Mixed emotions

It’s a little flattering but also rather scary to be the arm that two little sets of hands cling on to.


34 thoughts on “Mixed emotions

  1. Lovely pic, MM! I love the way Bean is holding on to your arm. And Brat seems to say that no matter how mcuh of the world he would like to explore, he needs mom’s hand by his side. How much loved children make us feel.

  2. You bet! There’s nothing to beat the feeling when my daughter hugs me and wants to cling on for a while. It scares the shit out of me too to know that I am responsible for her. Sometimes it feels quite unreal even after 8 yrs when I go to a parent-teacher meeting and the teachers discuss her progress, and I am like- this is my child they are talking about!

  3. Do B & B fight for every inch of you? I get that ALL the time. If I lie down in between the two and tell them a story, I have to look straight up at the ceiling, else I will hear “Mammmmmmma – you are looking ONLY at her, turn to me!!” or “You are closer [by 2 mm] to HER!!” 🙂

  4. hi. started a new blog and came here ! have been reading on and off for a while, so just leaving a note to say i stopped by and love the energy and warmth in your writing !

  5. Mixed Reactions to Mixed Emotions 🙂

    1) Very Scary to be the hand that little hangs cling on. Very scary to be the one responsible for their life

    2) Hmmmm …(smile on face) – dont know what the emotion is called…but yes i too want to know what this “lovely feeling” is when a little someone clings onto u!

    but as of now- Very Scary dominates the emotions

  6. when i come to dilli will i be allowed to photograph them? pretty please?!

    also- i want to make u a new header banner! it’s been so long!

  7. You know all those random scenes from childhood that stick on in your memory for no seemingly apparent reason? Like the 1 out of 3,000 days when you stood by the gate, listening to the familiar sound of Appa’s bike turning the street corner? Or the one fish meal dinner conversation on a full moon day facing the silver reflection in the sea across your house, of the many million family dinners shared? Your picture posts are all like that – seemingly routine, but oh-so-special. You make me want to not wait a moment longer in becoming a mother and making all these memories on my own. God bless your family.. hugs.

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