A quickie poll and some info

So UTBT is running a poll here on home languages and learning a second language. If you have any opinion whatsoever on what language your kids should be learning at home and how you want to go about it, do go and give your valuable opinion here. It would really help her so do spare some time for it.

I’d be happy to hear about it in my comments section too.

Also, a guide for those taking autos in Delhi by a friend of mine. Here goes

I dread to travel around Delhi in auto rickshaws. It’s horribly stressful. They refuse, overcharge, misbehave and harass us most of the time. So here are few options to set things straight.

  • Make sure you note the vehicle no before you get in.
  • Check the website link http://www.delhitrafficpolice.nic.in/sms-services-6767.htm and follow the instructions. It really works.
  • Call 100, register your complaint and the PCR vans in the area you are in, arrive in no time to help out.
  • When the driver refuses to go by the meter, agree to go at the rate he announces. As soon as you spot a traffic booth or a traffic policeman on your way, inform them
  • When they refuse to go where you need to, get into the rickshaw and call the police, and don’t get out until they reach the spot.

It’s worked for me, brilliantly. Delhi police is improving, in fact am rather impressed. Give them a chance and exercise your right.


28 thoughts on “A quickie poll and some info

  1. MM,

    I believe in knowing at least two languages. I want my children to know Tamil (our mother tongue) and possibly understand/speak Hindi (wider reach?)


  2. MM in my experience the cops really don’t do much when you tell them the auto guy is refusing to go by the meter. From my office to Jhandewalan, it around 55 bucks but rarely do I find one ready to go that side. They ask for 70-80 minimum.

    I took an autowala to a cop and the cop said “Madam, yes 10-20 rupaiye se aapko kitna farak padta hai? De dijiye na.” he took action only when I told him that I was a lawyer.

    On the contrary, my friend and me took a cab to a police station once in Bombay when his meter was not right and they actually took action there.

    I hope the cops in Delhi improve by the time the Commonwealth Games start

  3. This post aptly came on time…this morning only I shelled out 45 bucks as against a meter ride of Rs 25…It hurts to see your good money going down the drain…I’ll sure try this formula…hope it works…Hey thanks MM, U r a gem! 🙂

  4. I really do hope these steps help folks travel more easily in Delhi. It’s a right shame it isn’t less painful to get around such a gorgeous, spread-out city.

  5. In Bangalore, autowallahs are very smart – they have a new way of making more money (apart from the usual of course!) – if the meter shows the fare as Rs 18 and you give them a twenty, they just don’t give you the change. If you press them, they say, “No change.” or “Two rupees, what’s the big deal to you, madam?”

    I hope the Bangalore cops start something like this soon!

  6. an autowallaha once refused to go where i wanted to so i sat in the auto, switched on the video record on my cellphone and asked him to say his name, his owner;s name and that he was not ready to take me.

    he freaked out! don’t know if it will alwyas work but try it!

  7. At the risk of offending all Delhiites, I must say that the auto problem here is more to do with lack of vehicles than with over-charging. I pay Rs 80 (on average) to go from Safdarjung to ITO. To travel that distance in Madras, I’d have to pay at least Rs 200 — and that’s after much bargaining, weeping and maybe threats.

  8. In Ahmedabad, the auto-wallas are not as bad as what the Delhi ones sound like. But they are notorious for NEVER having any change. So most of the time, you end up giving a few rupees extra! I dont mind doing it every once in a while when the guy genuinely does not have change, but when it happens every single time, it pisses me off!

  9. I recently was in Delhi and the auto guy that dropped me gave me a quick plight on how miserable their life with the police. While there seem to be offenders, he showed me literature from naayabhoomi.org (or something of that sort) which had detailed the problems.

    Right from getting challaned for ‘No Parking’ to 5K fine for a customer complaint, they have very little room for mischief. While I agree that some of them are uncouth, their life is spent day in and day out on the road with little support/consideration from the govt if an accident were to occur.

    The next time you decide to teach them a lesson, perhaps its worth taking a peek into their world. Not that his should be a yardstick for good behavior, I found Delhi AW’s much cheaper compared to Hyd and MAS.

    • well i’m all for helping those who need it. but i dont believe theres ever an excuse for harassment. your life being miserable is no excuse for you ripping me off … i could also be some lower middle class person.

  10. I tweeted about it, hoping more will benefit. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S: I have to admit though sitting forcefully in an auto in Delhi does sound like a daredevil idea to me. 😦

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