The patience resolution

Every year I consider making resolutions. And as expected they don’t last beyond a day. This year I decided I’d go about it differently. I really want it to work and I figured that even one small change every year would make a huge difference over a lifetime. Much better than 20 resolutions broken within 24 hours.

I think my biggest flaw, is my impatience. I snap, I lose my temper, I knock things over, I walk into furniture and at the crux of it all is my inability to hold my horses. So I decided to tackle this, one teeny thing at a time. In a really micro way. And the first step I have begun with, is not letting my childish excitement run away with me when I am about to use a new shampoo or lotion. I often buy stuff when I don’t need it (yes, I need to tackle that one too – but baby steps, please!) and then I am dying to use it even before I finish the one I am using. So a bottle of shampoo is left used, a tube of toothpaste discarded before the last bit is coaxed out and soap tossed in the bin even though I can get another couple of baths out of it.

A few days ago I got a new Neutrogena facewash (remember my pimples?!) and now it’s sitting on my bathroom shelf, waiting to be used. Everyday I look at it longingly and then I remember I have yet to finish my medicated facewash.The damn medicated wash seems to be taking a malicious pleasure in going on forever. Everyday I think I just have another day to go and it seems to miraculously extend its life.

It’s been a small victory over my own nature and I am very proud of myself. Because only I know how much of a habit it’s become to give away a half used lipstick to my mom and distribute barely used bottles of nailpolish to the maids because I am dying to use a new one and leaving them unused too long will only result in them drying up. It’s a lesson in patience, in thrift and in self control and it’s something so small that I wonder if anyone else will appreciate the effort it’s taking.

So what are your bad habitsΒ  – tell me one that you feel you can control in a small way. Make a start. And we’ll do this together. Watch this spaceΒ  – if I fail I shall report it honestly. I hope you’ll do the same.


168 thoughts on “The patience resolution

  1. I want to stop whining. Not getting anywhere with that, so how about I resolve to curse less?

    I shall not curse the autowalas or taxi drivers or bus drivers when they try to mow me down while I’m driving.

  2. neutrogena facewash rocks!!
    bad habits? hmm… to set 24 alarms that rings [along with the snooze button] 48 times in 2 hours before i wake up.

    i have an alarm for 5.30, 5.35, 5.40 and so on till 7.30
    so that makes it 24 and plus my 5.30 alarm snoozes at 5.37, 5.35 at 5.42

    you get the picture behind the madness, yea?

    i need to learn to set the alarm at 7.30 and wake up just once!! or i need a room mate who won’t take this rubbish!

    you should see how my parents get upset over this!

  3. But won’t breaking this habit result in less happiness for mom and maids?

    I have a chronic inability to reach anywhere on time. Whether I get up at 8 am or 6 am, I am still guaranteed to be late for wherever it is I have to be. Not sure how to combat it!

  4. i have retrograde amnesia. when i fall asleep, i forget that i have to get up 😦

    i used to skip exams too, while i was in college, just for the pleasure of sleeping till late in morning, i need to change !

  5. smthing small like taking a walk everyday for 30 mins as an exercise is a resolution which i take every year and break by the second week of the year 😦 blame it on the work,lame excuses,monthly woes :-/

    • go on. try and keep it this year. lets change it around. how about making it easier – 30 mins every alternate day? twice a week? set a day – like monday and thursday adn if you are busy on one of them you can do it another day…

  6. I WANT to stop obsessing about my weight.
    I’m punjabi and have always proudly flaunted curves without a care in the world, shutting up anyone who dared to comment with a “i’m punjabi, we are defined by food and curves”.

    then i lost a lot of weight, and now my moods are defined by how fat or thin i feel. i analyze food and generally make myself an unhappy punjabun by eating blah food with occasional bite of yummy fatty food.
    like my sibling said, “once you’ve been to thinland, it never lets you go. it haunts you.”

    i’m trying to fight back by having atleast one home cooked punju meal a day now.
    BIG NOTE: i am NOWHERE near anorexia or bulimia. just stupidity.

