Deep, earth shaking question

Is it more fun to eat tomato ketchup or play with it? Let the votes flow in, ladies and gentlemen!


31 thoughts on “Deep, earth shaking question

  1. I thought it was Caramel, when I saw the Nirula’s menu on the side. 🙂 Play, lick, play, lick and keep going till the plate looks like it needs no further cleaning and can be stacked back in the rack as is. Glad they had fun..

  2. Play. As long as I don’t have to clean up. Heck! After the playing and the eating, nothing much is left to clean up. So play-n-eat it is. 😀
    psst psst…no trollish ladies puckering their noses at you for letting the kids have fun at Nirulas?:P

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww!
    childhood sure is fun!!!! We’d mix maggie with ketchup and call it ‘snakes and their blood’ and ‘scare’ everyone around with lips dripping red and roaring louder than lions! *yok yok*
    But damn the ketchup bottle at home now is safe in the fridge! Adulthood and its responsibilities..sigh… 😉

  4. Pleading guilty! I suppose it is one of the side-effects of adulthood that we forget that we, too, were once children and enjoyed making such messes. Why is that when my daughter messes up like this or gets all dirty in the mud I cannot see her joy but only the cleaning up, the laundry and a bath? Thank you, MM for opening my eyes to this. Even then, if I am to be honest, I don’t know if I can really relax in a situation and enjoy with her. I know I should.

  5. What’s sauce for the Bean is sauce for the Brat too, eh?!

    Ketchup is a main course for kids always! It’s a very serious business!

    Oh and all the freebies at restaurants are actually so interesting to little kids, the vinegar at Chinese places, the chutney powder at Andhra joints and the saunf, the way my kids fall on these, you’d think they were starved!!!

  6. it asks to be played with doesnt it? even when im eating, i make these designs starting eating around the jagged sides so its perfect glop of a circle then i make a hole in the middle donut style and so on and so forth. creative eating. hehehe

  7. Wait till they grow up a bit more so that they can sip the vinegar in the chillies. Now that is the true mark of a connoisseur. I can just imagine savouring some nirulas vinegar from chillies in a brandy glass on a cold winters night.

  8. hmm….it is definitely more fun to play with ketchup than eating it(especially when you are not the one who has to do the dishes later) !!

  9. Tht St. Stephen’s Sweat Shirt reminded me of my College T-Shirt…wud go bk and dig it up 🙂 … time to wear it as winters are almost gone.. with the wind 😉

  10. ooops!!! ^^^^ the comment was suppose to be for the winter post… I am ‘sleep typing’ in office I guess… 😛

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