Music through 2009

This post is inspired by Dipta’s post on the best singles of 2009… and also because Priya asked me to list my hindi playlist.

Let me start with Dilli 6’s Rehna Tu. I think I particularly loved it because it’s a lovesong to the city I love – Who ever wrote a love song to a city, I ask you? And the jazz influence and the lazy way Rahman sings it make me want to stretch languidly and grin sort of complacently. Thoda sa resham, thoda so khurdura… Prasoon Joshi’s magical lyrics, an ode to saddi Dilli – a city that deserves nothing less.

I also loved Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar from the same movie and it was a tough choice. I love the line – Bada kas ke gale lagata hai, dhadkan ki dhoom sunata hai. That’s Delhi for you. It’s alive and it embraces you with all the enthusaism of a young hearty  punjabi –  you may or may not like that sort of a welcome but there it is. And yes, you can hear its heart beat even as it draws you closer. Is ke baiyen taraf bhi dil hai, iske daiyen taraf bhi dil hai, yeh sheher nahi mehfil hai.

Next up – Tere Naina, from Chandni Chowk to China. I didn’t get a chance to watch the movie and I’ve been told I haven’t missed anything so I’m going to stick with loving this song. Shankar Mahadevan’s isn’t a voice I swoon over, but he’s possibly the best choice for this song – who else can you imagine singing Yeh pyaar ki hai baaten, Kuch ankahi mulaqatein, Ho aise hi milte hai, mil ke machalte hai, Do dil jawan – in just that way? I love the breathless quality of Shreya Ghoshal”s voice right here  – Mere dil mein jo armaan hai paas aa ke zara dekhona. I don’t watch TV and so until I caught the video on youtube I didn’t imagine their comical Mary Poppins-esque umbrella flight. I pictured a very sultry almost Bipasha Basu-ish Deepika giving Akshay the come hither on a beach or silken sheets. Sigh. Sometimes my imagination serves me better than the director’s!

Wake up Sid. An okay movie – could have been chopped to half its size, but would have lost its easy pace and I’d never have realised that the costume designer took my wardrobe and dressed Konkona in it. Anyway – I love the male version of the song Iktara. Tochi Raina has a brilliant voice and I love the words Band darwaja dekhe lauti hai subah, Thandi hai angeethi seeli, seeli hain deewarein, Goonje takrake inme dil ki sada. I have no idea why. In the other version I love Kavita Seth singing Sun rahi hoon sudhbudh kho ke, Koi main kahani, Puri kahani hai kya kisi hai pata, Main to kisiki ho ke yeh bhi na jaani, Ruth hai yeh do pal ki ya rahegi sada

Aaj Din Chadheya from Love Aaj Kal was a big hit for me too. Its funny though, because I have Tamil, Bengali and Garhwali roots, born and brought up in UP and here I am, loving the raw, rustic feel of Punjabi. Almost as though there’s a hint of it somewhere in my blood, making its presence felt. Somehow the same emotions that sound soppy in English and beautiful in Hindi, sound raw and elemental in Punjabi. In the bargain I’m also learning a bit of Punjabi and vicariously living my dream of being a Punjaban! Add to that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice and you have – magic! I love the simplicity of the song and the emotions. The best part is the whole irreverent demanding of God that he gives him his lover…  I also liked Chor Bazaari for the idea behind the song as well as Deepika’s kurtas. Very Delhi, very cute!

I’m sure you’re all wondering why the love of my life, Mohit Chauhan, hasn’t made it to the list. Well here he is with my biggest favourite this year. Pehli Baar from Kaminey. I’m torn between loving Vishal Bharadwaj movies and his music. I think I’m going to pick music by a fine margin. I spent a month falling asleep to Pehli Baar, playing it on repeat, tears welling up in my eyes. After the first week of it, the OA was in tears in too – then he learned to plug his ears. Where do I begin? Mohit Chauhan’s voice? It brings me to my knees. The lyrics are so bloody soulful you wonder whether it was written with the express purpose of reducing you to a sobbing mess, of no use to God, man or country. All hail Gulzar; it’s a rare person who could actually write this and make it sound poetic – khwab ke bhoj se, kapkapati hui, halki palkein teri yaad aata hai sab, tujhe gudgudana… satana yuhi sote hue, gaal pe teepna… meechna bewajah besabab… Ordinarily I can’t stand Piggy Chops. Why? Because the OA loves her. Stands to reason I can’t stand her guts! But I love the way she stutters – “I toh like you without clothes only.” So refreshing to see a woman state her mind instead of pretending she’s above the it all. Also, she uses the word ‘toh’ in the middle of a sentence in English – just like I do. Argh.