  7. My weakness is snacking between meals esp in the office around 3pm and as soon as I reach home. I want to quit this habit but relapse everytime I try. My resolve for Lent is not to have snacks between meals (the junk variety) but snack healthy like fruits or vegetables. If I can do it to the end of Lent then I think it should have become a habit by then. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    • but you MUST eat every 2-3 hours. its healthy. just make sure you keep stuff that is healthy, like fruit or peanuts or something. i even have that haldiram moongdal. if it werent for the extra salt in it, it would be a fairly healthy thing to eat – or so i am trying to tell myself!

  8. MM, back after a while (been reading, just didn’t have anything to say in comments :-)) – my bad habit – like someone upthread – HATING exercise…I was at my healthiest when I was a poor grad student without transportation who had to walk everywhere (my diet hasn’t changed significantly, so can’t point to that as a reason for my er…squishiness!) Now, I spend all my free time in the car..and it shows on my butt!

    Started walking every morning before work, and have managed, but barely, to walk at least 4-days a week! But too soon to feel proud of myself – All it will take is one week of work deadlines, and there goes the walk….

    I used to be a runner…sigh.


    • hey M – was missing you! so why dont you do what i suggested to someone else. give yourself a target of thrice a week and push to do that even if the full week doesnt happen. very often we get so disillusioned by breaking a resolution that we give it up altogether. but even thrice a week is better than nothing, na?

      • Oh I hear you sistah…giving myself targets doesn’t seem to do much – I sicced my kids onto this now – they have to ensure that amma walks at least 4 times a week. So far they enjoy being in command so I’m being good…but just this morning something urgent came up at work, so started work early – no walking yet – promised them and myself that I will walk before lunch…I like the idea of checking in – that always helps.

        BTW, I love trying out new stuff as well, but I don’t throw away the old – I use the new one for a day or so, then alternate between new and old until it’s done…but I suppose it’s easier for me – shampoos and lotions (the only things I experiment on) don’t really go bad…and store nailpolishes in the fridge – they don’t harden for years – and they make great paint for planters and the like πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  9. OMG, I have the exact same problem. I buy shampoos and conditioners and body washes before the current ones finish and then the next time I take a shower, I HAVE to use the new ones. When I used to live with roommates, I used to chuck the old ones and start the new, no qualms or worries. Now, my husband gets super mad when I chuck them without finishing them. So, he finishes them,never mind the fact that he has to set aside his axe body wash and use my dove with bodyfirming and orange peel πŸ™‚

  10. Procrastination.. fines.. credit card bills i forget to pay.. the sheer exhaustion from it all makes me procrastinate even more.. and then it is hiding time..
    eveyrthing.. not just money matters..
    i am supposed to visit someone.. i dont do it.. and end up avoiding them coz of the guilt..
    i am supposed to do my dishes now.. no do it later.. till there are no dishes to use.. same with clothes..

  11. Weird, but here’s mine: I am used to high spice levels in the food I cook and the husband cannot take it. I have tried downgrading the amount of spice a lot of times, but subconsciously I haven’t been able to curb it and usually, he ends up drinking 2 glasses full of water and some sugar in the end. I feel so awful! Need to be more conscious when adding stuff in the food!!

  12. I need to live in the moment more and really REVEL in the present. It’s not so much that I’m in dreamland or anything but I cannot stop thinking about the future. Might be where we are with our lives right now with a new baby and a husband in the job market but I’m constantly thinking about a few years from now and how I hope our lives would be, whether we can move closer to my parents, what kind of life the baby should have etc. Meantime my baby turned 4 months and I have less than a month before I go to work and I am painfully conscious of how precious these last few days are. So I really need to forget about kindergarten Mishki and focus on my itty-bitty one in front of me. Help me!

    • Dudette, I am in much the same boat. I am always thinking about/planning for the future. Recently I was thinking how many times i have enjoyed the present..but it is always when this will happen then this….I think I can count on my hands the times I have actually had fun/enjoyed the present. I think this is also something to do with a bit of a perfectionist streak. Everything must be perfect then only can it be enjoyed…seems like an inability to compartmentalise and enjoy happiness. Not too sure on how to deal with this…

    • darling, you’re a mommy now. its your job to worry about everything. i wish i had an answer. i do it myself. i think one reason i started the blog, was to write down the little beautiful things that i might forget. a keepsake of the moment.

