Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat

… and no I don’t need pennies in my hat.

We put up our X’mas tree a few days ago and it’s been such fun. The kids were squabbling early on about who gets to put the angel on the top of the tree. Fortunately X’mas already came to us once earlier this year when my parents came back from the US. They paid excess baggage and errr… about 50 kilos of it was for us. Anyhow, one of the many things I got was another angel for the top of the tree. It simplified life for us this last weekend because each of the kids got to hang one and our tree is burdened with its load of heavenly beings!

The OA, babies and Cousin K set up the tree.

Leave it to the kids and all the baubles as well as the angel make it to a lower corner of the tree.

The TWO angels guarding the top of our tree!

Some of the other Christmassy stuff I have out.

The Brat tickling the Bean … She’s wearing a hairband that has two jiggly reindeer on it and sings Jingle Bells.

Eventually they both fell asleep with all the excitement of the day.

After we were done putting up the tree and were ready to wrap the lights around the decorated tree, Cousin K came up with his brainwave – lets wrap the lights around the tree trunk, on the inside of the tree. The OA glared at him and looked for something heavy to throw at him – “What? Now? After we’ve set the entire thing up? Couldn’t you have thought of this 3 hours ago? And anyway, I don’t think its possible.”

At this, Cousin K quietly got to work and the OA and I drifted off, leaving him to figure a way around the problem. The boy crawled under and into the inner recesses of the tree and I heard some banging, smelled some burning and saw much activity, but stayed out of it.

He did it. And it looked brilliant.

It was also a subtle reminder that we’re already ‘the next generation’. At 19 he has better and brighter ideas, more enthusiasm and a lot more energy than I do at 31. I’m not really old in my head, but then something like this happens and I have to remind myself not to grow into one of those cranky old women who insist on doing X, Y or Z because its tradition and its always been that way.

People tend to be crankier and more rigid in matters of festivals and religion and those perhaps are precisely the things we need to be more willing to experiment with.

A little later Cousin K stood back to admire his work and then said to me, ‘Next year we’ll get only red and gold ornaments for the tree… or another two colours and create a theme.’

And thats the only thing I disagreed with. Our tree is a mish mash of stuff because every year a friend adds on an ornament or two. Everytime we travel we pick up something new. It’s not just a Christmas tree to me, its a tree full of memories and loaded with love.

Here are some of the ornaments I’ve got over the last two years from kind friends and guess what – some of them are desi ornaments! Thank you all of you.

And here’s wishing you compliments of the season. In case you don’t hear from me for a week or two, you’ll know I’m busy doing the Christmas thing – eating, drinking, making merry, singing loudly around a bonfire, cherishing family and cuddling the babies.

These two are from a friend who has wickedly said I can’t blog about her. So err… well, she knows. And she knows I love and appreciate them.

This lovely Kashmiri one from this friend.Β 

Penguin and Snowman photoframes for the tree from Kuns, with old pics of the Brat and the Bean.

And of course a Jagannath given by Art last year.


75 thoughts on “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat

  1. Merry Christmas Brat, Bean, OA, MM and wonderful new year..
    Love the ornaments..Please don’t do the theme tree..or let the theme be ‘With Love from family and friends’ so that your tree turns out the same always..

  2. ab pennies ka jamana gaya.. kyoki unki koi value nahi hei aur topi-yaan bhi ab choti ho gayi hein.

    I like the whole festive maahaul at home while putting up the tree. Kids get excited when I tell them that next weekend we’ll put up the tree, and from then on every evening they’ll be counting the days left.

    Now please do not get Mad at me, and I am no interior decoration specialist, but the tree looks too crowded with the ornaments.

  3. Awww.. I took off our topper 4 times and each child put it once and we told that child that we love him/her the most..

    Our tree is a mish-mash as well. I have been looking at the different trees and some of them have themes which is nice but then to put the popsicle stick with googly eyes ornament is something that no theme can beat

    Cheers and may the season bring only the best to you and your loved ones

  4. Hi MM,

    We so look forward to the post you put up about your christmas tree. It looks beautiful. The lights inside the tree is a great idea, it makes the decorations pop out.Have wonderful 2 weeks off. Wish you a Merry Christmas.

    • well i like to put it early but this year I have PILES of gifts for the family and that just spreads out across the living room and makes it impossible to walk or sweep and swab. so will only put them out a night before!

  5. Oh to see this post in the morning! I feel so happy looking at these pics MM! The tree looks beautiful, and your Cousin K sounds like a friendly, enthusistic kid. Your tree is brimming with love, joy and festivities. God bless you and yours.

  6. i think last year, i was feeling too blue to do anything about the tree till i read your post and got motivated… looks like its a repeat performance this year!! the tree looks great… and so do the lights…i even hang some really large blingy earrings on the tree as ornaments… blessed christmas and a dooper sooper new year…

  7. i have fallen in love with your christmas tradition and have decided to celebrate christmas at home… i have always loved to put up a christmas tree

    wont be doing it this year, as i am too tired most of the times now… may be next year… my kiddo would be too small to understand the significance of it then, but still i want to start it next year for sure

  8. Merry, merry Christmas, MM and the Mad Family. I am in the US now and my bags are already fast filling with all kinds of useless, pretty baubles! πŸ™‚

    I love the baby pics in the photo frames. Reminds me of when i was new to your blog and started to fall in love with your bacchas. Of all the pics you put up, i love the ones of Bean and Brat like this, cuddled up on one bed or sofa, (i remember quite a few such pics) looking so blissful and happy. Touch wood.

  9. Hey MM!

    I have been following your blog for quite sometime… You have a really beautiful home and your kids are precious :D… Touch Wood!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! Wish all your wishes come true πŸ™‚

  10. beautiful tree MM. and even more beautiful memories to go with it!

    and yes it looks lovely lit up from inside!

