They caved

So without getting into what I think of the Telangana resolution, I want to know why KCR’s 11 day fast was a bigger deal than an Irom Sharmila who has been fasting for 10 years. To say nothing of the domino effect with Bundelkhand and Gorkhaland starting their own demands and hunger strikes. Making a bit of a joke of the entire affair I’d say.

I also want to know what the people of Hyderabad think of their uncertain future and not having a say in where they’re going to be dragged – Telangana or AP. I’m glad I’m not there because I’d hate to be in that position. I loved my 1.5 years in the lovely city and I can’t imagine the turmoil it must be going through. My thoughts are with all those in Hyderabad.

So – what do you guys think?


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  1. I blogged about this today.

    It makes me so angry that politicians can do things without the approval of the public. All parties that supported the separation lost in the recent elections. Isn’t that a mandate against separation? I hate this. My city will be ripped apart by these hooligans. All they care about is money and their seats, not commoners like me. They always do this in Hyderabad, and we are so helpless…shit. KCR is such a wannabe and a faker. Also, the media has been less than honest in portraying the cause. There must be 1% of the population who want separation and they are making a bug deal of this. Neither telengana nor andhra will benefit out of this. Only the politicians. Losers.

  2. this separate state business is so damn irritating. What is the point? Just more administrative expenditure!
    God- I wish politicians would stop all this nonsense..but then they wouldn’t be politicians if they stopped -huh!!

    just frustrated!

  3. Honestly…I don’t know what to think. I never thought that separation was a good way to force equality anyways. But maybe it will work…even if it is short term. I hope so…for the sake of those people who have their hopes pinned on it.

  4. The difference is that in India, a drunk snob can garner support from rogue students where as that poor dame couldn’t yet get her name out in the media.

    This whole 11 days has been nataakbazi, the whole bloody thing was a charade amounting to nothing especially after today’s MLA resignation crap.

    It wouldn’t be far off when each ‘galli’ would want to be its own state. Besides it would allow the entire population a chance to become the CM and swindle its own galli and limit the Koda’ism.

    What a f’up state of affairs?

  5. hi
    mad momma how are the kids
    ya I stopped by to add a note on the telangana issue
    ya many people staying in Telangana we donot like the division
    if we liked we would have voted to TRS itself right
    just politicians playing their game
    look we lost many students and other people who commited suicide but our KCR is intact
    hope our country will grow from this castism ,religious quarrel andall disturbing things
    I really like your cute family and your wonderful kids and the way you balance the things
    I was first upset when I read you joined to work
    leaving the wonderful kids
    I can imagine how you feel
    ofcourse I canot express my feelings wonderfully written as like many of the bloggers do but I reaaly like the way you care for the kids

  6. I hate Gandhi and I hate everybody who follows this satyagrah thingie… God has given the body to everybody, now it is up to them how they use/mis-use it… State should not have any rights on suicide.

    I hate this kind of blackmailing.

    • Well, despite the cause maybe the most stupid and unreasonable one, this kind of blackmail is WAY better than rioting and rowdyism! So I would say to this KCR idiot and his kind… Starve MFs! Starve!

      I may not even be a proponent of Gandhi, but I kinda find it amusing sometimes that even 60 years after his death, when any-damn-thing happens in this country, there is atleast one voice saying ‘blame Gandhi!’

      I am sorry you are as entitled to your opinion as I am, and I do not mean to criticize your comment… but this was just an observation.

  7. Longtime reader but never commented. So, finally I’m commenting.
    There is no sense in Dividing and Ruling The State. KCR reminds me of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq from History. He is a sick person with no sense.