  13. I have a bad BAD habit of ALWAYS tying my hair up in a bun. As a result, no one really knows how long my hair really is. Plus, because of tying it up constantly, if I do choose to let it down, it REFUSES to stay still. It just curls up. 😦 I got a new haircut, vowed to myself that I’ll not tie my hair up, but alas! That lasted…umm…a couple of hours. SIGH. 😦

  14. The Neutrogena facewash is awesome, it is completely worth the wait. My bad habit…I am terribly unforgiving, if someone hurts me even once I don’t think twice about cutting them out of my life. But the good thing is this process helps me get rid of a lot of horrid people.

    Like you, I too give away barely used lippies to mum or my cousin Sally so I can fall in love with the new lipstick or gloss I picked up. Its a rotten, rotten habit I think! But god bless my mum and cousin who use said lippies and make me feel a little less guilty!

  15. Here is the brief list:

    1. Not living in the present – posted above.

    2. Selective procrastination

    3. Addicted to note making while studying. Others understand concepts..I make notes. Often study material for my exams is already in the format of notes and I go ahead and make notes of notes. I feel this is a very time and energy inefficient way of studying…grhh!

    On the new cosmetics etc front I am the polar opposite of the MM. The last drop of the old shampoo etc has to be finished before the new one is to be opened. For some reason I derive a great deal of (too much??) satisfaction from using a bottle of whatever completely and then throwing it away. Soon I may develop an elaborate ceremony for this..something like when a ship is launched except in opposite. The wife is like MM always ready to open a new bottle of XYZ. I end up having to finish the old stuff. But she does not do this too much.

    • okay so look – i dont see why note making is bad. i think its an awesome habit. please dont lose it. it helps you retain notes if you write them yourself.

      – procrastination – like me, try one thing at a time. i am basically impatient.. so i am starting with just my soaps etc. you also pick one tiny detail and force yourself to do it.

  16. Since last week, I have been practising patience too. But my problem is not just shampoos 😦
    I realised that I have been loosing my temper pretty fast…daughter takes endless hours bathing when the school bus is honking below, I snap up…Son takes looong time drinking milk .. I snap up. So the first thing I do when i get up in the morning is to promise myself to not lose temper over trivial issues..I am taking it a day at a time…

    • okay – so lets try and work this a different way. this is not your fault. this is your kids being kids. how about enforcing an earlier bed time? and then making the house come alive in the morning? I realised I was grumpy in the morning because you know, house is dark, people are rushing around. so now i open up the curtains, i put on loud FM music and then I start waking people. they wake up to an AWAKE house as opposed to a quiet house and that makes them wake up. also if you wake everyone up JUST 15 minutes earlier.. would it help? try it and tell me. or lets see if anyone has better ideas.

    • I know exactly how that feels, RS. I too have a daughter(8yrs old) who just refuses to hurry up and do anything on time. As a result of which our home resembles a battlfield every morning, getting ready for school. I tell myself everyday that I shouldn’t do this, it isn’t fair to her. But invariably she pushes all my buttons and I snap. This is is actually the habit I need to get rid of.

      • see habits that involve others – like snapping at people – need more working on. because its another person pushing your buttons. you need to figure out THEIR buttons and push them

        • My biggest flaw is my impatience. I snap at my daughter for not doing things fast, not behaving, not listening…. You get the drift. Some days she gets a spank too. Then, I feel bad the whole day because of guilt. Whatever be the time she gets up, she is always late for school. If she drinks her milk fast, she doesn’t want to brush or wants to take her own sweet time & dress up herself…
          BTW she is almost 4. I can hear many people screaming ‘What do you expect from a child?’ – The biggest problem is she doesn’t want to listen. She is too smart & understands a lot of things..Am at my wits end. Help please !

  17. I like your idea of noise in the AM, MM, I am going to try that!
    Just like you, I am guilty of hoarding things way sooner than I need them. That’s also because in our over zealous coupon hunting, we tend to go to a wholesale-type store here and buy in bulk. So if it’s not shampoos, it’s body washes and face washes and bar soaps and what not! I’ve tried to slow down…I try not to buy unless its a steal and I need it to stock another bathroom in the house. But I have reduced my self indulgence and hoarding. Next I need to tackle clothes that I hold on to, with the romantic notion that I will return to my weight at age 21 and fit into those clothes magically. Sometimes I wish my clothes would tear, par woh bhi nahi hota. They look like new for years 😦

  18. This sounds like an episode of oprah…you could be the Indian oprah πŸ™‚ my bad habit, selective procrastination and when the time comes where I have to finish up the things, I stay up late at night, getting only a couple of hours of sleep…which makes me exhausted which spoils the whole week 😦

  19. i expect unrealistically. im not sure how i should stop or when i should stop because im sure it adds pressure on the people on whom i place these unreal ideals.

    ive gotten blunter less sensitive as the years have gone by0- both with others and myself. as a resuly i am less tolerant i think. i figure everyone should be able to bear and hear the truth about themselves.