Another  movie I haven’t had the dubious pleasure of watching – Singh is King -but I liked the song Teri Ore. The music is lovely – you can’t go wrong with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal, can you? I don’t like Katrina but I did love her Chandni-type plain chiffons. And they had me at the Ek Heer thi, tha ek Ranjha line. Yeah, I’m easy that way.

In case it is apparent yet, I love Delhi, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Punjabi and Sikhs, and Akshay Kumar. Infact I think I just noticed the pattern myself. Because next up is Falak Tak Chal from Tashan. It wasn’t a movie I particularly enjoyed but this one song is what I watched it for. Someone said my taste is going to the dogs because this is the kind of song they play in local buses all day. I’m inclined to agree, but I’m rather shameless so I’ll keep it on the list. The music is very similar to Teri Ore and in this case I love the video even though its just the usual running around trees and beaches. I particularly enjoyed Akshay’s proposal in English in the midst of the song, calling himself “a bit of a dick”. And the quirk of the movie Falak, playing at a theatre near them! As for the lyrics.. I knew them within a couple of days and was heard wandering around the house singing  – suraj ko hui haraarat, raaton ko kare shararat, bhaitha hai khidki pe teri

And finally  – movie of the year for me, DevD. If you’ve studied in North Campus, Delhi University, chances are you’ve been into the seediest parts of Pahargunj and seen people doing drugs like you’ve never seen before. Dev reminded me of so many other young guys I’ve known that I sat on the edge of my seat through the movie hoping it didn’t end badly. Yet another song about my beloved Delhi, two in the same year – someone up there must be feeling affectionate towards me! Pardesi and Nayan Tarse are the OA’s favourites and I did love the Twilight Dancers in Pardesi but again, that something earthy in Dhol Yaara Dhol just grabbed me by the err… well it just grabbed me and made me want to dance my feet off.  And I did what I always do – played it nonstop till the OA wanted to rip out his toes and plug his ears. The kids began to call it Mama’s song. You get the picture. I thought the entire album was awesome, but if you caught me by the scruff of my neck and forced me to pick a favourite, I’d go with this one.

As luck would have it – the Bean only likes Emosional Atyachar.

Edited to addas the BFF pointed out, I forgot Kailash Kher’s Tu Jaane Na. Actually Kailash Kher is another singer who has this ability to put his soul into each song, making you live each line. So we have this little online group where once a week or so we send each other a ‘Song of the week’.  It could be an old song or a new one, but it always comes at a time when I desperately need an upper. And yes, as she said – Milke bhi, humna mile….  Kaise batayein, kyun tujhko chaahein. I’ll go so far as to say that the song in anyone else’s voice wouldn’t have slunk into my list.

And OH.MY. GOD (said Janice-style) how could I forget this one from Billu Barber?! Khudaya Khair. Brilliant lyrics. Tara chamkeela hoga, chand sharmila hoga, nath mein laga lena, Or even  –  Woh jab nakhoon kutarti hai, toh chanda ghatne lagta hai, woh paani par kadam rakhe, sagar bhi hat hata hai. Gulzar again – did I need to mention that?  Naturally the OA prefers this version – how can he not like Piggy in hot pants? Admittedly (with poor grace) its easier to dance to.

Sigh. This was fun. Thanks Deetto!


36 thoughts on “Music through 2009

  1. Ohhh had to comment, since I lovvvvvvvvve Dhol yaara Dhol too! Had that song playing nonstop for days… and yes, all DevD songs are fab, but there is something about this one..siggh..

  2. I just love love love most of the songs you mentioned..
    yeh dilli hai mere yaar.. there cldnt have been a better song about delhi…
    and darling the punjabi in you… is maybe coz of me.. 🙂 he he he….
    the line from Aaaj din chadiya- “maanga jo mera hai, jaata kya tera hai, maine kaaun si tujhse jannat mang lee..”… this came to my mind many times after the incident w me last year…

    • 😦 and before I know it you’re back home commenting on my blog instead of staying here and being part of my life
      *bursts into tears*

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………….. I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

      as for the incident with you last year… its never going to happen again. I’ve put every ounce of myself into a prayer for you.

      btw – have I missed out on any of our ‘song of the week’ numbers?

