Life after X’mas sucks

… because there are no more heaps of presents to look forward to or for the Brat to play guessing games with …

… because the Bean will have nothing to spend hours arranging… and re-arranging

…Because Tambi Maama will go back to the States and give his endless patience to some other baby…

… and come up with a million ways to entertain someone else’s brats….

…. And no one will lift up the Bean to grab hold of Banyan roots…

… and there’ll be no one to partner Dada as he tosses the Brat back and forth

.. because Dada will no longer hang from bars with a brat dangling off his legs… and there will be no corresponding Maami hanging from the bar with Tambi Maama holding her up…

Because there will be no G’pa who makes afternoon naps fun by sleeping out on the sunny balcony with a Brat and a Bean – and there will be no sneaking away after he dozes off to slide down on the poor unsuspecting gentleman..

And because there will be no Maami to brush their teeth, make their hair, cuddle them to sleep, whisk them away before they get a yell from Mamma for something naughty, make meal times fun and generally threaten to rob and put into her suitcase and smuggle back to the US.

Way before the mad sibling got married, dated or even knew the pretty woman who is now his wife, I was a hysterical pregnant woman who called up her sibling in the middle of the night to say, “Okay, I know it’s a little too late to have plan Bs, but if the OA and I die, will you keep my baby? And love him or her as your own?”

An understandably shocked mad sibling reassured his hysterical, pregnant sister that he would do all of that. And then proceeded to yell at her for thinking terrible thoughts.

But there was always a niggling doubt –Β  wondering if the woman he married would love my children as her own. Wondering if evenΒ he would be able to love my babies as his own.

I think this visit put all those fears to rest when my children within 36 hours of meeting their Maama-Maami got on to a train with them willingly and trustingly, waved me a cheerful goodbye and chugged off into the distance. I knew then that if the OA and I decided to jump off a building (what do you mean why would we do that?! Just go with the flow, will ya?!)Β  – they’d be happy, they’d be safe, they’d be loved and never know want. And yes, I often say that no one can love you more than your parents can. Except maybe your parents’ siblings. What say?


55 thoughts on “Life after X’mas sucks

  1. Funny, I just happened to be catching up on your blog, right about now. Loved seeing the pics and the fun they had with Maama-Maami. Happy New Year!

  2. Of course!

    My mom has eight sisters and three brothers and yes , my aunties flood me so much love that not a single day passes that i don feel think about the wonderful gift that i have got!

    But sometimes , it’s irritating too i have ten more people to convince before i take any major decisions..

    • πŸ™‚ I can imagine. I have a friend who complains about too much family – and I can see how annoying that might be – but hey, when i think of how much the family also pampers her, I am so jealous!

  3. Lovely pics. Such a pleasure to see pics of the kids having a blast.

    Parents’ siblings for sure. Just today i gave my sis some bad news and her first reaction was ‘why don’t i take the kids and send them to school here while you guys get over it?’. And that’s her reaction to just about anything i may say – the kids are being pests, not eating properly, i’m not happy with the school, kids had a fall…whatever it might be. So i was teasing her today – in everything i tell you, all you see is an opportunity to steal my kids.
    ‘i’m getting my hair trimmed’. ‘why don’t i take the kids and send them to school here’.
    ‘I need to get a new toothbrush’. ‘why don’t i take the kids and send them to school here’.

    And she’s got two brats of her own to deal with. My sis/bil are our fall back plan too. And my brother too – but sis won’t give him a chance at the kids :).

  4. Lovely post…a bit crazy end though…loved it…I myself am d crazy sibling who can take away those kids on any chance i get..i sometimes wonder how wen i have my own kids, wud i be able to love them as much…

  5. Wow lovely Pics, that’s true, other than parents either grandparents’ or parents’ siblings can give that love, warmth and comfort

  6. it surely does…my kids want to celebrate christmas everyday. when asked why..they said, we get to open gifts from santa. i think there is more excitement in ‘opening’ than actually using/playing with the gifts/toys.