  8. Hi MM,

    I am from Hyderabad..cannot say born and brought up in Hyd), but my fmaily is now settled in Hyd. I did major part of my education there and we dont belong to Hyd. But we have decided to make Hyd our home and sudenly some fake politician(KCR) comes, creates a drama and they say that Hyd doesnt belong to us anymore. Though we have been expecting this from the past 1 week yesterday when I read the news and was sharing it with my friend here in Singapore I was almost in tears. I felt as if a part of my body is being ripped away. I didnt know that I would feel so strongly for Hyderabad. I do agree that there are many regions in Telangana which are in a very poor state but does KCR need a separate state to bring a change to their lives? I know that many NRIs have been funding this cause from many years and this guy is already super rich. I read that Govt had to suffer a loss of more than 50 crore rupees. And to think of so many innocent lives that were sacrificed in this agitation. Students are always an easy target, but cant they think a bit and act instead of creating havoc in people’s lives? Sorry..its a long rant.

        • I have also heard from ‘reliable’ sources that a lot of NRIs here in the US have spent a lot of moolah this time. Shame on them. They have a lot of land in Hyd and there is not much demand these days and they want to artificially create demand by creating panic. ANd now they HAVE created panic. Sigh!

      • ‘Tamil being rammed down people’s throats’ may just have been the perspective of one section of people..just saying, I am neither Telugu nor Tamil ๐Ÿ™‚

        But I think, the aftermath of the Potti Sreeramulu effect was the linguistic reorganization of states. probably not a good thing to happen because it led to yet another kind of ism..language chauvinism.

        perhaps it would have been better for us if the states had been divided by vertical and horizontal lines like you know who.

  9. Just to mention how pathetic things are in Hyd…my maid(belongs to Telangana) is being forced(by some stupid union members) not to work for a family thats from Andhra. I wonder how much more they can stoop?

  10. My jaw dropped when I saw we’re going to have a 29th state. I dunno, do we need to split people up into more to stay together as a country? It may be just a way to create more posts of power for all the power-greedy babus. There ain’t enough to go around. Of course, we have to see whether this will actually benefit the people.

    As for Irom Sharmila, it makes my heart sink.

  11. There is utter confusion here now and no one knows where this is heading. Also the Center gave in so easily, that its ridiculous. And now with all the MLAS’s and MP’s quitting, the issue is getting bigger and murkier. Also I dont think it would have reached this stage had Rajashekar Reddy been alive.

  12. i am still wondering how is it in the interests of people living there to have a separate state. i mean does it matter that one lives in X state v/s another..i thot the country was divvied into states for administrative convenience…and since when a “state” become a issue to “bargain” with? like in olden days, when kings gave away “kingdoms”/lands for good deeds/help in war. so congress promised telangana in exchange for support? today they promised a chunk of the country to some countrymen. whats to stop them from gifting a pc of india to another country…once someone believes its their “jaydad” they might do whatever they please, eh?

  13. I’ve been living in Hyd for 6 years and have no plans of moving in the near future. This really this was a bolt out of the blue. We never took the fast seriously and never thought it would end this way. I don’t think the protests and agitations were even big enough for the center to cave in. In fact all those gundas causing turmoil in the city should have been put behind bars but Lo! they get what they want.
    Really, I expected better from Chidambaram! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  14. i wish he had just died… such people are just a burden to the society… and i truly agree, why should his fasting make the govt agree for a split in the state?

    Dont we already have enough states in the country? Why are we so hell bent on splitting, why dont we see anyone fasting to join two communities? Wow, that sounded stupid even while typing… never heard of anyone fasting to death for uniting people ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Gandhi did try, didn’t he? And if KCR had died it might have happened anyway. That Potti Veeralamuthu or whoever fellow got AP carved out like that in that first place; after he martyred himself.

        • Um… short history lesson, if you don’t mind. What Potti Sreeramulu died for (after an almost 2-month fast) was the creation of a state for Telugu-speaking people. The then Madras state was huge, and thanks to the growing Dravidian movement, Tamil (language and culture) was rammed down everyone’s throat. I don’t think it’s quite fair to compare him with KCR…

            • Sure telugu and Tamil are 2 different languages so it made sense to separate by language when it got tough for people to learn one single language(even that is a little outrageous is you ask me…..anyway) but now there is no cultural issue, there are riots now because of the decision is a lot of cities in the Andhra Region. What is someone fasts now to ask for no separation?