  20. Hey it was such fun talking to u the other day. I told my boss the very next day that I want to quit. Took two days off after the weekend. Went back today to formally write a resignation and they offered so much flexibility that I had to say yes. I am still not too happy coz wfh is still work and I think its harder to be around your child and ignore her because u are on a call. But I was citing health and commute as my reasons, as soon as they countered that, I couldn’t have said but I also want time to play house with my daughter 😦 updating u coz dunno when will we have time to chat again.
    And my baddest habit? My sharp tongue with the ones I love the most. With the rest I am the most pleasant person in the world. Got any suggestions to fight that?

    • ooh. my sharp tongue too. i’ve begun to hang up or walk out of the room now. it looks like very spoilt behaviour but its better than saying something you regret. then i sit, think about it and write an email to the person concerned, expressing my feelings on the issue.

  21. Thanks MM for bringing this up.

    Here goes nothing….
    1) Learn to say ‘NO’ when I want to.
    2) Learn to say ‘YES’ when I can.
    3) Sleep less.
    4) Control my fuse.

    There are 1728 other items but the top 4 are listed here. So what do I do ??

    • so why dont you only tackle one at a time? i have 8000 probs too. pick one. any one. the first two are complicated. i dont know you well enough. the sleep less – why is this a prob? so long as you go to bed early, and get rest, its a great thing.

      controlling the fuse – this one’s a toughie. i too lose my head all the time. how about the good old, counting till ten before you yell? Its really hard. but i also have begun to analyse it. i lose my temper more if i am hungry or sleep deprived. can you identify your triggers?

      • I get cranky when I am hungry (I am diabetic) and the glucose levels in the body dip. I should have (non-fattening) snacks and not get too hungry. Point noted. Thx πŸ™‚

  22. MM, you know what, I am quite depressed after reading the comments section. It seems like ALL of the above apply to yours truly – the snooze button, the last minute rush, the sleepiness.. all are my vices. Waaaa, no matter what small step I take, it will have to be leap by the standards of mankind to make ANY difference!!!

  23. ohmygod! I have been denying myself moments of solitude, only so I didnt have to face upto making such decisions in my life. And then I read this post and I know I need to face upto it. 3 things that I have been struggling with.

    1. The same as your problem. My mother, sister and various cousins and aunts have been at the ‘receiving’ end so many times over. Doesn’t matter how much money I shelled out on buying it. And to top it, I hoard lippers and kohls. Buy, Lose Interest, Give Away. I have been trying to avoid that. Been successful so far but I am constantly worrying at what temptation lies around the corner.

    2. Not saving any money. And by that I mean ANY money. I have been working for the last 4 years now and I earn twice what I started off earning. An amount that I would have thought obscene, just a few years ago. And I am ashamed to admit, I have not saved a penny of that money. I really wish I could do something about it because the guilt of being such a spender is killing me.Have managed to start on it, from last month.

    3. Letting myself go, w.r.t my weight. I have mentioned this before. From sashaying down the ramp at college to turning to a fat blimp (almost) in about 4 years. There were some medical issues/ stress involved but at the centre of it is my sheer laziness. Absence of any physical activity totally does it. And yet, I still can’t get myself to do anything about it. I find excuses, and how. And since most friends are shocked by my appearance, I realise I have stopped meeting people. Or posing for pictures. I know this is ruining me but my laziness seems to be so overpowering.

    Sorry for hogging comment space. But now that I have written it down here, I feel like I should do something. Thanks, MM.

    • the prob with makeup i realise, is that we mostly dont know what suits us. and we experiment a lot. it helps to either get a professional or a friend who is good with make up, to tell you what colours and style works on your face and then religiously stick to it by reminding yourself that the others dont suit you.

      the weight thing – i have just one take on it. i want to be fit. never mind what size. and i want to do things that i can keep up. no point doing artistic yoga for 6 mths and then stopping. it has to be little changes incorporated into my life that i can do for the next 30 years too.

