Thought for the day

Children should not even be allowed to have a passing acquaintance with the notion of fun. Just saying… :-/

Right, Sue?


22 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. From the pics and from what you say, I (think!)understand what would have happened. A few days back the husband and I were folding a large bed spread when ‘accidentally’ H asked the little one if he wanted to ‘swing’. I m sure you can guess what happened next, leaving a very tired set of parents and two pairs of hands! But…did n’t we start the ‘fun’??

  2. LOL

    No, Vicky and I had a great time, so I refuse to agree.

    Ro, you should have seen the boys carry Beanie in that improvised ‘piNdi’, just like a pintsize Bong bride.

    MM, You need to put up the other pics as well, sometime. Of me pulverising the boys.

  3. I completely agree. Fun in the parts I inhabit is nowadays defined as emptying the contents of all that the eye can see. And the little eyes have a particular fancy for dustbins, shoe cabinets, laundry baskets, even the playground trash can. Sob!

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