            • er yes – the Telengana issue was a hot button one in the late 40s/early 50s. Hyd (among other parts of now AP) was part of Madras then – AP came into being only in the 50s (1956?). The group that wanted AP to be formed wanted MDS to be their capital – at that time MDS was pretty equally Tamil and Telugu. (my grandparents from there grew up speaking both languages at home and it was common for folks to do so). Then Tirupathi was added to AP (had been MDS presidency until then), and that was pegged as the new capital, until Hyd came into the pic…anyway, there’s lots of history behind the Telangana demand, (not that there isn’t re: Manipur), just that I am not sure the Congress gave in to KCR specifically or to the overall buildup of demands…some of the behind-the-scenes decision makers in the Congress party are of the AP formation vintage I believe…

            • just me again, sorry! the demand around 1947 was for the creation of a “dravida nadu” — but that demand was spearheaded by the DK and DMK, both seen as “Tamil” parties. PS and others believed that their Telugu identity would be subsumed by the larger Tamil cause. And so…

        • โ€˜Tamil being rammed down peopleโ€™s throatsโ€™ may just have been the perspective of one section of people..just saying, I am neither Telugu nor Tamil

          But I think, the aftermath of the Potti Sreeramulu effect was the linguistic reorganization of states. probably not a good thing to happen because it led to yet another kind of ism..language chauvinism.

          perhaps it would have been better for us if the states had been divided by vertical and horizontal lines like you know who.

  15. RIDICULOUS!!!! My jaw dropped when I saw the first news. Would not have believed EVER that Telengana would ‘become’. Thought it was a non-issue, but there, I reckoned without our country’s politicians.

  16. The whole saga the way it played out stinks beyond compare. Whether divide or not, I wonder why this is not an issue that people can bloody vote on.

    It is absolutely shameful to call ours a democracy when a few elites get to decide what goes on.

    Whether separate or not, it seems no one prick can ever answer the question as to what one gains or loses. Apparently, one thing is clear, it will give rise to another CM position and the rest of the baggage that comes along with it.

    • dont you think so? isnt it the right of everyone living there to vote for what they want now? so some old guy lies down and decides to look like he’s going to croak it and everyone else must willy nilly get dragged in

    • Some people say that we do not have enough democracy in India. If you compare how many people each memeber of parliament represents with those for other democracies our numbers will be among the highest. Till I last heard it was one vote for each elligible citizen and all of us get to vote at the same time.

      Our democracy while being a work in progress is not too bad. Think of it this way. We elect a number of theives, hooligans and other people of ill repute. When their term is over none of them say I have been elected and I am not going to give up my seat. They make way for the next lot. Compare this with some other countries. For example Thailand – very friendly and warm people. When one lot gets elected the other says I am not going to accept this and use every method possible to get rid of them. Malaysia ony seems to work if you are Malay. If you are Chinese or Indian then it is no can do. Consider our Chinese friends – there everyone gets to vote for the communist party.

      Closer home (western neighbour) the guys in uniform can’t be bothered to play with their guns. For some reason they always want to rule the country. That is actually when people do not have a voice.

  17. Disgusting!!

    The message the ruling party has sent is, burn 20 buses get your own state. Burn 50 buses to make Hyderabad a UT and so on.

  18. hI, I am not from Andhra but this is really sad that a handful of politicians can rule the country as per their whims and fancies. I think a majoy public outcry is required to stop such acts. Now we will have people from all the states asking for separate state as per the community, customs, colour, language, variation in language etc…

    Shameful is the only word.
    take care, Rekha

  19. ofcourse the whole thing is disgusting that some guy for the sake of his political career gets a state created. but how can some1 go on for fast for 10 yrs?

