The most beautiful girl in the world

MM is making up a a story while the Brat colours and the Bean skips around like a pest.

MM: …and then the most beautiful girl stepped out.. and do you know who she was?

Brat pipes up without looking up “Beanie”.. in a rather matter of fact way.

MM rather taken aback : Oh… I see. And who would the most handsome boy on earth be?

Bean stops running around and falling over carpets long enough to point wordlessly at her brother.

Wee….ellll… excuse me for intruding on the mutual admiration society.


46 thoughts on “The most beautiful girl in the world

  1. awwwwwwww and more awwwwwwwwww
    sho cute 😀
    muah to the two angels 🙂
    Wishing you a beautiful year ahead MM 🙂 all the happiness for you and yours :)god bless:)

  2. 🙂
    they remind me of my brother and i.
    the other day my mom’s sister was harassing my brother on who he feels is the best mother figure for him amongst all the women he’s been raised by(my grandmother, mother and aunt have all played a part in our upbringing; my mom being a single parent)

    he looked around and asked if they wanted to know the truth. they did. then he pointed to (unsuspecting) me and said,
    “she is to me everything a perfect mother should be. she takes care of me,…(and went into detail why)”
    it was awesome.

  3. Poor MM, they dont allow others into the team do they? Mine are proper card carrying members of the Brotherhood – I am mother and am reminded to maintain proper decorum

  4. MM!
    I copied a couple of the Warli art figures on your wall to draw on mine! Only a couple though. The rest I got elsewhere online. I hope you don’t mind! 😀

  5. Wish you and you family a great year ahead…and hope we get as good a 2010 blog year from MM as we had for 2009. 🙂

    • hmm….
      Because its the new year and I am in a generous mood I give you a choice of responses
      – Yes, this is all fabricated for your reading pleasure, because I have no life – also, the pictures of my home and kids are downloaded off the internet and not my own. Happy? Now shoo
      – I am a syndicate – just as Sue suspects.
      – You believe that and yet you come back to lap it up? Then you must lead a truly pathetic life if you have nothing better to do
      – I have your IP address and since you have commented here before- (yes! how stupid are you?!) it might be better all around if you don’t come back, Nidhi.

  6. Normally, the Bean and Brat posts make me sigh deeply, smile widely and miss my brother. Today I smile and sigh and am sooooo thrilled my brother is some three feet away:)) On flip side though, he doesn’t say I am beautiful unless its in a matter of fact way. ‘Of course he likes you, dude you are beautiful and all that.’ But we take what we get:)

    Happy New Year MM to you and your beautiful family 🙂

  7. whoa…happy new year mad momma..looks like the new year has started off with a bang as far as comments go…:P

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