    Merry Christmas!

    ooh! and i love the cute hairband!!


  11. Beanie’s jingle bells hairband sounds hilarious πŸ™‚ I am sure she gets a huge kick out of it each time it sings. Sigh, I miss being abroad during the holidays.

    Merry Xmas to you all!

  12. Merry Christmas MM.

    Lovely, lovely decorations..and the lights in the trunk looks awesome..great idea cousin K. Love to the kids too and wishing you a lovely holiday and a very Happy New Year too!

  13. Hi MM, Beautiful tree, though we are not christians but me and my hubby put up a christmas tree every year as both my children just love it. I Just love the way kids love to hop around it with excitement. Lovely photographs of Bean and Brat.. God bless you. Take care, Rekha.

  14. Lovely, as always…and what, your parents didn’t get you a tree-skirt? πŸ˜€ Next year…:-) πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in advance..

    BTW, we have neighbours here who put up no fewer than 5 trees! Their “company” tree, in the living room always has a decorative theme – this year it’s blue and silver. Their other trees are “private” – the one in the master bedroom has all the ornaments made by their kids (now grown) over the years – a whole 4′ tree worth of glued/sequinny ornaments. Very cute. Their dining room tree has ornaments passed down from various older relatives and so on.
    The kicker? Their “pet” tree – has dog and cat themed ornaments (they have had several over the years, so have ornaments commemorating pets that have died and the ones still with them!)

    My tree in comparison, is a sheer hodgepodge of kiddie ornaments and store-bought ones, plus a few desi handicraft type stuff.


  15. Merry Christmas to the Mad Family! Lovely tree! Reading your post leaves me with a warm & nice feeling.
    We are not christian but this year we got a small optic fiber tree for my daughter this year. She loves it! Wanted to read your last year post on Christmas decoration, but I am not able to find it. Can you link it please!

  16. WOW! The tree looks fantastic with the lights put in a different way! It sure adds a lot of beauty to the tree and the home in itself πŸ™‚

    Merry Merry Xmas to you and your family, MM! Hope the festival brings health and love to y’all forever!

    Love the pic of the Brat tickling the Bean…heeehee!! πŸ˜€

  17. Beautiful.. this is going to be my first year putting up a tree.. we got a lovely noble fir and it smells divine (Sheela gave me the idea).. and, I’ve chosen only red and gold as the ornaments.. but as I go on and collect more it will end up being like yours!
    My golu is like that.. it has shrek and laughing buddhas and all kinds’a stuff coz each one has some memory attached!
    Have a merry christmas all of you!

  18. The new idea of lights hugging the tree stem is interesting..but I missed the so-called ‘actual’ thing where the lights go around highlighting the beautiful decor.

    But,maybe, I am one of those cranky person on festive season πŸ˜€

    Wish you and the entire MM family a very merry, drink and have a jolly good time πŸ™‚

  19. hey- we put up our tree on sunday too πŸ™‚ I don’t have too many nice looking ornaments- its just cheap baubles and some stuffed toys ( yeah !!) etc.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Husband put the lights in the deck too and I must admit that the house looks and feels festive !
    Cant wait for the little cute ornaments my baby will start making in the next couple of years:)

    huggies to the babies!

  20. Your tree looks so beautiful! I cant still figure out how he managed to put the lights inside! He must be amazingly patient for a teenager πŸ™‚ Loved all the ornaments! You have such a festive atmosphere going on at your place. Wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2010.

  21. Absolutely beautiful. And, you just solved something going on in my head the whole 2 weeks. Do I settle for a themed tree or not. Dank je wel my beautiful.
    I think the mish-mash that is my first tree is full of stuff from all our travels and they are packed with so many memories. And, the little guy made some of the stuff and so it shall be a mish-mashed loved-up tree.
    I think Christmas is the most beautiful celebration in the entire calender. Whereas I go around telling the little fellow not to touch the candles on Diwali and not to eat the color on his cheeks on Holi here is a festival he can truly be himself and let leash his talent as the decorator.
    It has brought a lot of happiness into our lives.
    It is snowing here, the tree is lit and you know what the heart feels warm. Merry Christmas to the Brat, Bean, Do bachchon ki maa and Heffalumpie.

  22. Can I ask what your parents bring back from the US for you in excess baggage? I ask because i can never think of what to take back home..everything is met with “yeh to yahaan bhi mil jaata hai..”

  23. My tree is bare as the proverbial Mother Hubbard’s cupboard.

    Thez coz my box of ornaments is hidden somewhere in the depths of my basement – that resembles the militray storage area in Indiana Jones films…

  24. Merry Christmas to the MM family.

    lovely tree. and bless the two sleeping angels…adorable!

    i love the book/curio shelf next to the tree. did you get it made, or bought it from a particular store? am looking to get things for the house we may soon have, finally!

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    It is sad how female infanticide is still so common even in the urban society.

    I know that you stand up for causes you believe in, I hope you help spread this message through your blog.


  26. merry christmas to all of you!love the tree…full of memories and treasures.i have some decorations for u..will u let me know where i can send them to? will be too late for this tree,but i thought of you as soon as i saw them.

  27. Dear MM !! I loved the pics..and somehow it reminded me going thru a family many stories in each bauble..loved the photo frame decorations..lovely lovely !!

    Hmm..someday I shall send u a decoration too to remember me by πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  28. This one is so cute. I always look forward to such festive posts from you Hope everything is going well and cheers for the coming year.

  29. Love the christmas tree… infact we bought one 8 footer πŸ™‚ Have been dreaming of sometime in the future when my Panna will get all excited and decorate with ma and pa. Write on a white note to Santa what he wants! (He’s one right now). Life is so wonderful… Can’t wait for Christmas next year for my dream to come true…

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