  20. i think soon every city will be a state. and all it will do is add to animosity and expense to change my registration plates every time i move in the same goddamn country!

    i guess history and Geography text books shall change again for the next year!

    stupid beyond belief!

  21. A lot of us seem to disagree on the benefits of having a seperate state of Telengana. But then a lot of us work in the media and see how they/we sensationalise the issue (okay not all media but definitely circulation/advertising leaders like HT and TOI and most of the TV stations). I guess that says something about all of ‘us’ as a collective. Same question, why do TOI and HT have high circulation vs. Indian Express (a real newspaper and voice of balance and sanity on most issues). Is it aspirational, i.e, who reads the paper we just buy it for the ‘nice’ picures in Delhi Times. Or is it that this is our mental level (sorry if this is too harsh).

    Or is is that we are a very developing economy and so all of us are very busy with getting ahead (gated colonies etc) to bother. Is greater sanity in public debate a function of higher levels of literacy?

    I have much to say (and it seems words are all I have) and so will keep some for later. Apoligies for hogging space on the comments section.

    • LOL @ mental level of those who get TOI

      and no apologies required. Its always good to hear what everyone has to say. I guess people aren’t upset at the having of a separate state as much as they are that those who got it, got it in a way that they didn’t appreciate. To say nothing of those who live in AP currently and DONT want a separate state. They have a right to an opinion too, surely?

      • The people who do not want a seperate state are getting their voice heard through all their representatives who are resigning left, right and centre. May not be the best way to express their opinion but they are not exactly sitting idle.

  22. If everyone is upset and no one has anything constructive to say then read this.

    At least it will give you a constructive framework to view the entire situation.

    If this proves difficult then here is the crux of the issue taken form the above article.

    ‘The larger question is, on what basis has the government now accepted the Telangana rationale and how will it justify similar demands in nearby Rayalaseema, for example? For instance, there is a certain wisdom in the case for carving the large and unwieldy Uttar Pradesh into smaller, easier-to-administer states. In states where regions are proudly distinct, and have in fact settled on an adversarial equation because of the fact that they are forced to share the same boundaries and benefits, it often makes sense to address local demands for selfhood. But that is precisely why each of these demands should be addressed on the basis of neutral, objective criteria rather than whimsical politics. After all, there are nine such pending demands with the home ministry right now โ€” what makes some valid and not others?’

    If anyone is on TV with a chance to ask questions, the last sentence above is a great starting point.

    • I think the last Q is what a lot of people are asking. Although, if you’re not too upset, might I be so bold as to ask your opinion on it? Or will you be stopping with the links? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I am not so close to the action to have a definite view but here are some thoughts.

        At one level it seems that the creation of a new state is the ultimate risk a politician / administrator has to bear. If you cannot bring growth / development / change your constituents may want to try their own hand at running things. From this perspective it seems like an appropriate outcome in view of unmet aspirations. That said, have to actually learn about the aspirations of the folks from Telengana.

        Regarding the exact mechanics of how this has come about โ€“ the fast, breakdown of law and order fear that the situation would have gone out of hand. Resistance to change is very natural. So change does not come about in a smooth well planned way. And you can see that this was an issue, which was repeatedly brushed under the carpet over the last 50 years.

        It always upsets me how any group can hold everyone else to ransom by threatening to take the law into their own hands. Law and order is the most public good (something which cannot be provided by the private sector) and so the weakness here is most painful to observe.

        The creation of a new state is also an opportunity to start many things afresh without legacy issues. In view of this it could also be a positive outcome. A lot would depend on how participatory and transparent the politics is. In all, it is very difficult to predict in terms of good/bad.

  23. It’s ironic that when a continent like Europe is trying to bring all it’s countries together and remove boundaries, an already divided country like India is dividing its states to even smaller bits, making the boundaries stronger.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there came a day when one would need a visa to enter Tamil Nadu from AP.

    I’ve been a resident of Hyderabad for the last 7 years and right now I’m in a state of complete indifference ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m tired!