  7. Oh, how true! My brother visited us for the christmas holidays and my daughter wouldnt let him go even to the bathroom alone πŸ™‚
    All of us get these weird thoughts right? Once my husband’s sister told me she had a dream in which she was dying and she asked me to take care of her son πŸ™‚ I was touched! Well, now I ask my siblings the same thing.

  8. Sigh! This is where being an only child SUCKS! Take it from me, when you grow up and have your own family, is when you REALLY miss not having a sibling to share it with. 😦

    Lovely lovely pics and I’m glad your kids have this special Maama-Maami love.

  9. Awww …that part about the parent’s siblings is so true!!

    Though all my brothers and sisters have their own kids, once we get together, its difficult to make out which is whose!!!
    Sometimes I feel,my twins get more pampered than their cousins.

    God bless this love and bond πŸ™‚

  10. Oh, those last two sentences brought tears to my eyes. It takes a MM on a wintry Saturday morning to make me realise how blessed I am – my brother and I have been so fortunate (and lucky) to have had the unconditional and selfless love of an uncle and aunt. No more, I’m going all sentimental.
    Thanks, and a hug πŸ™‚

  11. I think about what will happen if I die everyday. Every single day. I sometimes try to take relief in the fact that a few people I know who grew up without a parent turned out fine. Other times I just turn religious and pray for my own life those of who I love.
    Good to know I am normal.

    • sure you’re normal. most of us do. i cant think of a single person more suitable to bring up my child than me. Because God gave me this child in particular because I am the best person for him or her. my mixed up religious beliefs, these! but yes, there are others who will love them if i go and that gives me a lot of courage

  12. Hells yeah I totally absolutely agree, I don’t know who my twin will marry, and I don’t want to fret too much about it but I know for sure if I die (oh god I hope I don’t!) my twin will raise them and love them like I would have or even better!

  13. MM,
    My mama-mami are my second parents! They’ve doted on me and believe me I’ve never been their niece but their daughter! My parents are the same to her daughter!
    I dote on my cousins’ kids as though they are my own and same with my husband’s cousins’ kids!
    You are right about that last line!

  14. Lovely pics! Your post fills up one with a gooey hazy warmth. Once someone in a MP village told a Mama of a little kid who had rashes on his hands, that Mama has two Mas, so the uncle should please take care of the kid.

  15. Those pics are so damn sweet. Such a sugary post this, I got all teary eyed. You are sure a devil making me cry at workplace. But you’re blessed MM and know that there are many people who are being very jealous of you, including me. But not in a bad way. A metaphorical kala tikka on your family and happiness. May the mad sibling always love you and your kids the way he does. And may the Maami bond with your kids in an irreversible way and go on to have kids and strengthen the bond. Oh I don’t think I can stop this…

  16. Yup..yup I so truly believe that…your parents’ siblings can love you as much as your parents.
    Actually I have become bua to a sweet little baby boy just a week back…and I cant believe it when I see myself being so overly protective and possessive about him…I have had this connection with the baby since the time I have known my bhabhi was pregnant…all I feel for the little one is love from deep down bottom of my heart…I just so hope he loves his bua the same way… πŸ˜‰

  17. I know my sisters would love my kids all the same.
    Death has been alot on my mind. One of the families in the girl’s elementary school, ther dad just died. 46 yr old man, watching TV with kids, heart attack and died
    has 4 children. 9,7,5 and 3.. Can you imagine?

    I told NK, about upping his insurance money and he accuses me of waiting for him to die so that I can get money…

  18. yayyy to siblings and their awesome spouses! πŸ™‚

    and yes, its indeed sad when Siblings who have it dont realize the importance! we suffer from one such sibling and it breaks our heart to to think how much nicer it all could be.

    my brother ofcos tho in US and gets to see Cub thankfully once a year till date and yet i can see an instant connection that makes me all teary eyed! πŸ™‚

    beyootiful photos!!


  19. Lovely…lovely post MM!! and beautiful pics.. made me all teary eyed..
    And i completely agree to the points in the last 2 lines…especially since i feel blessed to have such loving and supportive siblings..

  20. Warmth.. that is the word that came to my mind when I finished reading this post. And I do wonder whether anyone will love you like their own… maybe after they have their own… time shall be a constraint.

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