Some questions

1. Why is it called ‘sanitising’ when you’re taking life? It’s still life.

2. How does SPS Rathore imagine Mr Girhotra’s corruption redeems him in anyway? And how foolish does he think the mango people are?

3. How many of you just knew the Telangana talks would go nowhere?


20 thoughts on “Some questions

  1. Do not get me wrong. But I do not understand the second point. How is SPS Rathore related in any way to the Three Idiots forum?

  2. 1. Very long ago, Mr.Bacchan stated – English is a very phunny language. I think so too 🙂

    2. Idiot ^*^%R%^&*(*&^&%$#%^&*()*(&^ I’ll stop here

    3. I knew – somehow!

  3. Telangana – I did I did!!, Well *sheepishly* My better half did. He kept saying they will drag this as long as they can.

  4. It had crossed my mind that the talks might not yield what may be called as a just decision or conclusion, as usually happens with politics in India. And Don’t even begin about Rathore.

  5. 1.too many these days say aham brahmasmi
    2.smoke has already changed hands and that press are almost done they will forget when a big thing comes along and he will walk off. there anyone who actually believed the talks will go some where.inside ruling party itself there are so many divisions.multiple party talk is like avial only.

  6. I guess i knew the Telangana talks would go nowhere..that too staying at hyderabad amidst the mindless bandhs and zero governance,i knew the issue would never get resolved so soon..:(

  7. Ans.1

    ‘The core duty — indeed, the key characteristic — of a functional modern state has been identified for centuries: it should exert a monopoly over the legitimate use of force within its territory. In other words, no non-state actor must set itself up as an alternative source of the threat of violence’

    If non state actors resort to violence they need to be cleaned out. Hence the use of the word sanitise. May seem harsh, but then as in many things it is contextual. If my loved ones were in danger or under a threat, I would like the treat sanitised, taken out, eliminated etc, etc.

    Quote from

    which is interesting reading on its own.

  8. Ans 2.

    Okay it took some time for my tube light to work on this. Re – mango people.

    With a literacy rate less than that of Burma and Sri Lanka I would estimate ‘reasonably foolish’. If it takes our democratic polity a crisis (1992) to change the direction of things I would also say ‘pretty foolish’. Also as TOI is the largest circulated English paper in India, ‘very foolish’ (HT guys do not snicker, you are also included in the above). That said we are improving.

    Re Mr. Rathore, he has the right to think/imagine many things and make his case based on his views. If we are less foolish we should have systems and procedures where these views are debated, judged and decisions made on the merits of the case in reasonable amount of time.

  9. What happened to Ruchika and what continues to happen to this day is shameful to say the very least. Whether her father is corrupt or not has squat to do with the issue. The fact that this happened in in our country, or any other country for that matter is horrifying and heartbreaking!

  10. “1. Why is it called ‘sanitising’ when you’re taking life? It’s still life.”

    I think that the sanitising was mentioned in context of cleaning the hotel *after* the killings. It makes perfect sense to me.

    Regarding Rathore, no comments really.. he will do what he can, and it is up to us to understand where he is coming from. At this point I don’t think he is thinking about ‘mango people’ at all.

    Regarding Telengana, remember Uttranchal and how long/leves it took?

    OK, Kuch sawaal tum karo, Kuch sawaal hum karein 😦

    1) Why do we not see any followups to already mentioned atrocities in North East?

    2) Why they have built a big Shiva statue along the runway at Delhi airport, thereby rendering one third of the runway useless from one point of descent?

    • sigh. i dunno arun. its why we dont do capital punishment so freely na? because even with a criminal you dont take life. i am confused …

      as for the atrocities in the north east – i am getting resigned to not hearing anything about them. aapko nahi lagta hai, koi nahi sunega….

      as for the Shiva statue – if i write, i’ll get some troll saying i am bashing religion. but truly – that runway loses one km because no aircraft can come down and wait – this is the best part – another tall Krishna statue is being planned with the BJP led wanting to fund it

      • Generally atrocities in India are not reported. Just because a case here and there gets media attention it does not mean that all cases are even registered. So NE being ‘far away’, ‘different’ and ‘smaller’ would account for most of this. Please also check how may of the media organizations have offices/reporters based in those parts.

        As for the Shiva statue it was apparently there before the new runway extension/new runway and so was not an issue, initially. Why was it there in the first case may be the more appropriate question. The generic (but still correct) answer to this is because we are over legislated and under governed.

  11. 1)I don’t know

    2)Not only Mr.Rathore deserves a severe punishment, even Mrs.Rathore needs counselling from a psychiatrist as well some medicine to keep her mouth shut.

    3) I knew it.

  12. Sorry about hijacking the post (again!) but wanted to know what kind of glue you used to stick the mirrors on your terrace wall….do they fall off during showers?

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