    • see thats what I was wondering. So many of you from Hyd have commented and you’re not happy with this decision. Is it fair on you all? Why dont the employed, educated people really have a say in all this. Its easy to get unemployed youth to do demostrations and rabble rouse.

    • Ahem. A continent like Europe is trying to bring all its countries together only after every one tried to kill everyone twice over in the last 100 years. So it seems that humans really need to beat the crap out of each other before sense enters their heads. By this measure, we in India have not had had enough serious fighting. Many people say linguistic division of states along with the democratic polity has prevented us going the Sri Lanka/ Pakistan way (fighting with your own countrymen) or the Yugoslavia way (if you prefer examples further from our own backyard.

      The above should take care of your future visa worries.

  24. So a bumfuck politician stayed away from stuffing his face for a few days and the “govt” decided to carve up a state, did it? waah waah! what next? I really would like to know.

    Like you said, poor Irom Sharmila. Where the fuck is justice? Not in the mother country, for sure.

    Effing retards. bah.

  25. I don’t envy the people in Hyd one bit and wouldn’t want to be in their shoes! I hated, reallyyyyyyyyyyy HATED it when they changed Bombay to Mumbai- I always wondered why they couldn’t just do a public poll and then decide on something that has to do with the citizens of the city. Same with the Telangana issue, why not take into consideration the view of the people who will have to life with this decision??!!! This makes me sooo mad! Seriously, what next??? Maybe I’ll try fasting and see if I can get some git to name a city after me or some such! These is no end to this nonsense, with everybody and their second cousin who now wants a state for themselves!

  26. It is laugable that a man can separate two states by fasting 11 days. What about Medha Patkar, Irom Sharmila? Politics cannot bow lower than this to prove that we don’t have the strength to fight a fasting man. This is nothing but pure blackmail.

  27. Ahem, none of us are โ€˜citizensโ€™ of a city. There is only one citizenship (of India) so you are actually in that sense not citizens of a city. As a part of the federal set up you are a part of Mahrashtra but your identity actually comes from being an Indian. There is a public poll on these issues โ€“ it is called an election. Happens at national level, state level and I believe also at the level of your city. Everyone is given a chance to participate though for some reason the more well off avoid doing so.

  28. Gender, dear MM, gender. Gender renders Irom invisible and her cause less ‘important’ than that of the AP opportunists. I think the anti-separatists have put it well ‘You Divide, We Fall’…I do not think AP will ‘fall’ if indeed the new state is created but one thing I am certain of, the gainers will be the politicians, not the public. They are like the Reddy clique in Karnataka, they are just seeking more impotance and privileges in their hometown. Andhrites are so intelligent and efficient…some peoples’ voices should be made heard.

  29. When I’ve heard that AP will be cut in to two pieces, I ‘felt’ really really sad and angry.Just because an idiot fasted, a state took it’s birth. Will the success of Telangana (literally, the Land of Telugus) prompts demands for creation of other states?. Will India be further broken in to pieces? What about my beloved Hyderabad and Andhrites ?.Will Andhrites be kicked away from Hyd?

    Wait, give me a minute, let me analyse the situation instead of becoming sentimental like “hey! I want my city to be ‘Bombay’ because I’m so attached to it right from my child hood” types. (Incidentally these are the same people who show their disapproval if some body misspelt their names!).

    That minute has become two days. I’m yet to have an opinion. Is it so easy to form an opinion?
    How come the people in this comment space had such an early opinion? Do they know the complete history of states in general and Telangana in particular? Or they just sentimental fools who believe India would break in to pieces and plunge in to civil war, just because a state was created when they have switched on their TV channels?
    To form an opinion, I have researched about Telangana – their struggle against tyrannical Nizam rule – the Nehru formed commission which said ‘OK’ to seperate Telangana in 50’s itself – violent revolt in 60’s – the difference in culture and language from the rest of popular AP (I meant the coastal Andhra) – the weaker economic, political and social scenario, the naxalism, etc.

