The original plan for the long weekend

… was to drive out of Delhi, spend a large amount of money on the stay and show the kids something of the country they live in. But a late Thursday night did us in and we were really not up to more driving and sleeping in strange beds. So I spent Rs 199 and bought us a reprieve in the form of a finger painting kit and the kids a half day of sheer joy.

Half way through I got so caught up in the fun that I picked out stones and pebbles lying in my garden and tried my hand at painting some rocks. One is supposed to be a tortoise and the other, a frog.  If you want to laugh at my distinct lack of talent go do it behind my back!

These two err… works of art *koff koff* are by my children. I’ve displayed them in my living room and am hoping they don’t drop it on their toes when they enthusiastically rush to show it to encouraging visitors.

This is was the Brat’s cereal bowl. The maid chipped it while washing so I filched it to use as a planter. As expected, he threw a tiny tantrum but has not just forgiven me but now forgotten and moved on. He really is his father’s son!

Saturday was spent at the zoo. With Dipta and family. As well as BEV and her family. It was a lovely day and weather gods smiled upon us. The kids had a blast except at the end when they had a near meltdown out of sheer exhaustion. Here I present two new monkeys up in the trees at the zoo.

A rhino fascinates the Brat

All the kids watch a bear in awe

The Bean is spoilt by her beloved Deetto.… as he carries her around and shows her all the birds.

And finally on Sunday we visited the Dastkari Nature Bazaar.  The OA was a little worried as were a lot of shop keepers because I let the kids touch a lot of their breakable ware. But I think its time we let them learn to touch stuff that doesn’t belong to them, even if it’s breakable, especially if its breakable and show them how to be gentle with it instead of keeping the blanket ban. I assured the shopkeepers that any damages would be borne by me and they looked at me as though I was nuts. I should have pointed out that I am a mad momma, after all!

So heart in mouth, breath held, we began … and to my surprise they were both rather good. The Bean has my motor skills which is not a good thing and needs a stricter eye. The Brat, like his father has excellent motor skills and is gentle even without being asked to. They handled Jaipur blue pottery, Andretta pottery, and all sorts of other stuff. Eventually they grew a little restless and rough which is when the OA and I pulled them out of there. All in all, a very packed weekend.

As I’ve whined before, the Delhi winter is coming to an end and I haven’t even done half of what I wanted to with the kids. I love this city and in my enthusiasm to share it with them I end up exhausted, over-extended and half dead most weekends and theres still so much more to go. The Mughal Gardens have opened up and before you know it they’ll have shut for the year too. I think the sense of being overwhelmed stems from the feeling of introducing my two loves to each other – my babies and my Delhi. Muaah.


41 thoughts on “The original plan for the long weekend

  1. Awwwww…i want to scoop them up into tight, warm hugs. Something totally mischievous and adorable, about the Bean with her usually wild curly hair pulled back into a disciplined lil pig tail (in the first pic). And baby hands and feet are meant to be kissed and worshipped.. ALL the time. Muah, babies.

    The Brat has a big boy haircut! Is he a beeg boy already? 😦

  2. What a fun filled weekend.
    I had a somewhat similar conversation with some moms. U have seen my fantastic bar cart right? The delicate glasses are on it, the 3.5 yr old has never touched it,the moms were saying their 3.5 yr old would have broken them by now. I think because I am careless and leave them out all the time abt it,to the kids its nothing new so they aren’t attracted by it. 🙂

  3. How cute ! They are adorable ! And finger painting is such fun … a pity we don’t do it often in our house in the fear of staining the carpets 😦

    And hey in the header pic .. does Beanie have glasses ?

  4. Lovely….I remember visiting the Mughal gardens – aeons ago. Sadly my kids will never get to see them, since we never come to India at this time of the year…

    Is it just my imagination or is this winter unusually pleasant in Delhi? I haven’t heard the usual complaints of fog/cold/not-cold/rain etc. from sundry family members either 🙂


  5. Loved the tortoise and the frog 🙂 and the cereal bowl…am now planning to get my maid to wash all cute mugs and bowls in the hope of getting a free planter 😉

    we’ve been rushing around town too in Blr, I wonder if winter/spring always has more events? This is the 1st time we’re actually going everywhere with the kids.

    • LOL – well if you’re willing to lose your lovely bowls 🙂 its such a huge milestone when the kids stop being busy hands to watch out for and just family with whom you can share stuff…

  6. Another great post! This post makes me miss the Delhi sun in the winter, and my nephew, and just gathering around with family and going to these nice places.

    Last evening, I was listening to the Rang De Basanti CD, and i especially listened to the Lukka Chuppi song. It reminded me of your earlier post, and made my eyes moist.

      • I remember those days very well. endless cups of Guptaji’s chai… But I don’t share the intense love for winter you have! I love the Delhi winter only when its sunny. In extreme winters I have layers covering me except my face. No fun when everybody else can wear nice clothes and be warm at the same time, while I look like a laundry ka bundle!

    • *decides to post ‘frogs’ to the tomboy mom and pallavi*
      on a more serious note i just realised my mistake. that rock was too flat. i will try it again and show you guys a pic.

  7. Can you please tell me which is the tortoise and which is the frog???

    I loved those two red stones… who did u say painted those???

  8. Your unplanned holiday looks like it was a lot more fun than you originally planned. I like your painted rocks. And the zoo looks fantastic! Much more spacious and clean than I expected.

  9. Fun fun fun! I can’t wait to do some finger painting with Nikki. At what age do they stop putting everything in their mouths? My last experience with Nikki & the non toxic (even so) crayons was not pleasant.

  10. MM,

    Lovely pictures,specially the second and third ones. AND Im borrowing the idea of using a shoe rack for a plant stand 😀

    Btw,I thought the frog was better looking than the tortoise in the modern art kind of way!(going away to laugh behind the computer screen now)

  11. I did a similar thing with my 18 month old cousin a couple of weeks back.

    Took out some poster colours, some sketch-pens, drew some shapes on a piece of paper and gave her custody of the paint brushes.

    But our little madame removed all the sketch-pen covers and happily dipped all the pens into the paint bottles.

    Reminds me of your last post- “Children (REALLY) should not even be allowed to have a passing acquaintance with the notion of fun.”

  12. sounds like a perfect weekend. i think your rocks are very cute. it seems like forever since i dropped in. the kids are getting so big and are absolutely beautiful.

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