  24. My bad habit is I am not able to maintain the blog I started abt my daughter’s milestones. She is an year old now and I write a post in my mind everyday but somehow I can’t write a post on the blog.

    • πŸ™‚ find another way to record her childhood. maybe words dont move you. how about a digital camera? promise yourself to take one pic of her doing something sweet, everyday. maybe on your phone?

  25. oh. weight loss definitely. becaus as soon as i have lost SOME weight (by exercising, dieting and what not), i start eating like a maniac, thereby negating all the good work before. it is an endless cycle that has been going on for more than 2 years now. argh.

    also, compulsively buying books. i have at least 20 unread books at home right now. and even though i firmly tell myself not to buy any more until i finish these, the moment i find myself with some extra pocket money, i rush off to the nearest book store and go on a book buying binge. while i am trying to finish THOSE (along with the previous 20 unread ones), i go on another binge again (so that the unread book number goes up to 30) and so on and so forth. it is an irritating habit, but i cannot seem to kick it. or maybe deep down i don’t want to.

  26. Oh MY God! Ditto! Ditto! and Ditto! Do the every same thing. Right now I have a coconut hawaiian shampoo that promised to make my hair silk soft like the hair those beautiful hula hooping dancers from Hawaii have. And its mocking at me because everytime I wash my hair…on the other hand the new Kiehls shampoo that promised the exact same bullshit is what I want to use. Like right now!!! No wonder I’ve been washing my hair a bit too often thesedays, all in a bid to make the “coconut” vanish!!!

  27. And oh yes! I need to stop using the ‘F’ word. (when my son was younger I’d convinced him it was a synonym for “fun”(which it is kinda right:-)) but recently he told me “I think it’s a very potty word” WTF!!)

  28. dude! just use the damn facewash. lifes too short for this kind of nonsense.

    oops! there right there is my bad habit – talking without thinking! πŸ˜‰

  29. Oh my god! I was scrolling down the comments and i have ALL these habits! Impatience, procastination, worrying about my curves while refusing to go 2 floors down the gym which is free all day, staying uo till 3 each night and then having to drag myself out of bed each morning (usually cos i procastinated throughout the day and had to finish work at night.)

    I was going through each comment and thinking,” this is so me!” till i read the next one.

    Oh man!! I feel depressed.

    • LMAO – stop reading comments then. they’re sure to depress. i think the cause of procrastination in most homes is either the TV or the internet. how about restricting time on the screen?

      • Hmm, but the comments are addictive!

        As a new year resolution, I have restricted TV to an hour every day. But as i work from home, the internet is a 16×7 companion. And once you are online, it doesnt take much time to get of the work site and drift towards… well…

  30. I have a budget I stick to when I go shopping. The problem is when I get stuff within that budget that I dont think twice before buying it. Recently I got a handbag ….looked pretty enough and on first inspection I was sure I was going to use it. I came home and after a couple of days I realised I could never use it as it didnt have a lot of compartments. I love small places for keeping cell phone,chutta,creditcards seperately and this bag was just a big fancy jhola 😦

    Now I’ve kept that aside and am waiting to come to India to give it away to my aunt or mom or sis-in-law. Its not just this…I think I have a bag full of stuff to be taken to India because of my habit!

  31. Oh God. That’s the way I am too. So bad in fact, that I have half used bottles of stuff in the bathroom all the time (I don”t throw them away). I have this shampoo-conditioner fetish. But I think I’m almost cured after I bought this bloody Loreal thing that cost bomb but does zilch to my hair.
    So I think I’ve learnt my lesson πŸ˜€

  32. I have the exact same problem as yours. I also need to save, use things up before starting the next one. To save is important. Let’s see if I am more aware this year.

    Of course there are lots of other bad habits. But if I dwell on them now, I’d really feel bad about myself.

  33. same here. I am all too excited to use the new stuff – like new face washes, creams, body washes, soaps…blah. So, I buy when when my old tube is finishing but not done yet (say 20% remaining) and then I use a combo of old and new, use the old one once in a while and the new one has already been started – I promise to myself that I will exhaust the old one till the very last bit. and stick to that, while I still have the new one being used on the shelf.

