Rules are meant to be broken

Dear OA,

When we were expecting the Brat I told you I’d kill you if you ever laid a hand on my kids. You looked at me in disbelief. Was there ever a child brought up without getting the odd whack? Well, I was. Hmm.. you said, that explains it. Of course the Brat arrived and the first hand to land heavy on his backside was mine. I’ve never seen a father look happier at his child getting a spanking. And then rush in to save him as an afterthought.

Way before all of this happened, when we were still dating you mentioned that you hated food on the bed. No chips, no meals, nothing. I shrugged, it didn’t matter to me anyway, because I eat all my meals at the table. And yet, who is it who gets the midnight munchies and gets into bed with chocolates, chips, murukkus and such like? Perhaps the last straw was a plate of Hyderabadi Biryani you got into bed with, at 2 am. Too tired to get out of bed to heat it, but wanting to do something, I fed you – with my own lily white mocha brown hand. And you blushed. Cute. Ten years and I can still get you to blush! I’m counting on this post to get me one more. And yes, I’m going to keep spoiling you silly, so sit tight and enjoy the ride.

I guess that is what marriage is all about. Laying down laws that you will never keep!




50 thoughts on “Rules are meant to be broken

  1. Aye MM, when I get married, can I get a ‘what to expect in a marriage’ list written by you? 😉

    Don’t ask why, but I actually felt relieved reading your last line. That marriage is about laying down rules that you’ll never keep, yet feel immensely comfortable and feel good while doing so. 🙂

  2. Ha ha..nice sure the timing of this post has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the previous post where some rabble rouser was arguing about “marriage”..:p

    I think this is a testimony to the compatibility of your relationship and wishing that continues 🙂

    ( * and Psst OA always check for the strychnine in the soup clandestinely.. * )

    Kidding! kidding!

  3. You wrote “Hyderababi Biryani you got into bed with, at 2 am. Too tired to get out of bed to heat it, but wanting to do something, I fed you – with my own lily white mocha brown hand. And you blushed.”

    I know it is a typo, babi vs. badi, but while reading it in the flow I thought that I am in for a soft porn treat 🙂

    You may want to correct it coz. there are a lot of cartoons like me out there.

    BTW, enjoy everyday, everything.. the fights too

  4. first you write about ‘love story’. then you write about this.
    aww MM, the winter is making you all mushy. 😛
    who would have thunk it?

  5. I can’t believe you pamper him, I thought it’s his job to pamper you ;). Save these posts you can read when you are in your 70’s while feeding him hyderabadi biryani.

  6. hey MM,
    this has nothing to do with the post. sorry. but a friend just emailed me this:
    “hey khizzy,

    i know you’re busy and everything, but i thought i’d ask you anyway.
    a friend of mine left for india two days ago, his mother’s in a coma. she had a liver transplant last year in china, but obviously it didn’t work out, so this guy, he’s donating a part of his liver to his mother. its literally, tough times for them.
    they’re having severe issues finding blood plasma, so the entire family is donating their own blood, but they still need help. you have friends in india. i don’t know how this sounds, but i thought i’d ask for some help for him. he’s at the Apollo hospital in new Delhi – if you know someone who can help, can you please forward his number to them? shahrukh shanawaz – 9711276597
    if they can get him some help that’ll be great!

    -hira ”

    she’s a friend and if you know anyone who would be willing to help that would be awesome. they can call the number to check also…i know it’s a genuine case.
    if it were mumbai i wouldnt be bothering you…since i have close friends there.

  7. Am sending a link of this post to my wifey. I could use some spoiling myself. We are closer to 15 in the logbook.

  8. LOL!!!

    We fall for their acts each time, don’t we??

    And its super cute to know that the OA can blush 😀
    God bless ya both


  9. hey you,
    as a follow up to my last comment, just wanted to update that the family is ok now and have received lots of help. hopefully it was from the few people i contacted.

      • Hello MM!

        I’ve written the above column that Miss M (too many M’s here now) has very generously linked to, and I think this is a good time to de-lurk. (I’ve been reading for ages, but I’ve only commented a few times.)

        I really enjoy your writings on family, home, religion and identities. It’s a warm and wonderful departure from the other (also excellent) blogs that I read.

        Also, it’s a real kick to see the link in your sidebar (‘People seem to be enjoying’).


        P.S: Of course teenagers read newspapers. Only the reports about Miley, Rihanna and Taylor Swift though 😛

  10. And you guys have completed 10 yrs together!!! Is that awesome or what.
    Tell me about men sometimes acting cute, my hub at times acts so cuddly and sweet that I end up pampering and spoiling him, despite my earlier resolution not to. Sigh.

  11. I am blushing too…Dont ask me why. This story is just too cute! And LOL at the non-baby category you’ve posted it under…sort of a funny irony..oh, btw when is your book on list of things to do to babysit your husband coming out? Will be a huge help as a relationship saver for many. Keep writing these useful tips for folks like me! And btw, don’t forget to call it hyderabadi biriyani for the hungry soul in your husband!! 🙂

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