The joys of sunning quilts in winter

Brat: Hey, look at that! The Bean asleep among the quilts being sunned.

Hmm… no, kissing her doesn’t seem to wake her.

And ugh. Now mamma’s caught me kissing my baby sister and she wants a kiss too.

Ah. Pops has an idea. He’s set up the tent so that I can play around my sister and soak up some sun. He has some vague theory about Vitamin D.

And it would all be perfect if it weren’t for the darn drawstring coming out of these pants.

30 thoughts on “The joys of sunning quilts in winter

  1. Any space for a mad, cranky, insane womane like me? Am jealous… I wanna be inside your tent, playing with little brat and cuite pie bean.

  2. The first pic – the Bean looks just like a kitten. I remember my kitty used to tumble into piles of clothes just like that.

    Oh,and the Brat’s waking up the Bean? 😛

  3. I’m happy with the kiddie sighting 🙂 They’re both so cute!

    I was in Delhi this month for a week & all I wanted to do was curl up on a terrace with a razai & a book, endless mugs of chai guaranteed. The weather, the weather!

    Happy holidays to you & your family, MM 🙂

  4. Some of your posts leave me a puddle of awwwwwwwwwwws! Nothing compares to sunning oneself silly on a sunny winter’s day! The tent is a fab idea.

    Seriously, this brother’s waking up their sisters seems to be an universal thing, that sadly in my case lasts well past childhood!

  5. awww,the pics are always so cute!it’s not a problem about the christmas decos..i,ll keep them for u..maybe hand them over personally when i finally realise my dream of showing my kids delhi..:)tc

  6. sis was my biggest fan too 🙂 and we used to spread shawl over clothes line and sit under its cool shadow during winter afternoons 🙂 Brought back some lovely time spent with my di 😀 Thanks MM !

  7. Huh – all modern you are – not a razai to be seen! 😀 I remember sunning razais at my gran’s house…and how we’d fight for the warm razais in the evening.


    • 😀 I always love how the NRIs think we’re still stuck in razais and dont have ATMs!! buuuuuut look! the Brat is sitting on a typical jaipuri razai in the last two pics. BUt yes, its a nuisance because they cant be washed and I have guests ALL the time so that becomes an issue

  8. MM, love ur terrace garden pics..need some suggestions on plants that I can plant to create a screen on my terrace (so that the neighbours cant peek). I have now planted ficus, buddhas belly and some palms…any other suggestions for thick foliage?

  9. Only a stephanian will notice what you are wearing 🙂 Must be nice to fit in college clothes. I think I saw your pictures. Though I never went for the reunion, pictures were all over the facebook, you look nice in your white/purple? sari.

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