    Do Telangana people want Andhrites to go away from Hyd, ala MNS? or their Telangana is to just ease administration and get economic gains. What about the Hyderabad? Will it loose investment or gain investments?

    I’m still studying to form an opinion. I want to ask those who formed an early opinion to say their formula. Thanks!

    • Hey Astithan,
      I appreciate your strident voice, but its really not right to call anyone who doesn’t agree with you, a sentimental ‘fool’. Even an opinion based on mere sentiment is a valid one, because its still an opinion.
      And neither is an early opinion necessarily a wrong one. This agitation has been going on for 30 years. It is possible that those who have expressed an opinion, have been thinking about it for a while too.

      • I’m sorry! I would not dare to call any body who is in disagreement with me.Of course, the disagreement is good for a dialogue if the opposite person has seen both sides of the views.

        Also, I realised that i’ve become more a sentimentalist in calling some people as ‘fools’ as it was more or like an emotional out burst after reading all the comments above.


  30. At any moment now, we can expect China to swoop in and kick the shit out of our indian butts.
    This is ridiculous! Why only in India are these stupid things happening? Have you read this TOI article that came out a few months ago. Chinese government or military thinks that India as a nation is not possible, but should be fragmented.
    Any corrupt politician needs work, please come to India. There is enough wiggle room for you and we are in the process of creating a state for you as well. So please come!

  31. hi
    The great person who fought for a separate state was Potti Sreeramulu garu
    some person could not even tell him correctly
    he fought for a separate Andhra state as the tamils were suppresing andhrities and were not given jobs andtelugu people were harrased( still in IIT Chennai the telugu students are called goltis I just do not know why they are jealous of their mathematical skills it seems)
    and it was logical of having a separate state based on language
    but now why to separate the same state
    just causing havoc ,destroying properties and terrorising people
    KCR wants a CM post
    this guy was in telugu desam made crores of money and wants the post
    none of the people staying in our street wants a separate telangana in Hyderabad
    GOD save our state

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ Renne, I’m sure the problems go deeper than envy of mathematical skills! As for the term goltis – is it a derogatory one? I’ve always wondered. I’ve been told its just the opposite pronunciation of Telugu… Which is you know, as harmless as Bong, or Tam or Mallu or Punj…

      • Golti is in no way derogatory. Am from chennai and I know its in no way used in a wrong sense. One can compare golti to how the word “Madrasi” is used in some parts of north India for people from South India. Just as bong or mallu or tam or gujju. ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. We criticize the politicians, all of us blame them about the way things are run in our country. Can I just add some fuel to the fire in this comments section and ask one question? The NRI’s seem to be spending money to the cause of seperate Andhra if I read the comments right! Why can’t they spend atleast a shilling out of that for the development of the telengana region? Having lived there for like some 3 years when I was a young kid, I still do remember how underdeveloped the place compared to the standards in other cities even 10 years back. Some might even say that they donate for NGO’s which work in that region. But do they ever care about visiting ground zero and see how the donations are used? Its just a question out of curiosity!. After all a politician is just another pawn in the larger scheme of things! Why blame him? We are the one’s who vote for people like him. Let me go a step further and add something MM with your permission: All of us including me, just crib about the fact that the system or the politicians are all screwed up. I just wonder, how many of us would be ready to go to the actual region and try to contribute in some way. We comment on blogs, we do have public forums where a couple of celebrities and a journalist turn up and comment, but a couple of months down the line everything would be normal again. People always comment on how screwed up politicians are. But I am of the opinion that, if we think the politicians are screwed up, why not us take things in to our hand and try developing the region? Or try entering politics. That way we will have sensible people in the system and people who are literate actually. Serves a double purpose!

    P.S: I think I have ranted a bit too much and I might have diggressed quite a bit. And if I have offended someone I apologize in advance.