      • I Miss you tooooooo…you are one of those important people in my life for whom i keep making these quick trips to India…..
        yes you did miss out on one song which we all love…Tu jaane Na- the kailash Kher version ( ajab prem kee gazab kahani)… Kaise bataye kyu tujhko chahe… love that line… and its sooo true and fits in many places in our life…:-)

  3. We have quite a few common favorites in 2009 list 🙂

    Iktaara song: as much as I liked the male version, Kavita Seth did the magic for me … brilliant ! Reminded me of Reshma of Lambi Judaii fame (another song I simply love)

    I preferred Chor Bazaari over Aaj Din … some how those kurtas on Deepika did it for me !

    You are so right about being torn between Vishal Bharadwaj’s films and music ….

  4. Tu jaane na is sung by Atif Aslam. I actually thought maybe there were two versions, when i read your review. but after a listen i know it’s Atif Aslam. i’d know his voice anywhere.

    love love love “khudaya khair”. Its such an underrated song.

  5. I like them all – except the falak 🙂 Much as I love Akshay, I think I will settle with Chandni CHowk to CHina for now..

    If I can get a grace song from 2008 – it will be AAoge jab tum – from Jab we met..

    Love all DevD songs- but my fave matches the beans:) I sing it real loud in the shower..

  6. Missed a couple –
    Khudaya ve – from Luck – aansson namak si laage, rishtein he kachey daagey.. reth pe apne saayein , kudh se kyun door bhaagey…
    Rasiya from Kurbaan…

  7. Loved this list.. and a phun post to read too. I’d have done this list, except mine will be a copy of yours.. other than any Katrina Kaif songs.. arrrrggggh!! But I lurrrve ‘Nayan Barse’ and ‘Pehli Baar’. Right now though, I’m totally tripping on all MNIK songs.

    Btw, just to keep that dream going, when I did start reading through your blog early on, I always thought you were a Punjaban. 🙂

  8. Piya Jaise Ladoo from Radio- one of my most fav..

    Udi Udi from Paa (ofcourse the original was waaaaaaay better)

    8X10 Tasveer song – Kuch Is Tarah and Hafiz Kudha

    Dilli 6 – apart from the ones u have mentioned, I loved Ghenda Phool…oh the list goes on….

  9. this list sounds like my list of favs! except for teri or, which i dislike! and what abt aahun aahun?! i know it might be cheesy, but i luhhhhhhhhhve that song! i listened to it when i was sick and that song made me feel like dancing, and everyone knows that sick people can’t dance! 😀 That song is my pick-me-up song! *grin*

  10. I LOVED Falak Tak and Nayan Tarse too!and although Tu Jaane Na has two versions, I liked the Kailash Kher version better. His voice just adds so much more meaning to the song. Oh, and there’s a song in Luck by Chance- ‘Pyaar Ki Dastaan’ which I recently rediscovered and fell in love with.

    I also have some super dhinchak songs like “Paisa Paisa” and “Love Me” from 2009 on my Ipod. They’re too much fun to be ignored!:P

  11. ‘Ali Maula’ from Kurbaan? I didn’t watch the movie, and I do not like Kareena Kapoor much, but I LOVE that song.

    Also, please can I have one month grace? Then I would include ‘Dil toh bachcha hai jee’. It’s been playing on a loop, loop, loop for the past one month, and driving everybody crazy.

    But 2009 will always be the year of Emotional Atyachar and Dhan te nan for me. The sheer adrenaline rush from these two songs is unbelievable. 😀

  12. the list brings back such lovely memories of the music year 2009 was … and just reading the lyrics here and humming the tune brought a smile to my face – so agree with ur choices. tho’ not in the same league in terms of melody with the other songs listed here – the song which has played the most in my living room during parties is “Paisa Paisa” – love that song 🙂

  13. oh, i love most of the songs from this list.. i haven’t heard a couple of them..

    thanks for the post!! 🙂

    do you like tera hone laga hoon from ajab prem ki ghazab kahani? i LOVE it!! i love emotional attyachaar too..

  14. ok! i just realised that I have missed lot many ;)))
    1. Chor Bazaari from Love Aaj Kal
    2. Newyork’s songs…almost all of them actually 🙂

    and lemme share a tidbit about the Aaj Din Chadeyan? ;))) – for the recording of this song, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan didnt get his visit visa..and so this song was sung thru skyped and Pritam recorded the same from the same 🙂 cool na?

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