  34. My resolution, to change my general stance. Which is why I have begun learning kick boxing since jan.
    I cannot stop beaming like a jack ass.

  35. hi, I also need to work a lot on my patience level, I snap and snap a lot,and at the end of the day when I reach home I tend to loose patience with my kids for which I feel sooooo guillltyyyy !!! Also I have this habit of snacking around 8 pm (that’s when I reach home after work) and then eating the dinner also makes it count around the waist 😦

    sigh !!!

    take care

    • i see you live in Delhi too. do you have a cook who can keep dinner ready so that you can eat your dinner at 8 sharp instead of eating a snack? the OA comes home late somedays so now I eat dinner at the table with the kids, even if he isnt home. else i was doing the same as you – snacking and then full dinner. or how about something healthy on the way home – an apple or a soy milk pack? its an added expense but its healthier.. na?

  36. I have this very BAD habit of buying things which I dont need and I buy them thinking 1)that it would be useful in future 2) when am I going to get such a good deal again? I think its coming very cheap anyway AND then years and years pass by and I end up not using that product at all. Sometimes I buy stuff just because it looks ‘cute’.It can be cosmetics or small decoration items or some fancy jewelery. Hubby dear is afraid that I would get offended if he stops me. I am trying my best nowadays not to indulge in such ‘fancy’ shopping…and all I can say is that I have been only 10% successful in implementing this so far.

    • same here. i do it all the time. my new attempt at working on this is not using my credit card if i dont have cash in my wallet. and not carrying too much extra cash. its hard, but its a start.

  37. I am to lazy to exercise. So I tackled it creatively. Blamesd my husband for my er…weight gain and blamed him till he offered to walk with me. Ah! To have someone else work on your resolutions! Bliss.

  38. Body wash and tile cleaners (now don’t laugh abt this one…i hv tile cleaners from every maufacturer, every other kind of scent available). Once i get a new one…i use extremely generous amounts from the previous bottle to finish it ASAP…

  39. I’ve read somewhere that it takes 21 days to form a habit. All the best!
    It encourages me to fight my own urge to buy cosmetics, most of which I never use!

  40. No bad habits, I have purrfectly natural habits , can I help it if they make some people run out of the room claiming that they’re being poisoned. It’s the chemical factory folks, not me, neverrrrrrr everrrrr….

  41. selective laziness!!! i think i should be more sophisticated and call it procastination…but it is LAZINESS and nuthing else πŸ™‚

    So i cant put down a book, stop reading a blog or stop watch TV until i have completed the book, read all the blogs or ummm TV is i end up putting off things like exercise, cleaning up, laundry and all the other things that good girls must do πŸ™‚

    and like u if this was the reign of Ms Gandhi i would be behind bars for “hoarding” all kinds of body lotions and creams etc. Plus i dont want them to get over so i use them selectively too..weird!

    p.s. sorry abt the long comment – but it seems like i do have a lot of vices

      • Are you kidding me MM?

        Hate to be criticized and that sets me off. Want my children to be perfect (aka showpieces) so their bad behavior sets me off too.

        Need balance in my life so being off-balance with little or no me-time sets me off.

        Come to think of it, anything and everything sets me off πŸ™‚ I really really got to do something about it!

    • LOL! do you mean your staying on is a matter of habit not choice?
      πŸ˜‰ I think most of us do. I tell the OA I dont move out because i’m too lazy to empty the cupboards and take whats mine

  42. Hi MM, I must say you are doing a pretty good job of givng solutions πŸ™‚

    I wish I could have a cook to do what u suggested, but yes the soy milk pack Idea is rocking !!
    take care

    • oh – no cook? how about a system where someone cooks in the morning while you are getting ready. or chops the veggies etc so that you only have to throw it together at night. keep lots of healthy snacks in your bag/desk/car. i love the little flavoured yoghurt tubs. everything ends up being expensive though 😦

  43. I too have the problem of leftover shampoo etc. I LOVE new bath products. Don’t know if someone else has suggested this above-I use up my shampoo and facewash dregs to wash hairbrushes and combs. I leave the brushes soaking in a mug of water mixed with the leftover shampoo before rinsing and cleaning them. That way I use up the shampoo/facewash by putting it to good use and don’t need to feel any guilt!