    • You’ve neither ranted nor digressed nor offended I am sure. You’ve made your point very politely. and I am in agreement with you. And rarely to rich NRIs fund NGOs. I’ve seen too often that they fund rabble rousers.

  33. MM,
    Am a regular silent reader..i love reading ur blog..ur posts are simply superb.
    I hail from AP and it really is so sad to see my state being split.,though my political knowledge is very minimal,i cant imagine Andhra into two parts..

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  35. Renne , let us not make this TN vs AP or something…as a tamilian ,even i feel sorry for the state of affairs in AP..

    whats next? Rayalseema?Bodoland?Vidharbha?

    man! arent we just heading back to our good old pre-indep days? out of all this tamasha….who gets benefitted? the common man? no! that is sad!

  36. ya mad momma as far as I know I think golti is derogatory
    look mallu,bong,or tam they are just straight forward
    why telugu should be in a reversed way as golti
    many of our friends and many andhrites as far as I know consider it as derogatory
    and in North India they mostly call all south indians as Madrasi
    no we all are not Madrasis
    when I was entering a store in US an north indian couple were telling look she is a madrasi
    normally I used to not bother but that day I thought to give back
    I told hei dude first I am an Indian and from Andhra Pradesh not Madras
    they told sorry
    then I said from south means not we all are Madrasis
    wow I am delighted mad momma
    I was just a silent watcher of your blog
    and for my second comment you replied
    I am on cloud nine I actually communicated with you
    bye dear

  37. Hi Mad Momma, since you are from UP I want to ask you this. What was the general reaction of UPites when UP was divided to form Uttaranchal?? I personally don’t support creating more partitions and divisions within an existing geographical boundary. But, I heard that the creations of Uttaranchal, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand were actually good, because these were mainly tribal belts and it’s better for them to govern independently because of the lack of acknowledgement, protection and importance given to tribal cultures by the bigger states with large non-tribal population. And hence people of UP, MP and Bihar were not angry or hurt with the formation of the new states. I wanted to confirm this with you since you are from one of those states.

    None the less, from what I know, there cannot be a single logical or rational explanation given for the separation of Telangana! As evident from all the above comments, this makes no sense to us non-telgu people and telgu people! When will our democracy recognize us people as the people, instead of considering just a bunch of rowdies hired by greedy politicians! How to shut a politician up?

  38. What is annoying in this scenario is that this is giving the Tamil politicians ideas…they want to separate TN into 2 states and make politics more effective. As it is, the state is being sliced and shared amongst the ruling party’s family members…why add any more misery? I really think this was just a terrible thing to have happened…and it only took 11days of fasting. Imagine what could have happened if that man continued the fast for another few weeks. **Shudder** Division of the country??? Ridiculous.

  39. Well, right now, since I am in Guwahati, I am equally worried about the fall-out that the caving-in of the center on the Telangana issue has achieved. Every tribe and community in Assam that had ever thought about a separate state and were appeased or coerced or were just silent for a while are now demanding their own state, through means that are not entirely non-violent. Including things such as bandhs which cripple the state. Where things were just beginning to maybe get a little better here, it just easily gets thrown back to ground zero it seems.

  40. I so so so agree with Lavs up there. I am an Andhrite, living in Hyd, technically from Visakhapatnam. Now they want us to leave Hyd. They actually passed a GO last year ordering people to go back from where they came from. My mother in law had to take a court order to be currently working where she is, instead of Rajahmundry, where she is from. Does that make sense to you? I mean, uprooting one individual from the family and ordering them to go back is like breaking up the whole system no?

    And now, there are riots back in my hometown, they actually trashed HSBC and beat up employees!! WTF? The irony is, no one I know, actually wants this.. No one in my family, or my friends from “Telangana” . Why should they listen to some dumb fucker who’s just doing it for fame, or coz he wants to be the CM of that state? What about us? THE COMMON PEOPLE? Do we not count? WHO ASKED US?
    BAH. I don’t know where to stop!

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