As we enter a new decade

… dear little Brat and Bean… I wish you only this – that you jump fearlessly and joyfully into everything you do. I might have advised you to look before you leap, but I have a feeling your father will do that bit. Me? I just wish you a fun filled flight.

And yes – I wish all of you the same – fearless flights…


48 thoughts on “As we enter a new decade

  1. Beautiful post MM!! 🙂

    PS- Come over to my space and check out what a few of us are doing for five pregnant bloggers. Something that even you guys did quite some time back! Too much fun it is! 😀

  2. OMG, I got all fearful seeing the last two snaps! I learnt recently that as a non-parent I have much weaker nerves than most parents of 3-5 year olds. Having the sucky professional life that most people have these days, I barely got to spend time with my 3.5 year old niece (who is the love of my life BTW… and your Beanie reminds me so much of her) and I have no idea when that 3 month old baby I held in my hands so delicately began running and jumping and playing on the slide and watching videos on youtube and started singing movie songs! 😀
    When I met her recently, I started gasping every time I thought she’s going to trip or bump her head(even when the ‘obstacle’ was like some 12 feet away from her!), much to my sister’s (the parent) exasperation! One time I yelled out loud when her friend (man, she’s 3 years old, and she’s got more friends than I’ve had in almost 3 decades!) threw a ball at her, and my sister was like “why have you been acting like a psycho? stop embarrassing baby in front of her friends!”

    I was like…. errr… but I thought that she might get hurt! :O

    When baby got a scratch on her knew, which she proudly showed us asking “did blood come?” (hoping to hear “OMG yes, SO much”), I created the biggest havoc of my life… just when I was told to shut up, and baby was asked to forget about it and continue playing! :/

    BTW, love love love Beanie’s pony tail! lol

    • i just had her hair chopped off. driving me nuts. had a little bubble blower which she insisted on using as a hair dryer. kept getting her hair knotted in it and finally i had to get her hair cut. sigh. that girl is driving me battier than i was

  3. That s one thing parents hesitate to tell their kids coz they are too worried. I hope you don’t turn into one 🙂
    Hope your kids and everybody has a fun filled, fearless flight too.

  4. that’s such an inspiring thing to wish on someone. scary too, but inspiring.been going through a rough patch, so it’s much appreciated. thank you! :o)
    Wishing the Mad family more madness and happiness!

  5. The photos reminded me of a corporate team exercise we did some time back, to demonstrate the level of trust we should have on our teammates. One member was blindfolded and made to stand on a bench, and then asked to fall freely onto the hands of his/her team members lined up below.
    It brought to light the fears that manifest in our heads and makes us less trusting as we grow up.

  6. A happy new year to you and your family, MM! And that is such a breathtaking monument. On one side I hate that us citizens and govt are so indifferent to these heritage sites. But I also love how they’re woven into our lives. We drive our vehicles through some darwazas or see an old dargah on our way everyday, casually and not in a museum. I think nehavish had one written a post about this.

  7. New little lives, tiny birds flying off ancient brick and stone- what a lovely juxtaposition! Happy New Year to the MM, OA and the darling chicks!

  8. Hi MM. This is not really a comment, but a request for help – so you dont need to publish this. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, though I’m not really big on commenting. I have an 8.5 month old who wakes up every 1.5 hrs at night. Normally she would nurse and then turn away and go to sleep. Since the last two nights this routine has crying until I pick her up and pace added to it. Its driving me nuts. I read somewhere that you BF the brat on demand till he was 8 months old. How did you get your babies to sleep through the night? HALP!! 😦

    • hi smitha,
      publishing it so that other wise people will reply too. from the little i know – crying and night walking comes with a growth spurt or milestone. is she crawling? in which case you can do nothing but get up and pat her back. a lot of people ferberise. i dont believe in letting a baby cry it out. if they’re crying, its for a reason. is there a change in your routine? something you’re eating that might give her colic? teething?

      • Hi MM,
        Yes she has been crawling for a while and now pulling herself up using furniture too. She was colicky the first two months of her life, but I dont see any signs of its return. No signs of teeth yet too. I would never let her CIO. I could never do something that involves fighting my maternal instincts, and CIO is just that. Does she really need to drink every couple of hours at night? Or is this just habit? She’s growing and developing well otherwise.

  9. Yes, that is what we need: fearless flights! Great you could wish your kids and your friends such a lovely wish! Wishing you too a fearless flight.

  10. Gorgeous pictures. Leap babies leap. Taking chances and trying new things makes life interesting. Happy New Year MM, hope the new decade brings smiles, hugs, love and laughs your way:)

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