HT caught robbing again!!

I mean look at this blogger’s piece – and then look at this picture in the Brunch and you won’t need me to add to it. It’s particularly upsetting for me because I really do enjoy the Brunch and this just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. How do you trust a brand that cheats?

The Editor’s response to Mridula disappoints further. It’s funny how people who are in a creative line are unable to  respect another person’s creativity.

I’m tired of writing about newspapers and magazines filching images. Why can’t they just damn well pay a photographer and get their own images clicked. No wonder they have deep pockets. Keep filching and keep pocketing the money you save on it. I know a lot of people were getting together to file a plagiarism case. Any idea what happened with that?


22 thoughts on “HT caught robbing again!!

  1. Many many thanks for this to you. The latest update is that I got a mail (after what I thought was burning of a lot of bridges) from the editor saying they wish to meet me in person. Most unexpected is all I am able to say at the moment.

  2. This is so pathetic and unethical behavior! Good luck Mridula. I wholeheartedly support your voyage to get justice for yourself and many bloggers like us! This has to stop.

  3. that last bit – “Though the woman part should probably carry an asterisk with it.” – was kinda clumsily phrased…seems more like the writer is casting aspersions on Mona person’s sex rather than his/her/their identity

  4. stealing pics off the internet is pretty passe, or so i gather from the MINT article…its the sheer laziness of the whole thing that boggles the mind…No offense to Mirdula, that is a well-framed, nicely done photo, but its just a cup of coffee for &%#@’s sake! nobody at ht had 5 mins to run down to a coffee shop??? stealing tsunami pics or wildlife pics on the other hand….:P

  5. I recently pointed a TOI, Hyderabad Times pic to a food blogger, from whose site the pic was taken. She is following it up with them.

    So I can understand the kind of acrid taste it leaves:)

  6. Frankly speaking, I don’t believe in the concept of copyright. Creative is another name for an open vessel that shares what God tell him.

    Thoughts don’t belong to us, they pass through. We don’t create them either, in fact we know not where they come from or where they end up.

    Ever heard of creative commons? Like sunlight and moonlight, every thought is every child’s uncle.

    And practically speaking, if one photographer goes and clicks an event, why waste another camera, vehicle, computer time, electricity, to click the same photo again? Why not copy? If it saves the environment some pollution, I am all for it.

    • I think sharing is nice Manju. But I do think credit should be given where it is due and approval should be taken if someone has taken the effort over something. Sharing pictures of an event is great. But the photographer is getting paid by one mag while 10 benefit and save money. thats not fair unless they have some deal where the financial benefit is also shared.

  7. acha…listen …i get a bit freaked with this- in any case i write a post once in a blue moon…and for my food blog…all my images are from google images- which i mention at the end of each post- im guessing no-one will jump and sue me for this na?

  8. I was talking about the just a cup of coffee comment with my sis and both of us were laughing, saying they could have clicked a mug at office itself! I mean you get so caught up sometime that you forget to see that there could be a lighter side to it. But back to business now. Thanks for the laugh.

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