As winter bids adieu

I click a few sights to store away in my memory and on my blog. It’s the last few days of feeding geese and ducks at Lodhi Gardens.

Fathers and children bond while feeding ducks (thats Dipta sitting between Joy and the Brat and the OA standing between the Brat and the Bean on a cycle) and mothers laze on rugs under leafy trees, putting out lunch.

The Brat and Joy play rugby (!!) on lawns that bear witness to thousands of baby feet…

… and the Bean for some reason tackles her father  – I guess it seemed like a better option than the scrimmage on the right.

Children come and children go… the old monuments go on forever…

It’s goodbye to dense fog on the balcony at 10.30 am…

… and farewell to the last few days of fighting for space in sunlit paths. Draped with ease across bits of  furniture and struggling to form alphabets…

…spread out over the carpet and reading aloud in a crystal clear voice…

… and adieu to that perfectly comfortable spot for a cosy mamma-daughter breakfast…

Or a quiet sibling moment where you collude and run away with mamma’s phone to hide in the pappassan and play games.

The X’mas tree comes down and is carefully packed away for the year. No baby hands fighting for the angel at the top.

Sunday afternoons no longer be spent in the park, learning to play war games.

And the Rose Garden that is an every evening option, slowly grows too warm for afternoon frisbee.

For dancing in the sunlight…

For chasing frisbees and discovering worms…

It’s time to put out the tasla of coal and sambrani (frankinsense) lit every evening after a hot oil massage and bath, filling the room with that lovely wintery smell. As the embers glow gently before finally going out, I say a little prayer, thanking the Almighty for a wonderful season. Until next winter then…

62 thoughts on “As winter bids adieu

  1. If winters in Chicago were as benign as winters in Delhi, I would be thanking the good Lord for them as well… (the pics look lovely MM.. I love the one of the Bean dangling on furniture to study in the sunlight) 🙂

  2. Ah the sambrani fragrance … after an oil massage and hot bath …divine … simply divine !!!!!

    ps:didn’t know sambrani was called frankinsense 🙂

  3. Rest assured that Beanie will be mad at you when she sees her dress at Lodhi Gardens…

    As an aside, this place used to be in very bad shape, in mid 80’s, pond being filled with filth.. hardly any grass… too many goofy/strange charecters.. that we only went once there

    Did DDA actually changed it or has some private organisation taked over the maintenance? From the photograps it sure looks a decent place..

  4. Lovely pics. It is so much fun to use the little sunshine that’s available! 🙂
    And the bean studying like that – too cute.

  5. nice!!!
    winter’s already on its way out???
    we are expecting a ‘snowpocalyse’ tommorrow-with a anticipated accumulation of upto 18 -22 inches!

  6. I wish it was getting warmer here. It has been a miserable winter. Why the h would one live in Texas if one wanted cold!?! Weather gods obviously don’t listen.

  7. This is being said very grudgingly, but I can kinda see why you love living in Delhi. I didn’t grow up feeding geese and playing rugby, wiah I had. And I always always hoped the mercury would stay below 20 deg for atleast a few days of the Bambaiya non-winter.

  8. Ah…lovely pics. I too love the smell of ‘sambrani’. I especially loved your breakfast pic with Bean..she is sooo cute. How I wish we had winters like this in Singapore as well !!

  9. lovely cap on the season that was… wish i could get a sigree for sambrani too… but with the chill spells in hyd, that is far from needed… enjoy

  10. (Let’s out a big sigh and then realizes she’s in the office–attracting a few nasty stares!)
    You’re lovely, MM. Thanks for such lovely posts. Hugs.

  11. Double triple awwws. You make it sound like a fairy tale. And I know sometimes you see it like fairy tale too. I mean your life and the kids and the OA. Life seems so easy and warm and cuddly, the way you’ve potrayed it. You make it sound lovely and make me yearn for that warmth. I love the kids. The bean has grown so much. The little baby that she was just a while back, now she rides a bicycle. I’m all teary eyed and happy for the babies. I’ve asked you before too, will you adopt me? I too want oil massage and sambhrani smoke and lazy winter afternoons.
    I love winters too, but never thought about it this way. And I’m gonna steal the sambhrani idea from you for the next winter. God bless you, your family and the sweet life. And oh, a metaphorical kala tika.

    • its not always a fairytale babe 🙂 Havent I written about the therapy for eczema, the brat’s educational problems, the inlaw trouble…. i guess we get through it because at the core we’re all hanging on to this little dream of ours. thank you for the love 🙂

  12. The pic of BnB huddled on the pappasan is absolutely darling! It’s as if the papassan was custom-made to fit them in 🙂

    Damn these Mumbai winters, sweaters is a far cry — I’ve not even used a shawl in the past few months

  13. i am already missing winters as i am sunning the quilts and warms to pack them away. it also means bidding adieu to the whole festive and holiday season…

  14. Lovely post. Very warm, loving and cozy…I don’t know how you do it…creating such treasured memories. Me…I think my kids will only remember harried worried mom.

    My fave pic…the cuddle at breakfast time. Bless you all!

  15. When I see or hear of Delhi winters, I can only console myself by immediately thinking of Delhi summers. Sigh. Hug a little fog for me. Even though it quite, quite ruined my Himalayan holiday.

  16. lovely pics.. and lovely descriptions too.. as usual, if i may add 🙂

    especially loved the one of the bean reading (its an awwww snap) and the one where you two are having your own quiet little breakfast :)adorable!!

  17. btw lodhi garden looks like an awesome place.. would love to visit some time..

    and me too didn’t knw that sambrani was called frankincense 🙂

  18. Im not a winter person, in fact I hated the fogs in Delhi when I lived there, but these pics do bring back some good memories. My personal favourite is the one with you and your daughter sharing breakfast.I love kissing my son like that too…

    • oh i get very cranky in cities that dont have a defined winter because it leaves me very disoriented during xmas and new years. how can xmas not be spent huddled around a fireplace!?

  19. MM, how tall is the OA? Hehe he looks like a 7 foot giant in that pic; taking off the christmas decorations. Yes yes, I know he’s standing on a chair…but still, he IS quite tall, no?

    Oh and love love LOOOVE the ‘mamma-daughter breakfast’ pic!! 🙂

  20. *sigh* Your eloquently written post brought back memories of Delhi winters.. of sitting in the sun-dappled college lawns and reading on a Sunday afternoon… of huddling around the sigri in the evenings… 🙂
    I miss winter here in seasonless Bombay :S
    The Brat and the Bean are so adorable! I especially like the pic of the Bean tackling the OA 🙂

  21. Beautiful pictures!Beanie is a doll.

    These pictures are kind of nostalgia for me because it reminds me of the winter time I spent while growing up in Kanpur.

  22. hey mm…you make the cold n frosty winter look so appealing! Only you possible!! I became a summer person after seeing the freezing winters here in uk, but this makes me wanna find a few moments like yours that I can love about it!

  23. Lovely pics… alas winters in Belgium are too harsh to be loved! You vividly brought out the Delhi winters for me… thanks for the beautiful post 🙂

  24. Tht St. Stephen’s Sweat Shirt reminded me of my College T-Shirt…wud go bk and dig it up :)… time to wear it as winters are almost gone.. with the wind 😉


  25. MM,
    This post is beautiful, simple moments captured so well…LOVED this post – I need to learn how to be a mommy blogger from you! 🙂

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