. Now I miss my Mussoorie-Bond-all-things-fab vacation that ended with a bear hug from you. 😦

  13. you know…the point about kids playing with anything…it’s so true! We were at a friend’s place to visit their newborn and another friend
    s two year old spotted a brand new Pooh in its box. She was just playing with it (still in the box) and the new mom went ahead and opened it and brought it out of the box for her. That’s it…she didn’t want to play with it anymore. She was more interested in the box, than the bear itself πŸ™‚
    Another friend who’s due in a couple weeks is grappling with a “small” apartment (its really not that small…just filled with stuff) and she was hemming and hawing about where will the baby run? I had to tell her…the baby will be fine running in the space available…he’s not going to hold it against you for not providing perfect weather and a perfectly long running patch! Sheesh!!!

  14. Belated Happy Holi to you all! Sounds like a fun fun Holi indeed. Isn’t Cheetal Grand the restaurant on the highway when you drive from Delhi to Dehradun? The one that’s famous for its omelets? Apparently they whip the batter in the washing machine, that’s how they get those divine omelets.
    So have you got them those horses yet?

  15. Nostalgic!!!!!

    It’s been almost 3 months since I went there…..that’s the luxury of being a Doonite!

    Next time, when you are in Mussoorie, do take a detour towards George Everest near Hathi Paon …….kids will love it and so will u guys……no better place than that for an unhindered view of Doon Valley (one of the world’s biggest flat valleys) than George Everest….. I pity Govt’s apathy towards that great pieve of architecture……you can come back to Hathi Paon chowk and walk/drive towards Cloud End (Thid building in Mussoorie) or drive towards wishing well…..for a dekko of other side of Doon Valley……you will find remains of a house that belonged to a British lady who loved to hunt…….sadly this place too has fallen prey to Land Mafia- Local politician mafia nexus…..Arun Dev Builders is busy doing construction out there…..thus making a mockery of SC imposed ban….

    Next time, you can also walk upto Chaar Dukaan & Sister Bazaar ( called so because Sisters of Army hospital used to shop there during WW I & II)…..dont forget to have some Maggi at Chaar Dukaan (corner shop right after newly renovated church- one of the most beautiful buildings in Mussoorie)……and then you also have Kellogs Chapel…..and Landour Language school….Nearby Graveyard has tombstones that dates back to mid 18th century…..a quiet place…..Also, don’t forget to notice Victor Banerjee’s beautiful house few meters ahead of Graveyard…….a great work of part Tibetan architecture! And, then you will also get to see another modern work of art or jugaad (improvisation)- Prannoy Roy’s house- a telling tale sign of clout Media baron weilds- made a mockery of rule that supposedly bans all new construction….

    Way to Chaar Dukaan goes past Ruskin Bond’s house at Malingkar……any book-lover who is visiting Mussoorie would do well to pay his respects to the legend…..

    You know most dilliwallahs don’t even know about these places- they only know The Mall…..

    If this is not enough…you have my email id and do drop me an email and I can write about 100 such places that not many have seen in Mussoorie…….you won’t believe I have never been to the Mall even once in last 4 years…….and I have visited Mussoorie at least 20 times in last 4 years…..

    Anyways……we must have crossed each other while on way to Mussoorie… I was in Dehradun only during that time…..and went to Rajpur road many times…..

    Do let me know next time when you are in Doon!

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