Baby philosophers

In the last few days my kids have been spouting words of wisdom, albeit unwittingly!

Here’s the Bean’s – “I’m too small – my feet don’t reach the pedals.” This was first said when we put her on the Brat’s big cycle. For some reason she kept it up and every time we tell her to do something she is unable to, be it putting her plate in the sink (she’s too short to reach in) or pulling a sweater out of her wardrobe (too short again!) – she replies with – “But my feet don’t reach the pedals!”

The Brat’s came suddenly over the weekend in Mussoorie. He and his G’pa were scrambling up the mountainside, grandfather pushing the shrubs aside and making way for grandson, when he suddenly looked at G’pa and said “I don’t want to walk in your path. I want to make my own path.”

Right. Jeeyo mere laal!


33 thoughts on “Baby philosophers

  1. Lol to both of them . Especially the Brat. You can stop worrying about him, this little guy is going be sucessful because he is not afraid of carving his own way and for going into unchartered territories. If only more kids (and grown ups) thought like him. Anti-Jinx for both babies

  2. They are the cutest kids ever!
    I love the picture. It says so much abt u guys- exploring unchartered territories. I don’t think I can ever convince the husband that we should go and see what’s there, forget the kids!
    BTW, I am going to heavily use ‘my feet can’t reach the pedals’. It totally describes my life right now. Patent/trademark the phrase before it becomes common usage- it does have the potential, I am telling ya.

  3. awww.. baby philosophers indeed!!

    i loved the brat’s philosophy – ‘i want to make my own path’..

    guess it’s got to do with the kind of books that you make them read 😛

  4. They talk like they are so big. Man these kids I tell you are real smart out of the box.Lol loved their words.

  5. how inspirational what brat said!!! one day my son said, mommy lets not do this in fast motion or slow motion, let do this in medium motion!! He was 5 at the time. I had to stop & ponder upon what he said and how it had a broader sense 🙂

  6. OMG… I love love love your babies!

    Hey mad momma, need to make a request! I know that I am very new to your blog, and you don’t know anything about me… but still, I am going to be shameless enough to make this request. If you happen to get the time, write a post on a guide to a good Delhi life… for a fresh off the boat Delhite yaa! You see, I will be moving to Delhi shortly, and in India I have not gone to any place north of K’taka… the worst part, I have been out of India for the past 5 years and completely out of touch with the Indian life. Now, all of a sudden I got a job in Delhi and I will be moving there!

    I am super duper excited, but nervous at the same time. I am moving back to India in search of happiness, not money, not a fancy career, but just happiness. What if I am disappointed? What if Delhi is not my kind of a place? I don’t know… I would be too shattered to gather pieces of myself together again and move elsewhere! 😦

    Sorry for hijacking your sweet little post about your two little Aristotles… but my blog was a huge disaster, and I need lots of opinion… preferably Delhi opinions… so decided to be the selfish bitch I usually am, and took the liberty write all this over here!

    PS: If you do happen to write that post for me, just make sure you have tons of suggestions for a single 27 year old woman lost in Delhi! 😉

    • I think this is a lovely idea 🙂
      Will do the post in a couple of days.
      The nice part about Delhi is that it is everyone’s ‘kind of place’ – no one caste or community can lay claim to it or insist on a language… if you come here wanting to be happy, you will. on the philosophical note I shall shut up 😀

      • How sweet of you to even consider my random stupid request!! I’m truly humbled! 🙂

        After reading this reply… if not any of your philosophy, just the fact that there are warm people such as yourself living in Delhi has made me feel soooooo much more positive about moving there! Really! 😀

  7. At the risk of annoying all Delhi-ites. I didn’t like Delhi the couple of times I visited. Too flashy, a little surreal and the lines of ricks waiting to fill petrol had me feeling very upset.

    • LOL! none taken. Its not easy to take to a new city. I don’t enjoy Bombay and Madras – but I love Calcutta and Hyderabad (other than my beloved Delhi of course!). I hated Delhi when I landed here and I’ve grown to love it. It’s definitely flashy… I don’t know what you mean by surreal in this context. And the long lines might have been years ago when CNG began. The autos would queue up all night because there were not enough CNG pumps. On the other hand, thanks to the CNG move, the city is cleaner and greener!

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