  44. For me it would easily be, to get a grip on my temper. I am trying really hard though and I think your previous emails to me also helped πŸ™‚ COunting to 10, taking a break and just leaving the place for a bit. Yup baby steps but def doable.

  45. I am just thinking of so many of us have the same “problems” then maybe that’s just how human beings work and we needn’t worry about things like that unless it is causing us to hurt our loved ones beyond redemption/losing our jobs/spending so much that we have to starve the rest of the month!

    My bad habit: Always taking the other side. No matter what that side is, I am always on the one opposite to yours.

  46. being a miser, thats a worrying habit i am having lately. i don’t buy things unless i am sure i won’t breathe without it, be it clothes, cosmetics or anything XYZ. its not good as i hardly have proper clothing, matching footwear or accessories. any suggestions?

  47. My resolution last year was to eat at least 18 healthy meals out of 21 meals a week. I manage about 15 which I don’t think is too bad πŸ˜›

    Current resolutions:

    1) Exercise more regularly & lose the flab I put on every winter when I just can’t get up in the morning to go on the treadmill & also cuz i end up eating too much in the winters.

    2) I am constantly saving for the future (which is good) but leaving little to enjopy in the present (which means I end up using my credit card). Need to find a balance b/w the two.


    • # 2 – I dont believe you. i have the opposite prob. no savings at the end of the month. only CC bills!
      #1 – like i said. baby steps. how about keeping aside two days when you will exercise come what may. that way if you miss one, you do another day to make up for it. slowly build it up. we usually end up doing nothing because we missed one day or overslept. why lose everything else for one bad day?

      • 1) Trust me…most of my friends end uyp spending too much while they live it up today while I constantly have this little niggling thing at the back of my head to save for a rainy day and don’t live it up either today or tmrw

        2) Hmmm…now its become less cold…I’m going to try doing it every alternate day πŸ™‚

  48. I really like this idea of doing a small resolution, like a baby step. I am going through a tough time of uncertainty and lots of emotional ups and downs. When the downs come, I really don’t do much and lose motivation for everything. I think it would be good for me to pray and/or meditate once a day to center myself a little each day. It’s easier than forcing myself into a whole day of activeness which doesn’t always work.

  49. Oh. And I was thinking about your problem and I wonder if it would help if you put away the new products somewhere not easily visible? I mean, maybe if they are out of sight, they will be out of mind too?

  50. Resolution to forget past and move on with my beautiful life, only if it was so easy…. however hard I might try there is no single day where I can’t stop myself from thinking what happened in past few years and how I could have avoided all that if I was more stronger and taken less crap. Oh god I hope these memories will get erased one day magically.

    • thats never easy. one is a product of their past. i think the resolution, if you cant stop thinking about the past, is to use that as support to never let yourself take crap again. its what i do.

  51. I can’t switch off from work even when i get to home….think about the next deal and lose sleep…

    We are expecting our first baby in the next few months…hopefully i will change after this..

  52. Being broke makes it easier to maximise everything one has, and not running riot in a store. My resolution? To only buy on sale/offer and only if something is really desperately needed. The days of free spending are over.

  53. Dear MM,I have a terrible bad habit of being the next best thing to sliced bread ( and make bad jokes about sandwiches with more than a hint of double entendres ) .

    So what salvation do I have ? Pick one of the following

    a) Marry the next one who comes along oozing butterish talk

    b)Date the next one with a hint of “marma laid”..

    c) Ask out the next out who wants to “grill you ”

    d) Seriously consider the next one who is as cool as the cucumber and as ripe as the tomato

    e) Let us not even go into the subway jokes because this is a “family blog” ..

    So ya MM what would you do ? πŸ˜›

    ~ The Man who confesses has never had bread for breakfast in his life

      • Ha ha…on second reading it does look as if I was drunk when I wrote that πŸ™‚ But no wish I wash was but was very much sober. Just had a terrible dinner date and you know “some” of your part of the species are – to put it mildly – batshit crazy!!

        Also being brought up in a TamBrahm household , most likely that given cucumber and tomato that I would go and make a pickle to eat it with curd rice :P:P

        Anyway am off the radar for some time now so If you don’t hear from me for some time

        a) I got married to the next sane one which came along

        b) Jumped off the cliff

        c) Attained Sanyasihood

        d) Turned Gay

        au revoir and take care πŸ™‚

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